09:15 pm

[A Song of Ice and Fire by G. R. R. Martin] all the water in the rough rude sea (Daenerys/Margaery)

10:30 pm

[A Song of Ice and Fire] build a bridge even where there is no river (Arya/Daenerys)

08:10 pm

[Star Trek: The Next Generation/Legend of Korra] possible's slow fuse (Geordi/Data)

08:14 pm

[Star Wars] communion of the infinite (Leia gen)

08:23 pm

[Legend of Korra] as close as hands and feet (Lin and Su gen)

08:27 pm

[Doctor Who/Elementary] no vacation goes unpunished (Joan/Martha)

08:32 pm

[Doctor Who] they have torn me, and I bleed (Canton/Canton's husband)

09:10 pm

[Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated] the way you shake and shiver (Velma/Marcie)

10:20 pm

[Doctor Who/Thrilling Adventure Hour] showdown at the hypercattle corral (Sparks and Eleven gen)

08:39 pm

[Elementary] to kisskiss you and to kiss me (Sherlock/Joan)

08:44 pm

[Community] what brings us together today (Jeff/Britta)

08:49 pm

[Discworld] the bend and broken moon (Angua gen)

08:52 pm

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] a nice way to start people (Katara/Toph)

08:56 pm

[Doctor Who] worse without a nurse (Martha and Rory gen)

09:00 pm

[Star Trek: The Next Generation] put my name at the top of your list (Data gen)

09:12 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] always do sober what you said you'd do drunk (Jane/Shirley)

07:40 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] the odd half of a pair of scissors (Jane/Shirley)

07:47 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] sacred idleness (Holmes/Watson)

07:54 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] the gift of reverie (Sherlock/Watson)

08:00 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] the only broken instrument that works (Holmes/Watson)

08:20 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] progressively unnecessary (Mary/Jane)

08:30 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] horse sense (Jane/Mary)

08:39 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] diplomatic cologne (John/Shirley)

08:48 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] it's been you all along (Holmes/Watson)

08:55 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] if an echo sounded (Watson gen)

09:10 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] no more intrepid explorer (Mary/Jane, Shirley/Irene)

09:10 pm

[Doctor Who] every atom of you (Rose and Nine gen)

09:17 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] mholmes is now following you on Twitter (Jane gen)

09:40 pm

[Sherlock Holmes] then he's finished (Watson and Mycroft gen)

10:10 pm

[Star Trek: The Next Generation] what suits me (Geordi/Data)

11:57 am

[Wreck-It Ralph] happiness condensed (Ralph gen)

12:12 pm

[Welcome to Night Vale] the heart that fed (Tamika/Janice)

12:15 pm

[Legend of Korra] where the fruit is (Asami/Korra)

12:19 pm

[Doctor Who] some days, nobody dies at all (Doctor/original character)

12:22 pm

[Leverage] may its index point to joy (team gen)

12:30 pm

[Elementary] hell itself breathes out (Joan gen)

01:10 pm

[Star Wars] a way with people (Leia gen)

09:10 pm

[Legend of Korra] the missionaries of crime (Mako gen)

09:13 pm

[Young Wizards] in breathless pursuit (Kit/Nita)

10:10 pm

[Imperial Radch] the list of what you've learned to do without (Breq gen)

07:42 pm

[Legend of Korra] after that we need some other excuse (Zuko/Toph)

09:10 am

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] alas for those that never sing (Gyatso gen)

09:16 am

[Legend of Korra] we who are left (Toph gen)

09:20 am

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] echoes from the life behind (Katara gen)

09:25 am

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] had me fighting for air (Suki/Azula)

09:32 am

[Sherlock Holmes] all the pith is in the postscript (Sherlock/Watson)

09:38 am

[Frozen/Brave] how you get the girl (Elsa/Merida)

09:40 am

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] her very frowns are fairer far (Mai/Zuko)

10:11 am

[Legend of Korra] nothing's ever left you scarred (Lin and Suyin gen)

10:32 am

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] big enough so you can't hit me (Toph and Azula gen)

10:36 am

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] say you'll see me again even if it's just pretend (Ta Min/Roku)

10:39 am

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] I'm lightning on my feet (Aang/Toph, Aang/Katara)

10:40 am

[Gravity Falls] did you have to ruin what was shining (Mabel/Pacifica)

10:46 am

[Gravity Falls] out of the woods yet (Wendy gen)

10:50 am

[Bob's Burgers] you look like my next mistake (Belchers gen)

10:53 am

[Community] that's when I could finally breathe (Abed/Troy)

10:56 am

[Doctor Who] get knocked off our feet (Third Doctor and Sarah Jane gen)

11:00 am

[Elementary] could end in burning flames or paradise (Sherlock and Joan gen)

