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Masterlist Table of Contents

*Assume all fanfiction is G-rated unless otherwise noted.
*Many of these fics were Jossed by later canon.
*All old links go to Livejournal.

Titles: A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L

Titles A

Title: Act One
Length: 525 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 12 Oct 09 // now this day too enters history; [community profile] comment_fic: xxxHolic, Clow/Yuuko, the first time she ever saw his face, the first time she ever toasted drinks with him
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: The first time she saw him he wasn't paying attention, and she realized then why people said that he was handsome: the strong jaw, the smart glint in his eye, the color of his skin, nearly as pale as her own.

Title: Adjusting to the Workplace
Length: 220 words
Prompt: for [profile] starlightfairy2; picture prompt of Yuuko being happy
Pairing: Watanuki and Yuuko gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Watanuki didn't know when it was, exactly, that his job began to feel doable.

Title: Admit Impediment
Length: 213 words
Prompt: Genderbent fic: Clow/Yuuko for [profile] measuringlife.
Pairing: slight fem!Clow/Yuuko
Other: In which Clow has always been a woman.
Excerpt: Clow Reed is nothing like Yuuko Ichihara, except in the broadest categories: they are both female, and magicians. But where Yuuko is loud and boisterous, tall and exquisitely dressed, Clow is quiet and smiling, petite and simply clothed.

Title: Ageless
Length: 830 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 4. to cut a bouquet / of matter and antimatter roses
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG-13 for suicide themes
Excerpt: She could smell opium on him, and any other person would have assumed that the opium was giving him delusions of grandeur, immortality, but she saw the way his aura moved, eternally into the past, eternally into the future, and the sight made her nauseous. He was telling the truth.

Title: all gentleness and its enduring
Length: 1178 words
Prompt: [community profile] helpthesouth for [personal profile] melissa_42: xxxHolic with fem!Doumeki/fem!Watanuki before the time skip. Maybe something about having patience with each other.
Pairing: implied fem!Doumeki/fem!Watanuki
Other: AU as per prompt: Doumeki and Watanuki have always been female. I used first names because they sounded more feminine. This is a retelling of the hydrangea bush story in volume 5. Thanks for helping the South, Melissa!
Excerpt: When Kimihiro deigns to notice her, she usually says something disparaging about Shizuka's inability to cook or her tendency to rip her clothes. Shizuka knows that she isn't very ladylike. She has no boyfriend, and she doesn't desire one. Girls tend to watch her from a distance.

Title: Alone
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 8. phobia
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Maru and Moro can never leave. They are bound to this place," Yuuko told me when I first started working for her.

Title: and would suffice
Length: 425 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: xxxHOLiC, Himawari (+Yuuko), outside the shop
Pairing: Himawari & Yuuko gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Himawari is always a little surprised to see Yuuko outside of the shop. She never seems to fit well into the world.

Title: Angry
Length: 103 words
Prompt: porn_battle: xxxHolic, Doumeki/Watanuki, defeat
Pairing: Doumeki/Watanuki established relationship
Other: There is, surprisingly, no real porn in this.
Excerpt: Watanuki kicks and bites, yells and scratches.

Title: Another Meeting
Length: 381
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 2 May 09: 2. an old friend you just met
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Clow was like an old friend she had just met. He reached down and kissed her hand, his lips soft and sudden and his eyes lidded, and she felt no problem smacking him for his impudence.

Title: Another Year Young
Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Length: 813 words
Prompt: For [profile] chibidl as always. ♥
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG for sexual references
Excerpt: She told the Mokona once that autumn was her favorite season, and he remembers this, remembers the fall of her hair across his shoulder when she leaned up and smiled at him.

Title: Anyway
Length: 1032 words, split into 25 5-sentence ficlets
Prompt: [profile] 5sentence_fics table #1
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Each prompt has its own continuity.
Excerpt: Once all was silent she took out the pins in her hair and let them drop to the floor: twenty-five, well-crafted, made in a dimension that hadn't yet discovered assembly line machinery. They were inset on the ends with rubies, to match her eyes, he had said. She let her hair pool around her ankles, shutting her eyes for a long moment. And then she picked up the pins and set them aside for good. He had liked her hair up-- she had liked him alive.

