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MASTERLIST: Magic Knight Rayearth

Masterlist Table of Contents

Magic Knight Rayearth

*Assume all fanfiction is G-rated unless otherwise noted. All old links go to Livejournal.*

Titles: A - B - C - D - G - H - I - L - M - O - P - R - S - W - Y

Titles A

Title: All the Pleasures Prove
Length: 1211 words
Prompt: [community profile] clampkink: Lantis/Hikaru/Eagle, Eagle still not fully recovered.
Pairing: Lantis/Hikaru/Eagle
Other: Soft R for sex. Set post-series after Hikaru is of age.
Excerpt: They're striding down the hall to Eagle's bedroom when Hikaru asks Lantis, voice pitched low with embarrassment. They can be together like that, Lantis says to her tentative question, but they have to be careful.

Title: the art of drawing without an eraser
Length: 592 words
Prompt: she found him standing, looking lost for [profile] chibidl's birthdayfic
Pairing: Clef/Presea
Other: Set between MKR I and MKR II.
Excerpt: "We'll build a castle in the air," Clef says, and if Presea hadn't seen the dead seriousness of his expression, she'd think that he was joking.

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Titles B

Title: because he was he, and I was I
Length: 233 words
Prompt: Clef/Presea, iron, for [personal profile] r2chi_too
Pairing: Clef/Presea established
Other: n/a
Excerpt: They had been living together for three months before Presea caught Clef with the iron.

Title: Becomes as Coals
Length: 7261 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Clef/Presea primarily; background canon pairings
Other: Title from a quote by Bruce Lee. Spanning a period of time from precanon through post-MKR II, spoilers for all canon. I have elected to use English words for what I assume would be Cephiran equivalents (coffee, tea, etc).
Excerpt: Clef had always been there, Perdana said, the day that Presea first met him. Their meeting hadn't been much; Presea had been awed by Clef's presence, by the way he seemed haughty and tall and important, even though the second wasn't true.

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Titles C

Title: Coming Home
Length: 556 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 26 Oct 09 // shining in my soup bowl
Character/Pairing: Clef and Presea; slight Presea/Clef
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Presea knows there must have been a time before Clef lived in the palace, a time before he put on those heavy robes and took up the staff of office, but she finds it hard to picture.

Title: cultural interludes
Length: 3441 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Clef/Presea
Other: Written for the lovely [profile] chibidl for our first anniversary. ♥
Excerpt: There were opening of the year ceremonies all across Cephiro on the first day of spring, but as the official Pharle, Presea was always invited to the one at the palace. She never missed; it was one of her favorites. Opening the year always felt like waking from a satisfying nap. The country had rested over the winter, and now it was ready to start moving again. The thought always filled her with energy and excitement. It was time to work again, time for making new and fixing old.

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Titles D

Title: A Duet and Two Solos
Length: 1589 words.
Prompt: For my darling.
Pairing: Clef/Presea + canon pairings
Other: Post-series. Because it had to happen eventually. ♥ Title from a quote by Anne Taylor Fleming.
Excerpt: In her official gown, sometimes he thought she shone brighter than the brides, but it wasn't something he quite dared to say. Cephiro might be changing, but he wasn't sure if changing the way that he interacted with the Pharle was a good idea.

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Titles G

Title: the great amateur art
Length: 1822 words
Prompt: [community profile] clampkink: Magic Knight Rayearth: Caldina/Ascot (in that order) - Ascot fails and flails at everything
Pairing: Caldina/Ascot; Ascot/Umi
Other: R for sex. Warnings for infidelity.
Excerpt: Ascot knew that Caldina was up to something - it was in the way she walked, the sway of her hip and the triumph in her stance.

Title: Growth
Length: 1880 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Clef/Presea
Other: n/a
Excerpt: The first time that Presea confessed her love for Guru Clef, she was already a foot taller than him. Fourteen and awkwardly adolescent, she spent ten minutes standing outside the door to his office before she dared knock.

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Titles H

Title: the healing dark
Length: 204 words
Prompt: I threw stones at the stars, but the whole sky fell for [profile] chibidl's birthdayfic
Pairing: Clef/Presea established
Other: Set between MKR I and MKR II in a little universe Chi and I have been building for ourselves.
Excerpt: Clef's hand finds Presea's and they sit there in the dark and contemplate the broken constellations, if the sky isn't too clouded. Clef is always straining to see if their enemies have yet arrived, searching for bright objects of unusual shape and size.

