28 July 2015

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Title: three times is true
Fandom: Brooklyn 99
Length: 3348 words
Prompt: Rosa/Gina/Amy OT3 for [community profile] nightonficmountain for [personal profile] controlscircus.
Pairing: Rosa/Gina/Amy
Other: Also at AO3.

Excerpt: They didn't often agree on anything, but if you asked Rosa, Gina, and Amy, they'd all tell you: it was Gina who started it. Gina liked to tell the story to anyone who looked like they had a spare moment; she loved to brag on her sexual prowess vis-à-vis having two girlfriends.

"It's exhausting," she always said, nodding with a little smug look on her face, "but I find it's worth it."

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Title: it's hard to defeat a woman in love
Fandom: Steven Universe
Length: 1314 words
Prompt: Written for [personal profile] hamimi_fk for [community profile] everywoman for the prompt, Ruby/Sapphire, pre-canon story.
Pairing: Ruby/Sapphire, mentioned Pearl/Rose
Other: Also at AO3.

Excerpt: She wished she could see Sapphire's eyes. It was impossible to read her expression. Was she disappointed to fuse with a small Ruby? She hadn't said a word, just offered her hand. Maybe she just wanted to get this over with.

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Title: Christmas still a shining thing
Fandom: Elementary
Length: 719 words
Prompt: comment_fic: Elementary, Sherlock&Joan, Sherlock spends the holidays with Joan's family
Pairing: Sherlock and Joan gen
Other: Set during some ambiguous previous season.

Excerpt: Joan's grandma was beating Sherlock at mahjong, and he kept looking at her sideways in that feral way of his, as if trying to confirm she wasn't cheating. It made Joan smile a little. Her grandma beat everyone at mahjong, and reveled in finding a new victim.

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Title: character is largely caught
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Length: 117 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Avatar: TLA, Alwaysagirl!Zuko/Sokka, parenthood
Pairing: Zuko/Sokka
Other: AU as per prompt.

Excerpt: "Relax," Sokka said, his hand warm on Zuko's belly, even though there was barely enough rise there for him to find the right place to rest it.

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Title: the height my soul can reach
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Length: 87 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Legend of Korra, Asami Sato/Korra, darling
Pairing: Asami/Korra
Other: Set directly post S4.

Excerpt: They had a whole new language to learn after they began dating, endearments and affection and the meaning of each new look.

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Title: here is the steeple
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Length: 143 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Welcome to Night Vale, Dana, Open the door and see all the people
Pairing: Dana gen
Other: Spoilers for Old Oak Door Part B.

Excerpt: Dana clipped the ribbon and moved into the darkened space, empty and desolate and prepared for new growth.

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Title: with roots on both ends
Fandom: Thrilling Adventure Hour
Length: 1644 words
Prompt: This post by [tumblr.com profile] dog-face-painting.
Pairing: Red/Croach
Other: Also at Tumblr.

Excerpt: She kept looking at everything she saw with Martian eyes. She was sure Croach would find it fascinating. When she went out into the wilderness alone, she sometimes found herself talking to him like he was really here with her, tracking that rabbit through the treefall or poking pine needles to see how pointy they actually were.

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Title: my body as an instrument
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Length: 250 words
Prompt: comment_fic: Star Trek: TNG, Alwaysagirl!Geordi La Forge/Alwaysagirl!Data, Georgi's hair tends to frizz if she doesn't keep a close eye on it
Pairing: Geordi/Data
Other: AU as per prompt.

Excerpt: Dana smiled. "I always carry a ponytail holder, a handkerchief, hand lotion, and a number of other convenience items." She paused. "Us girls have to stick together."

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Title: when you give of yourself
Fandom: Thrilling Adventure Hour
Length: 597 words
Prompt: Sparks/Croach/Red, mixing traditions, for [tumblr.com profile] shannondapper
Pairing: Croach/Red/Sparks
Other: Also at Tumblr.

Excerpt: "It seems sufficiently trimmed, Sparks Nevada, but this is not my cultural tradition," Croach answered.

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Title: whatever a moon has always meant
Fandom: Steven Universe
Length: 1491 words
Prompt: From Tumblr: you crouched down to coo at my baby but i forgot to tell you their favorite thing to do is to play with people’s hair and now they won’t let go of you
Pairing: Garnet/Pearl; past Pearl/Rose; mentioned Greg/Rose
Other: Human AU. Also at AO3.

Excerpt: She offered him her hand, as solemnly as if he were a fellow adult, and he reached out and grabbed her fingers. She shook their grasp gently, and then Steven reached out and tangled his hands in her hair. Pearl saw her eyebrows arch in surprise.

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