Title: Apologetics
Length: 527 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: author's choice, author's choice, love means always having to say you're sorry
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He learned that loving her meant that he always had to apologize, even if he was in the right. In fact, sometimes he had to apologize a lot. He was always smoothing down her anger, as if she were an irritable cat.

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Titles B

Title: Babysitting
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 19. separation anxiety
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "When is Clow-sama coming home?" Yue asked.

Title: Balancing Act
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 4. ego/id
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Yuuko chuckled the first time she read Freud's theories. The id and the ego-- that was her and Clow, wasn't it?

Title: Bathtime
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 5. multiple personality
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Yuuko looked at Clow, his robes soaked, happily giving Keroberos a bath.

Title: Be the Change
Length: 345 words
Prompt: none
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko; the fortuneteller
Other: spoilers for recent chapters
Excerpt: "Never," she said, looking up at the ceiling. "There is a difference between blame and taking responsibility."

Title: Being Difficult
Length: 634 words
Prompt: [profile] 64_hexagrams: #03, difficulty at the beginning
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko; hints of Doumeki/Watanuki
Other: Sequel to the other [profile] 64_hexagrams fics, but can be read alone.
Excerpt: "Oh, that Doumeki!" Watanuki said when he stormed into Yuuko's shop the next afternoon. He always seemed to bring his anger with him, like a favorite blanket, but Yuuko was, as always, immune.

Title: Best Friends
Length: 380 words
Prompt: porn_battle: xxxHOLiC, Watanuki/Yuuko, girl's best friends
Pairing: Watanuki/Yuuko established relationship
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "I don't suppose you remember that you asked me to organize this room when I... moved in here?" he said, his ears reddening a little. This thing they had was strange and likely both temporary and dangerous, but it was also new, and he could not hide his blush.

Title: Between
Length: 223 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 5 May 09 // there are cracks in the universe
Pairing: Yuuko gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: There are cracks in the universe and Yuuko lives in one, a crevice built of lies and hopes and dreams, the sturdiest building materials.

Title: Biting
Length: 708 words
Prompt: [profile] prompt_in_a_box: If this bottle could talk, love on the rocks; [community profile] comment_fic: xxxHOLiC, Clow/Yuuko, tequila makes her clothes fall off
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Vague sexual references; drunkenness.
Excerpt: After the first glass, Yuuko abandoned her silk wrap carelessly upon the couch. By the third her shoes had been unlaced, and because they were Victorian, the type one needed boot hooks for, the unlacing had been time-consuming and giggly; Clow had stolen kisses, pressing them into the arch of her foot in payment for every time she squirmed.

Title: Blackbird
Length: 403 words
Prompt: Genderbent fic: Clow/Yuuko for [profile] measuringlife
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: The one in which Yuuko has been turned into a man. And isn't too happy about it.
Excerpt: "I am going to blame you for this," she pronounced distinctly, and he had a moment of disorientation, looking at her face. Something was slightly off, though he couldn't say what exactly until she pushed herself up into a sitting position.

Title: bottled poetry
Length: 415 words
Prompt: comment_fic: xxxHolic, Clow/Yuuko, kissing under the influence;anything C/Y for Ruby
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "You beautiful idiot," she mumbled, breaking the kiss. Her gaze was hazy in vision or booze. One often blended into another, and so neither were often sober.

Title: Bound Up
Length: 214 words
Prompt: [profile] clampanonmeme: Clow/Yuuko, bondage, Yuuko as the dom.
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG for implied sex; more funny than sexy.
Excerpt: "I believe that in learned erotic circles, bondage generally leads to sex."

Title: Breakup
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 21. rationalization
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He was just stupid, she thought (for leaving).
Title: bring your own sunshine
Length: 428 words
Prompt: [profile] commentfic: xxxHolic, Clow/Yuuko , drinking tea while watching the rainstorms and listening for thunder; I don't think she knows I know for [profile] chibidl's birthdayfic
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Precanon.
Excerpt: When Clow arrived on Yuuko's doorstep, dripping wet but somehow still managing to fasten a grin to his face, she thought of a thousand cutting remarks and then sighed loudly to show how much she was being put out before she let him in.