11:30 am

[Futurama] for worse or for better (Fry/Leela)

11:41 am

[Welcome to Night Vale] just close your eyes, the sun is going down (Cecil gen)

11:44 am

[Welcome to Night Vale] it's getting dark and it's all too quiet (Tamika gen)

11:47 am

[Welcome to Night Vale] he's so bad but he does it so well (Dana/Man in the Tan Jacket)

11:52 am

[Gravity Falls] why they lost their minds and fought the wars (Dipper/Wendy)

11:55 am

[Whip It!] and you can want who you want (Bliss/Pash)

11:58 am

[Gravity Falls] good as gold (Stan/Goldie)

12:00 pm

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] you say sorry just for show (Sokka/Zuko)

12:10 pm

[Gravity Falls] this love is glowing in the dark (Mabel/Pacifica)

12:10 pm

[Magic Knight Rayearth] why I've spent my whole life trying to put it into words (Clef/Presea)

12:14 pm

[Legend of Korra] we show off our different scarlet letters (Lin and Pema gen)

12:19 pm

[Elementary] lights flash and we run for the fences (Joan gen)

12:26 pm

[Thrilling Adventure Hour] shake it off (Frank/Sadie)

12:30 pm

[Welcome to Night Vale] they are the hunters, we are the foxes (Cecil/Carlos)

12:30 pm

[ST:TNG] my soul-bird loves my body-cage (Data/Geordi)

12:34 pm

[Gravity Falls] the same lie I tell myself (Gideon gen)

12:38 pm

[Young Wizards] old enough to die indeed (Kit/Nita and Tom/Carl)

12:45 pm

[Gravity Falls] I thought heaven can't help me now (Dipper gen)

12:50 pm

[Venture Brothers] haven't you heard what becomes of curious minds (Brock gen)

12:51 pm

[Leverage] all you had to do was stay (Eliot gen)

12:56 pm

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] waiting for a wandering poem (Sokka gen)

01:00 pm

[Star Trek: The Next Generation] so you dare tell me who to be (Geordi/Data)

02:12 pm

[Animorphs] only the dead have seen the end of war (Rachel gen)

02:18 pm

[Glee] halcyon (Mercedes/Quinn)

02:25 pm

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] as simple and as difficult as that (Zuko/Sokka)

02:34 pm

[Gravity Falls/The X-Files] I know places we won't be found (Dipper gen)

02:39 pm

[Thrilling Adventure Hour] now more alive than ever (Croach/Sparks)

02:44 pm

[Elementary] always be chasing the sun (Joan gen)

02:50 pm

[Big Hero Six] beauty is woman's sceptre (Honey/Gogo)

02:59 pm

[Thrilling Adventure Hour] we show off our different scarlet letters (Red gen)

03:13 pm

[Doctor Who] chance had it all planned (Eighth Doctor/Grace)

03:18 pm

[Legend of Korra] love you like a burrito (Bolin/Varrick)

03:24 pm

[Avatar: The Last Airbender] nothing to do and all day to do it in (Mai/Toph/Zuko)

03:29 pm

[Doctor Who] all sense of time (Ten/Rose)

03:35 pm

[Avatar: The Last Airbender/Hunger Games] you're aces for coming along (Zuko gen)

03:40 pm

[Doctor Who] a sweet orange is as scripture (Ten and Donna gen)

03:46 pm

[Thrilling Adventure Hour] as good as gold (Laserbeam/Fathom)

03:50 pm

[Legend of Korra] where's the man could ease a heart like a satin gown? (Lin and Suyin gen)

03:50 pm

[Legend of Korra] earthbenders have their faults (Zuko and Toph gen)

03:54 pm

[Brooklyn 99] one another's best (Holt/Kevin)

03:57 pm

[Leverage] everyone's a pacifist between wars (Eliot gen)

03:59 pm

[Star Trek: The Next Generation] a cat is a poem (Data gen)

04:20 pm

[Elementary/Doctor Who] the illusion is always one of normality (Sherlock gen)

04:30 pm

[Being Human (UK)] in the palm of our skull (Mitchell/George)

11:58 am

[Legend of Korra] open the door and fly on your heavy feet (Suyin and Lin gen)

11:59 am

[Elementary] I stay with problems longer (Sherlock/Irene)

12:10 pm

[Brooklyn 99] a whit more just (precinct gen)

12:20 pm

[Leverage] just and loyal (Hardison, Parker, and Eliot gen)

12:40 pm

[Star Wars] do not live like living men (Leia gen)

01:00 pm

[Leverage] all the nothing you want (Nate/Sophie)

01:20 pm

[Thrilling Adventure Hour] the last drink on Mars (Frank/Sadie + Mars team gen)


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