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[Cardcaptor Sakura, Star Wars] various titles (various pairings)

Title: best substitute for experience
Fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura
Length: 66 words
Prompt: Clow/Yue, genderbent for someone on plurk
Pairing: fem!Clow & fem!Yue gen
Other: n/a

Excerpt: She made Yue into the beautiful woman she was not.

She made Yue into the beautiful woman she was not. Clow was tall and coltish, her dresses often stained by whatever bit of magic held her interest this week. Yue was small, delicate, elegant, and almost worshipful.

Clow brushed Yue's hair and whispered, "My daughter," into her ear, feeling triumphant: see, Father, she didn't have to give birth to have children of her own.

Title: choosing among one's real thoughts
Fandom: Star Wars
Length: 134 words
Prompt: C-3PO and R2-D2, genderbent for [ profile] chibidl
Pairing: fem!C-3PO and fem!R2-D2 gen
Other: n/a

Excerpt: "Oh dear," she said reflexively, "this looks like quite a mess."

Cautiously, 3PO stuck her head around the corner.

"Oh dear," she said reflexively, "this looks like quite a mess." Cleaning was one of her supporting functions, but she didn't think that coming out into the open was a very good idea when there were debris and dead stormtroopers lying around.

R2 bumped her foot as she stole a look. She made a screechy beep sound and 3PO gasped (purely for effect, of course).

"Ladies shouldn't use that type of language," she scolded severely. R2 answered with a few low noises as she motored forward and began to pick her way down the corridor.

"No, not even ladybots," 3PO answered, stepping gingerly as she followed, although this was an argument she had lost before, and doubtlessly would again.

Title: unbuttoned
Fandom: Star Wars
Length: 98 words
Prompt: Han/Leia genderbent for someone on plurk
Pairing: fem!Han/male!Leia gen
Other: n/a

Excerpt: "Hey princess," Hana said, comfortably sprawled across the bed. Her shirt was only half-buttoned, but Lei got the impression of deliberate undress.

"Hey princess," Hana said, comfortably sprawled across the bed. Her shirt was only half-buttoned, but Lei got the impression of deliberate undress. He rolled his eyes.

"Don't call me that," he said, scowling and turning away.

"Suit yourself!" Hana said, all too cheerful, sitting up and fixing her shirt when Lei turned back. She smiled widely.

"I know you want me, though," she said as she got up and walked by him into the hall, hips swinging. Lei's scowl deepened. He did, but he didn't want to prove her point.

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BWAHAHA, the ladybots are absolutely hilarious and perfectly them. I didn't think of genderbending droids, but I suppose they are usually referred to as male, so...

And Hana is completely awesome. WHY NO LADY ROGUES, ALL MEDIA EVER?!

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lol well let me reveal the extent of my nerdery here, because most bots do have some kind of gender programming, and some of them are female... R4-P17 was Obi-Wan Kenobi's ship droid for a while, and she was female. So yeah.

I think the series would have been greatly improved by a lady Han. I mean, Han is pretty cool I guess, but female!Han... yeeeees. My girlfriend told me that the very original draft of Star Wars had genderswapped most of the main characters. What I wouldn't give for that story--!

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I actually remember hearing that, actually, at least that the droids had genders. This still makes no sense to me.

WOW, I would pay ANYTHING for that one. Especially space pirate ladies.

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I think the canonical reason was so that people would be more comfortable with them, especially the human-shaped ones, because it is awkward to call a sentient being "it."

Saaaaaaaaaaame. Man, I would just be happy with switching Luke and Leia. But girl!Han would be an awesome bonus.

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S'pose that makes sense. "Zie" would work, but I'm not sure that was used much when Star Wars came out.

How about all of them? I wish, at least. Although hey, Leia was awesome as she was.

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Yeah. I'm actually surprised that they didn't default them to male, considering how much of a old boy's club the series is.

Leia was really awesome. Especially compared to her mother.

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Pretty much all the ones named in the original films were guys, though. :/

And hey, how many planets did you rule at fourteen?

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Yeah, pretty much. I watched the movies basically... all in a row (4-5-6-1-2-3) and you can tell that Lucas got some crap about having no ladies after the first trilogy. They're a lot more visible in the second, and there's even a female captain (who, like R4, gets blown up... >_>).

Point. Chickie needed some more life experience.

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There still aren't really enough in the second, though. It's mostly Padme and her handmaidens; most of the best ladies didn't show up until the EU. (Mara Jade!)

She did at that. Also Anakin needed to not be an abusive jerk.

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Oh, I agree, definitely. I was just glad to see some female captains and heads-of-state and stuff. Although Mara Jade is not one of my favorites. |D;; idk, I've been reading in the EU but I have a hard time developing any attactment to the non-canon characters. They feel like OCs in fanfic. Which... basically they are.

Ugh yes. My girlfriend and I kept going, "Is that supposed to be a loving relationship?"

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Oh, it's definitely nice to have them around. And I am extraordinarily attached to Mara Jade, but I only really read her in the Timothy Zahn books (those are the best ones, read 'em!) so I don't know what other authors did with/to her.

And yeaaah. It was sort of cute when it was just bb!Anakin's crush, but when it started turning into an actual relationship... yeah, weird. Especially in episode 3.

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I have mostly been choosing at random/based on recs (I downloaded a ton of the ebooks), so I may have to try those.

Seriously! He was creepy and possessive and entirely too insistent. I was very disappointed in Padme for just going along with it. ...Also, her actress was awful. Then again, I've read that some of the lines in the original were so bad that the actors asked to change them.

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Zahn pretty much kickstarted the EU; I think his first trilogy actually predates episodes 1, 2, and 3, and it feels a lot like the movies.

Yeah, pretty much. I don't remember getting any particular impression of Natalie Portman's acting at the time, although she's done some good work lately.

And wow, I didn't hear that, but I could believe it.

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I've mostly been feeling around the later trilogy and afterwards, if only because 3PO trying to babysit Han and Leia's kids is hilarious. But I will poke around for Zahn books.

I was reading Star Wars trivia on IMDB the other day and giggled madly when I saw that. "Carrie Fisher found the dialogue to be very difficult, later saying, "You can type this stuff, but you can't say it." Harrison Ford had similar trouble (particularly in the scene where the Millenium Falcon leaves Tatooine), and persuaded George Lucas to let him change several lines."

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Aww, that sounds adorable. Jacen and Jaina?

And bwahaha. I'd heard that some of it was ad-libbed, but not that they phrased it quite like that.

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Also bb!Anakin! They made him into a snowman once. Lulzworthy.

I think the famous ad-libbed part is where Han is trying to stall the guards from coming to check the prison block. Which personally I found hilarious.

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C3PO became a snowman? D'awwhaha.

And I've heard that; I've heard the "I love you/I know" sequence was ad-libbed too.

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Wow, that's totally like... one of my favorite parts. Which I mean Han is being a jerk, but that's what he does and it made so much sense at the time.

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Yeah, that and the callback in the third movie really pretty much sum them up as a couple, and I love them together.

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Me too omg so much.