Title: By all the eagle in thee, all the dove
Length: 2305 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 9 Oct 09 // wandering birds pass through the village
Pairing: Watanuki and Yuuko gen; small hints of Clow/Yuuko
Other: This is a fantasy-type AU in which Clow is the king of some not-Clow country, and Yuuko is a traveling shopkeeper with her irritable assistant Watanuki. Also featuring Doumeki the stone-faced knight. Fic dedicated to [profile] chibidl because this is her AU I'm playing in. Title from a poem by Richard Crashaw.
Excerpt: For a wagon that looked as old and as odd as it was, it traveled very smoothly, and for the first few days as Watanuki recovered, he felt as though he were on the sea, rocking back and forth.

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Titles C

Title: Captured
Length: 372 words
Prompt: Self-prompt: an explanation of how that splashpage with Yuuko sitting at Clow's feet came to be.
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko; Yue
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "What sort of an expression is that?" she said, scowling at his pleading face. After a long moment, she stomped back over and pulled the ottoman near to the couch.

Title: Chase Scene
Length: 231 words
Prompt: [profile] 6_cocktails: 4. Casanova
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: The woman looked up and met his eyes. Her gaze was neither curious nor interested: it was challenging.

Title: children make you want to start life over
Length: 1385 words
Prompt: Kid!fic for [profile] chibidl: Clow/Yuuko.
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko; Doumeki and Watanuki gen
Other: AU in which Soel and Larg are Clow and Yuuko's human children. Spans pre-canon to current.
Excerpt: Eventually, he hands them to her. Red eyes blink; blue eyes blink. Mother and children wail.
"Congratulations," Clow says to all of them.
"I hate you," she says to him, eyes narrowed.

Title: Chill
Length: 196 words
Prompt: [community profile] writing_game Week 64: C+1, Chill
Pairing: Doumeki and Watanuki gen
Other: Spoilers for ch186.
Excerpt: He watched and he protected when he saw the need. But there was nothing here for his bow.

Title: Choice Words
Length: 149 words
Prompt: First sentence meme: "As it happened, she didn't know what to say."
Pairing: Yuuko gen
Other: Spoilers for ch184-6.
Excerpt: It happened rarely that Yuuko was at a loss for words; even when something completely extraordinary happened, she was generally able to produce some sort of quip.

Title: Cleopatra
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 30. denial
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She surrounded herself with these things, feeling the smoke roughen her lungs with each drag, and refused to admit that she missed him, that he was dead and she couldn't stand it.

Title: Cola
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 25. placebo effect
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "See, I feel better already!" he would say, gulping and then coughing.

Title: Corner Left
Length: 255 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_cracks: 11. different dimension
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Wandering through alternate universes is one of their habits.
Excerpt: "We really can't keep meeting like this," she drawled, twirling her skirts in the manner of a native. Eyes popped at the hint of lacy ankle. No matter where she went, Yuuko stood out.

Title: Could Be
Length: 1276 words
Prompt: [profile] 1sentence table alpha
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG for sexual references
Excerpt: "We could be together forever," she said one day in the dark; he didn't answer, pulling her close instead, and that's when things began to fall apart.

Title: Courting
Length: 734 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 15 Oct 09 // tempting me into the garden
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: In the purse of his lips she saw a name that she herself hadn't spoken in over a century. How rude, she thought, frowning, shifting on her couch, and she interrupted him before he could say it.

Title: Cracked
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_cracks: 9. soaking wet
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: G, drinking
Excerpt: When she got into drinking contests and came home soused, he wished she knew how to quit when she was ahead.

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Titles D

Title: Daddy
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 2. daddy issues
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko; Clow/Yue implied
Other: n/a
Excerpt: They'd planned this together for hours, but Yuuko didn’t expected these results-- this mewling creature who had fallen into existence at Clow's feet.

Title: Dangerous Thought
Length: 789 words
Prompt: [profile] 64_hexagrams: 01. creative
Pairing: Watanuki and Yuuko gen
Other: Sort of a prequel to the other [profile] 64_hexagrams fics.
Excerpt: "Yuuko, I have the most brilliant idea!" Clow said, running into her work area. He was covered in soot and shedding it all over her carpet, and she knew that tone of voice all too well.