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Titles I

Title: i hold with those who favor fire
Length: 365 words
Prompt: and now in tears we meet again for [profile] chibidl's birthdayfic
Pairing: dark!Clef/dark!Presea; dark!Clef/dark!Umi
Other: Set in a dark mirror universe prompted from a Polychromatic curse. PG for violence.
Excerpt: As the opposite, many of his decisions are impulsive and unstudied, but this one isn't. He keeps stepping into her traps, crossing her boundaries, earnest and angry and wanting.

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Titles L

Title: A Lovely Trick
Length: 478 words
Prompt: Fic on Demand's first kiss meme: Magic Knight Rayearth, Ferio/Fuu
Pairing: Ferio/Fuu
Other: Title from a quote by Ingrid Bergman.
Excerpt: The Knights always came to Cephiro together, but more often than not Umi would get a certain look in her eye and make suggestions which left Fuu and Ferio alone together. They went walking together, or practiced their swordsmanship, or a thousand other things, having conversations in bursts of enthusiasm.

Title: let joy be unconfined
Length: 229 words
Prompt: Clef/Presea genderbent for [profile] chibidl
Pairing: Clef/Presea
Other: Genderbent as per prompt.
Excerpt: Sometimes Presea wished he were more confident. He was sure this would be easier if he were a lady. He'd be able to talk to Guru Clef without stumbling all over himself

Title: linger
Length: 409 words
Prompt: Domesticity fic: Clef/Presea, waking up in the morning for [profile] chibidl
Pairing: Clef/Presea established
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Presea was a cuddler, long legs and strong arms, and he usually fell asleep nestled into her shoulder, breathing against her skin.

Title: a living hymn
Length: 379 words
Prompt: sitting by the bed, I can see through her skin for [profile] chibidl's birthdayfic
Pairing: Clef/Presea established
Other: The other entries in this Mafia AU reside on this tag.
Excerpt: It is a testament to Clef's strong personality that he does not look vulnerable when he sleeps. He's a lump under the covers, taking up almost no space, but Presea cannot imagine rolling over on him on accident.

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Titles M

Title: Maintenance
Length: 1338 words
Prompt: The Pharle maintaining the Guru's staff.
Pairing: slight Clef/Presea
Other: Precanon.
Excerpt: Clef didn't really need an excuse to visit Presea, most of the time, though he usually had one when he did. No matter the reason, small or large, she was always happy to set aside her other work and sit with him a while.

Title: mistook magic for medicine
Length: 352 words
Prompt: comment_fic: Magic Knights Rayearth, Eagle, if he could use magic
Pairing: Eagle gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: If he could use magic, this war would be done. He sees the way that the mashin move, a second skin to girls unskilled in combat, and he wants that ability.

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Titles O

Title: only hearts can build a home
Length: 475 words
Prompt: turn these diamonds straight back into coal for [profile] chibidl's birthdayfic
Pairing: Clef/Presea established
Other: Postcanon; makes use of headcanon.
Excerpt: Clef hadn't lived here in a long while, even if it was the traditional homestead of the Guru, its distance from the palace carefully calculated both for convenience and privacy.

Title: ornaments of your house
Length: 485 words
Prompt: Given a character/pairing, I will write about them during precanon: Clef/Presea
Pairing: slight Clef/Presea, mostly gen
Other: Makes mention of the (headcanoned) Pharle before Presea, Perdana.
Excerpt: Presea waved, one more time, to Perdana, before she shut the door. She turned around, taking it all in. This house, the one that she'd shared with her master for almost eight years, was only hers now.

Title: our souls a little off-kilter
Length: 1388
Prompt: may we all be considered then straight on delivered for [profile] chibidl's birthdayfic
Pairing: Clef/Emeraude; hints of Zagato/Emeraude
Other: NC-17 for sex between two characters who appear (but are not) underage, rather dubious consent, power issues, general creepiness etc etc etc. Also AU.
Excerpt: Her fingers slip beneath his silks and he realizes he's holding his breath. He lifts his hand and her movements still as he tips her chin up and meets her eyes. He's uncertain, gaze piercing, and she's smiling.

