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[Leverage] just and loyal (Hardison, Parker, and Eliot gen)

Title: just and loyal
Fandom: Leverage
Length: 225 words
Prompt: comment_fic: Leverage, Eliot Spencer + Alec Hardison, it takes him awhile to realize Eliot is basically the biggest Hufflepuff he’s ever met
Pairing: Hardison, Parker, and Eliot gen
Other: n/a

Excerpt: "I still vote Gryffindor," Parker says. "Cedric Diggory had terrible reaction time. You couldn't take Eliot out that easily."

"No," Hardison says, "listen, listen. He's loyal, he loves food, and have you heard about badgers? They are dangerous beasts."

Parker purses her lips in a considering way. Hardison is on a perpetual quest to introduce her to modern pop culture; he's finally gotten to Harry Potter on his bulleted list. They've been to the Wizarding World twice now, and she made him watch the movies too, even though they aren't as good.

"I still vote Gryffindor," she says. "Cedric Diggory had terrible reaction time. You couldn't take Eliot out that easily."

"He beat Harry Potter at Quidditch!" Hardison protests, not because he particularly likes Diggory but because he's wedded to his theory now.

Eliot bangs the door behind him when he comes into the office. He's growling a little under his breath and in Hardison's opinion, he has badger claws, for sure.

"Put down the hat," Eliot says to Parker. "We have a job to do."

"See," Hardison says, "hard work, loyalty--"

"Patience and fair play," Parker supplies, in that way she has, so Hardison can't tell if she's actually being serious.

"Come on!" Eliot says, and Parker delicately removes the Sorting Hat from her head and sets it on the table. Hardison gets up to follow.

He wonders what Eliot will do if he gets a black-and-yellow striped tie for Christmas.