Title: Day to Day
Length: 195 words
Prompt: song meme: "As If," Sara Evans
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She got up every day and woke Clow with a sufficiently violent kiss and they made love in the cool morning hours before they went to work.

Title: Death Cannot Separate
Length: 587 words
Prompt: see lyric prompt below the cut
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Deathfic. Sixteenth and final in a series; table of contents.
Excerpt: She shut her eyes, relaxed, and stepped back into time. It was just the length of a heartbeat, which then stopped.

Title: Deer
Length: 159 words
Prompt: icon meme
Pairing: Himawari gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: At some point the kitty would stop spazzing out and let the dog lick his fur (ungratefully, like all cats, but all the same).

Title: Desire
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 18. instinct
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: In her one-woman campaign toward simpler times, her kimono hung open too far, was cut too close to the leg.

Title: Determination
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 6. inferiority complex
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He was scarcely more than a child, so determined to prove himself that he had found his way to her.

Title: Dinner
Length: 463 words
Prompt: Something with Watanuki and cooking please, for [profile] sky_pirate_tat.
Pairing: Watanuki gen
Other: Somewhat creepy.
Excerpt: One day she would give him his wish, or maybe one day she'd finish eating him alive, but in the end Watanuki would be changed.

Title: Dinner
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 17. group think
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "You'll like it," Clow said, and Kero nodded enthusiastically.

Title: Dissembling
Length: 315 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 21 Oct 08 // some assembly required
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Do you really mean to do this?" she asked, bursting into the workroom at hurricane force. Clow blinked and adjusted his glasses.

Title: Divine Messenger
Length: 154 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_cracks: 10. messenger
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Overt Magic Knight Rayearth references.
Excerpt: "Puu," God said wisely, and I couldn't prevent a giggle.

Title: Dream No Small Dreams
Length: 1150 words
Prompt: see lyric prompt below
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Way precanon. First in a series; table of contents.
Excerpt: She had long dark hair and crimson eyes, and he'd never met someone who could walk through dreams, so the tiny part of him still lucid was amazed that he could imagine such a vivid, beautiful woman.

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Titles E

Title: Eclipsed
Length: 670 words
Prompt: see lyric prompt below the cut
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Ninth in a series; table of contents.
Excerpt: She swept into Clow's house as if she owned it, immediately provoking Yue's ire. Then she looked Yue up and down as though she were assessing him, and smiled an odd, knowing smile. He liked her even less for what she presumed she knew.

Title: Eggshell
Length: 997 words
Prompt: For [profile] chibidl: CLAMP-verse, with the picture of a house as the prompt
Pairing: ensemble gen
Other: Spoilers for recent chapters of xH/TRC. Useless canon speculation on end of series.
Excerpt: Before she could stop herself, she was stepping through the gate, walking down the path. The house was well-lit, but at the same time, she thought to herself that the owner was out. It had that feeling of unoccupancy.

Title: End of Argument
Length: 168 words
Prompt: [profile] 6_cocktails: 1. frosty amour
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: CCS references
Excerpt: So she was prickly today, because she'd woken with a strange name on her lips, and he hadn't bothered to express his surprise at her words.

Title: even hundredfold grief is divisible by love
Length: 581 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: xxxHolic, any, Watanuki didn't stay in the shop after Yuuko's death
Pairing: Watanuki, Doumeki, and Mokona gen
Other: AU as per prompt.
Excerpt: He hoped Maru and Moro would be all right. He'd have to ask Himawari to visit them, if the shop was still there. He hoped they hadn't died with the shop. He wasn't sure what he'd do if that was true. It was too hard, right now, to think about going back.

Title: The Exotic Places of the Soul
Length: 411 words
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Prompt: [profile] 31_days_exchnge: 29. in my lost soul's abandoned night; Clow/Yuuko; sing the truth for [profile] lady_kikyou
Other: PG for sexual implications
Excerpt: Hong Kong never slept, and neither did Yuuko. They were a perfect fit.