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Titles P

Title: pure transparent freedom
Length: 304 words
Prompt: listen! The birds sing! Listen! The bells ring for [profile] chibidl's birthdayfic
Pairing: Clef gen
Other: Postcanon.
Excerpt: But at least there's something to push towards. There will be a dawn.

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Titles R

Title: Ready or Not
Length: 343 words
Prompt: Kid!fic request for [profile] chibidl: Clef/Presea.
Pairing: Clef/Presea established
Other: Pregnancy themes.
Excerpt: He was too old for children; at least, that's what he said. He'd been quite as surprised as Presea when she realized she was pregnant.

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Titles S

Title: The Sharp Edge of Your Smile
Length: 4055
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Clef/Presea
Other: Mafia AU-verse. There is no excuse for this. It started with this fic by [profile] allira_dream, in which she inserted more MKR characters into Infinity World, and then Chi and I have reworked it into an extensive headcanon. Yes, there will be other fics in this 'verse. The idea is-- what if Presea and Clef were assassins in the Mafia? This fic is rated R for violence.
Excerpt: When Clef finds people he thinks he can love, he sends them away. It's the best thing to do in a profession like his.

Title: The Soft Brush of Your Hand
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth [Mafia AU]
Length: 651 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Clef/Presea
Other: Mafia AU-verse. So. After the events of The Sharp Edge of Your Smile, most of the stuff in the original fic by [profile] allira_dream happens-- and then they decide: that's enough, we're leaving this job. This takes place while they're on the run. PG-13 for sexual references... Most of it's just straight fluff and an excuse for me to talk about bella Roma.
Excerpt: They threw coins in the Trevi and Presea's eyes shone. "We will certainly come back to Rome one day," she singsonged, swinging Clef's hand in hers, and he let her have the lie.

Title: The Swift Beating of My Heart
Length: 1012 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Clef/Presea
Other: Something else I wrote that I have no excuse for. PG for sexual tension~ Mafia AU-verse.
Excerpt: And she was sitting around. And had been sitting for the past half an hour, which felt like three hours. It was oddly warm for mid-March and her skirt had ridden up enough that she was sticking to the seats of the car.

Title: Spring
Length: 727 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 25 Oct 09 // Fields of new grasses
Pairing: Clef and Presea gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Who woke me?" she demanded sleepily. "I'll string you up-- oh, it's you, Guru." Seeming a little embarrassed by her automatic reaction, she sat up quickly. "What do you need?"

Title: a sympathy with sounds
Length: 623 words
Prompt: my heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest for [profile] chibidl's birthdayfic
Pairing: Clef/Presea
Other: The AU in which the Knights + Clef are a band, and Presea is their school sponsor. Blame Polychromatic again.
Excerpt: He doesn't know what to say, so he writes her a song. He spends hours in his room with the door locked, strumming the guitar, and when his father passes by, he pauses to listen and sighs. Oh, young love.

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Titles W

Title: The Warm Breath Against My Neck
Length: 2594 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Ignis/Eclat (male OCs) & Clef gen
Other: Mafia AU-verse. There is no excuse for this. Way precanon to The Sharp Edge of Your Smile. Ignis and Eclat are actually the names that Chi and I gave to the Pharle and Guru before Presea and Clef, so when we started talking about how Clef got into the business, this happened. PG-13 for dark themes.
Excerpt: He'd been with Eclat for almost fifteen years now, but had met Eclat's last business partner only once, when the two of them had turned up on the doorstep on a dark night that was pouring rain. The woman had been clutching her stomach in hopes that her organs would all stay in place, and she hadn't been very talkative.

Title: when I ride off into the sunset (I want my own horse)
Length: 485 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Magic Knight Rayearth, Hikaru, Let's do it!
Pairing: Hikaru/Lantis/Eagle
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "We can't just creep away with one of the Magic Knights," Eagle said, although he was amused by the idea.

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Titles Y

Title: you are my sunshine
Length: 431 words
Prompt: here is the scene where you save the day for [profile] chibidl's birthdayfic
Pairing: Clef/Presea
Other: This is an AU where Clef and Presea grew up in an orphanage together and Presea is in a wheelchair and Clef is blind. Don't ask why, it's a long story.
Excerpt: He's never brushed his hands across her skin to memorize her face, because he's known it for as long as he can remember.

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Masterlist Table of Contents