Title: Experience
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 9. sociopath
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He picked up the broom, holding it defensively, like that would help against a dragon.

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Titles F

Title: Fade Away
Length: 166 words
Prompt: [community profile] writing_game Week 64: PC+2, Fade
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Spoilers for ch181 and equivalent chapters of TRC. Slight sexual implications.
Excerpt: Yuuko wasn't just full of life; she was life itself. She took every opportunity and shook it by the hand, twirled it around, and led it on a dance.

Title: fallen
Length: 74 words
Prompt: 3-sentence fic: Clow/Yuuko - Watanuki is really stupid
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Afterlife-fic.
Excerpt: "So, how long until you think he figures himself out?" Yuuko says.

Title: Family Time
Length: 122 words
Prompt: song meme: "Ain't Nothin' Like," Brad Paisley
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko implied
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Kero was rolling around in the soft grass like a real cat often did, absorbing the summer into his fur.

Title: Fermata
Length: 298 words
Prompt: [profile] 52_flavours: 33. This is how your desires / tangles with a desired one
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko; Clow/Yue
Other: PG-13 for sexual references.
Excerpt: "It's not what it looks like," Clow said helplessly.

Title: Fey Moon
Length: 222 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_cracks: 24. blush
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG for nakedness
Excerpt: I don't understand why you're so embarrassed. It's not like you've never seen a naked woman," Yuuko said, standing with her hands on her hips and watching as a blush spread over Clow's face.

Title: Filial Devotion
Length: 180 words
Prompt: [community profile] writing_game Week 64: NE+2, Things Become Extinct; NE+2, What I Did for Love
Pairing: Watanuki gen
Other: Spoilers for ch184-6.
Excerpt: He still felt angry about it, the choice made by someone else. There was no undoing it, only twisting it around.

Title: First Time
Length: 148 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_cracks: 3. seducing you
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG-13 for sex
Excerpt: Her body burned with beautiful agony as they fumbled together, working things out as they went.

Title: five Christmases Clow and Yuuko never spent together, and one they did
Length: 1490 words
Prompt: Christmas card fic!
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Various spoilers. Some scenarios are AU.
Excerpt: He lay the sakura blooms down (a gift of Flower; they're certainly not in season right now). He lit the incense stick and pressed it into the ground, and then, after a long moment, kneeled, not caring about the cold. His robes rustled, silk against dead grass, but he didn't speak. He just looked, for a long moment, at the butterfly very carefully etched into the marker.

Title: Focused
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 14. fixation
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She'd never met someone so fixated on creation, though she would in the future
encounter two boys who gave up more than he did to know (she would not help them, there was no help for them).

Title: Fool Me Once
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 23. vicarious
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko; Watanuki/Himawari mentioned
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She couldn't remember the last time she'd had the same passion in her blood as he spent fighting with Doumeki and loving Himawari.

Title: For Granted
Length: 203 words
Prompt: Porn Battle VIII: xxxHOLiC, Watanuki/Yuuko, possession
Pairing: Yuuko/Watanuki
Other: AU.
Excerpt: He said that he didn't love her, couldn't love her, even if she granted his wish, because she was too damned annoying.

Title: Formal
Length: 467 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 11 Oct 09 // I feel about average; [community profile] comment_fic: XXXholic, Yuuko/Himawari, tuxedo
Pairing: slight Yuuko/Himawari; slight Doumeki/Watanuki/Himawari implied
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Yuuko appeared in front of her shop dressed in a tuxedo, long and lean with a top hat perched jauntily across her pinned-up hair, and she took Himawari's arm.

Title: Freeze
Length: 180 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_cracks: 18. photograph
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "I would think that you'd love your youth immortalized," he teased.

Title: The Future as a Closed Book
Length: 207 words
Prompt: [profile] 6_cocktails: 5. Block and Fall
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She can't see her future so she didn't foresee the day he left.

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Titles G

Title: Game
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 27. catharsis
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Instead she kicked the ball in Clow's face, and became really good at mending glasses and broken noses. He never complained.

Title: Geas
Length: 171 words
Prompt: Clow/Yuuko for [profile] jinarocks
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG for general creepiness
Excerpt: He reached out and kissed her hand. She let him even as her other hand flexed and formed a fist.

Title: Gentleman
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 7. nature versus nurture
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "The power to create life is worth all the magic you have," she said coldly.

Title: Gilt Instead of Gold
Length: 220 words
Prompt: [community profile] writing_game Week 64: G+3, Gilt
Pairing: Watanuki gen
Other: Spoilers for ch186.
Excerpt: He was studying a mirror, gold paint flaking, and trying to decide why it gave him the shivers when he heard the crack of thunder.

Title: Ginger
Length: 231 words
Prompt: 20 Oct 08 // gingerbread
Pairing: Watanuki and Yuuko gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Why?" he replied, taking the bait (he always did, he couldn't help it, he would forever be her straight man).

Title: Glasses
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 16. fetish
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "It will be here still in the morning," she said, "which you will work through unless I make you come to bed."

Title: Gone
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_cracks: 8. don't cry
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: angsty
Excerpt: She had touched his counterparts herself, brushed the lips of a twelve-year-old who had his eyes.

Title: Goodbye is Never Easy
Length: 156 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_cracks: 4. I can never be angry at you
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG for creepiness
Excerpt: Her nails broke the skin and a crimson tear slid down his cheek.

Title: Granted
Length: 838 words
Prompt: [profile] 50fantastic: 22. xxxholic, the main character being Watanuki. Yuuko left him the shop and now he's the Dimension Wizard. As he can't stay in the shop a lot of the time, write about those with Wishes going to find him as he tries to live normally. Don't mind what pairings you put in, if any.
Pairing: slight Doumeki/Watanuki, mostly gen
Other: Future-fic.
Excerpt: Surely her informant was crazy, she thought; this was nothing more than a normal high school boy with glasses falling of his nose. Then he looked up and met her eyes, and his were blue and piercing and saw through her. They glittered, alien and ageless.

Title: gray skies are going to clear up
Length: 536 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: xxxHolic, Himawari, what happened to her after Yuuko died
Pairing: Himawari/husband, slight Watanuki/Himawari, implied Doumeki/Watanuki
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "I love you," she tells him, because it's true. She doesn't tell him that she's going away, and he doesn't ask. He doesn't ask why she hasn't answered her phone, either. He simply says it back, and lets her go when she says she has to catch her bus. He is too full of grief already to mourn her and Yuuko both, and she'd rather he miss Yuuko more. It's safer.

Title: The Greatest Adventure
Length: 235 words
Prompt: [profile] springkink: 15 Jun 09 // xxxHOLiC - Clow/Yuuko - drinking contests - anything you can do I can do better
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Clow and Yuuko fought constantly, in a way that was almost affectionate. They stayed up until dawn drinking and fell asleep in the middle of pointless arguments.

Title: Growing Up
Length: 178 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: Sept 20 // your heart is an empty room
Pairing: Watanuki gen; Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Your heart is an empty room and you've filled it with all of these things-- the detritus of your clientele, their precious junk and trashy treasures.

Title: Guru
Length: 167 words
Prompt: [community profile] writing_game: Player's choice: complicated +3
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Yuuko was a woman of many vices; Clow was a man of none.

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Titles H

Title: Handiwork
Length: 220 words
Prompt: [community profile] writing_game Week 64: PC+3, Hipbone
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG for sexual implications.
Excerpt: "Checking the fit," he answered, hands drifting up to skim the bare skin of her back.

Title: Happy
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 24. Skinner box
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Lately Clow's focus had been on the future, a future he would never see (only she would).

Title: Hard Garnet
Length: 303 words
Prompt: [profile] 64_hexagrams: 20. contemplation
Pairing: Yuuko and Watanuki gen; Clow/Yuuko implied
Other: In the [profile] 64_hexagrams universe.
Excerpt: Yuuko means that many people pass through her shop, and she begins to care about them less and less.

Title: Harmonic
Length: 418 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 24 Oct 08 // once more, with feeling
Pairing: ensemble gen
Other: marching band AU
Excerpt: "Show him again, Doumeki," Yuuko commanded, and obligingly, Doumeki snapped his trumpet into the proper stance and marched back and forth smoothly, as though his feet were on wheels or the ground had been greased.

Title: Helpless
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 20. learned helplessness
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: I couldn't stop him from creating life, couldn't prevent him dying.

Title: Holic
Length: 409 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: xxxHolic, Yuuko, drinking alone doesn't make you an alcoholic. Having your entire bedroom floor covered in empty beer bottles does. [also archived here]
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko; mostly Yuuko gen
Other: Discussion of alcoholism.
Excerpt: Autumn passed away in an alcohol-induced haze and Yuuko forgot to care whether it was Wednesday or Sunday. She drank for the full moon and the half moon and because she wanted to.

Title: Homebody
Length: 98 words
Prompt: [community profile] writing_game: N Prompt: Noteworthy +2
Pairing: Yuuko gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Yuuko was in no history books, no genealogies, no phone books.

Title: Hospitality
Length: 607 words
Prompt: see lyric prompt below the cut
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Second in a series; table of contents.
Excerpt: He surprised Yuuko by appearing in her parlor in a flurry of bright-gold magic. He turned a self-satisfied smile on the woman draped over the couch, a smile that slipped away as he saw the depths of her rage.

Title: Hunger
Length: 86 words
Prompt: [community profile] writing_game: G Action: Gobble +2
Pairing: Watanuki gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Watanuki frowned, pushing his glasses up on his nose, and Yuuko gave him a sulky look.

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Titles I

Title: I knew the bottom wasn't there
Length: 275 words
Prompt: Clow/Yuuko, chair, for [profile] lady_kikyou
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He asked her if she wanted it, in the end. She looked at the chair with such venom in her eyes that he immediately regretted the question.

Title: I wish I knew how to break the spell
Length: 527 words
Prompt: Christmas card fic!
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: But someone was ringing the doorbell, and Yuuko's curiosity overwhelmed her laziness. She got up and went to the window to see who was standing on her step.

Title: if I'm happy in your hands
Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Length: 329 words
Prompt: none
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "You are, in fact, ridiculous," she told him (more than) once.

Title: If You Please
Length: 345 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 2 Oct 08 // shiny happy people
Pairing: Watanuki gen; Doumeki/Himawari
Other: speculation on end of series
Other: n/a
Excerpt: For a moment he moved like he used to in high school, all irritation and elbows, and then he sighed and became still. That never solved anything.

Title: In Vain
Length: 2012 words
Prompt: [community profile] 1character, table two
Pairing: Watanuki gen mostly, hints of others
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Yuuko overcomplicated things; he set up his dominoes, black and white, and there she was knocking them down right after him.

Title: indolence
Length: 311 words
Prompt: come the morning and the day winding like dreams for [profile] chibidl's birthdayfic
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko established
Other: PG for sexual references.
Excerpt: "Stay with me," she murmured into his ear, and he always had a hard time saying no to her, so he didn't. He smiled and pressed a wet kiss to her collarbone, letting her curl up around him.

Title: Induce Flailing
Length: 134 words
Prompt: [profile] springkink: 26 Jun 09 // xxxHolic, Yuuko/Watanuki: badtouch - Watanuki-kun flails so deliciously~
Pairing: Yuuko/Watanuki
Other: n/a
Excerpt: There were hands on his hips and then a finger across his lips and Watanuki went as rigid as a board.

Title: Inherited
Length: 180 words
Prompt: [community profile] writing_game Week 64: D+2, Déjà-vu
Pairing: Doumeki gen
Other: Spoilers for ch186.
Excerpt: He'd never thought that the witch could be Watanuki's mother; at least, not the one who gave birth to him, though she'd certainly guided him like one when she was alive.

Title: Insubstantial
Length: 271 words
Prompt: [profile] clampanonmeme: Haruka/Yuuko: two yumemis who care about Watanuki should be together.
Pairing: slight Haruka/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "It's been a while," Yuuko said, tilting her head to one side in acknowledgment of Haruka's smile.

Title: Issues
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] psych_30: 2. daddy issues
Pairing: Watanuki gen
Other: Speculation on Watanuki's parents.
Excerpt: "You have issues," his teacher wrote on his essay in glaring red.

Title: Isthmus
Length: 346 words
Prompt: [profile] clampanonmeme: Yuuko/Maro/Moro.
Pairing: slight Clow/Yuuko; Yuuko gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She named them Marudashi and Morodashi, because she thought it was funny and he wouldn't have been amused.

Title: It's Not Your Baby
Length: 380 words
Prompt: [profile] wtf27: 6. mpreg
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG, warning for mpreg.
Excerpt: The only way she resisted slapping him was by physically holding her hand back. She glared horribly and Clow continued to smile.

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Titles J

Titles K

Titles L

Title: Labored
Length: 617 words
Prompt: Porn Battle VIII: xxxHOLiC, Clow/Yuuko, doorslamming
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Vague spoilers for recent chapters. Vague sexual references.
Excerpt: "You've made me a mother to children I never bore," she said, feeling the bed sink in a little as he sat down next to her. She didn't mean just the Mokonas. Green eyes, blue eyes, eyepatches and golden gazes glittered in her mind.

Title: Lazy Family Afternoon
Length: 364 words
Prompt: [profile] 31days_06: 07 // I want to run through the streets naked
Pairing: Yuuko and Larg gen
Other: PG for discussion of nakedness
Excerpt: "He said, 'Only if Mokona is good while I'm gone.'"

Title: Leaving Him Behind
Length: 234 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_cracks: 26. under your skin
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG for sexual references
Excerpt: Sometimes when he came to the shop they barely spoke before they fell together, lips locking like they were scared to breathe alone.

Title: Like Chaos Stopless
Length: 944 words
Prompt: For [profile] starlightfairy2: xxxHolic, Yuuko, "Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils ..."-Louis Hector Berlioz
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Spoilers for recent xH/TRC chapters; deathfic; strongly-described pain/illness, PG. Title from Dickinson.
Excerpt: He clutched at her hand as if he could keep her anchored in the world. The bones of her fingers, weak, pressed together uncomfortably, and if she'd had the strength she would have protested. But she let him have it, the remaining time she could clutch back.

Title: Live
Length: 738 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Yuuko and Watanuki gen; Clow/Yuuko, very slight Doumeki/Watanuki
Other: Spoilers for xH 186. I am always writing canon-fixing fic, I think.
Excerpt: He was skinny, pale, leaving one in mind of some sort of oversized bird, and he looked no older, a fact that she found very odd indeed. She had only a moment to draw breath before Watanuki had thrown himself into her arms, sobbing with relief.

Title: Lives
Length: 425 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 27 Oct 08 // parting gifts
Pairing: Watanuki gen
Other: vague references to current xH/TRC canon, contemplation on end of series
Excerpt: Yuuko gave him something when she left, something other than the small plot of ground where a shop that granted wishes used to be. How she'd manage to convince the land to be there all the time for everyone, Watanuki didn't know, and he didn't ask. But she gave it to him, the flat, grass-less plain, and he was oddly touched.

Title: Look Away
Length: 317 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 14 Oct 09 // I've waited for you for a long time
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Rated PG-13 for sexual references and general, intentional creepiness. Italics indicate future-seeing and occur without real warning in the text.
Excerpt: "You're familiar," she says, her tone accusatory, and he can only laugh.

Title: Love a Quarrel
Length: 488 words
Prompt: see lyric prompt below the cut
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: Seventh in a series; table of contents.
Excerpt: They had a hard time living together. It tended to happen by accident, any cohabitation longer than a couple of days, brought upon by their habit to work through the afternoons, drink through the evenings, and sleep through the mornings.

Title: Love Given Unsought
Length: 555 words
Prompt: see lyric prompt below the cut
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: With apologies to Shakespeare. Fifth in a series; table of contents.
Excerpt: Clow started reciting sonnets, the most ridiculous poems he could think of, comparing women to cats and birds and other impossible things. She threw a bottle at him. He dodged, wobbling, and it hit the wall but did not break.

Title: Lucky You
Prompt: [profile] 31days_06: 2 // rabbit's foot
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He had been waking up in her house and sometimes even her bed (depending on how late he had been up working the previous night) for almost a year when she found the box he'd thrown in the storeroom.

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