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Masterlist Table of Contents

Glee Titles M-Z

*Assume all fanfiction is G-rated unless otherwise noted. All old links go to Livejournal.*

Titles: M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - Y

Titles M

Title: many a truth is strangled
Length: 179 words
Prompt: bechdel test comment ficathon: Glee, Sunshine and Tina, people can be cruel (and stupid)
Pairing: Sunshine and Tina gen
Other: Warning for racism.
Excerpt: After the eighth person assumes that Sunshine and Tina have the same last name, Sunshine asks her about American health insurance and if these people all needed glasses.

Title: minds are sunlike
Length: 742 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Finn/Tina, they wore costumes that went together
Pairing: Finn/Tina; Puck/Rachel & Artie/Tina mentioned
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "We dressed alike," Finn said. He hunkered down beside her and she somehow managed not to bite her tongue in surprise. Someone that big and clumsy shouldn't be able to sneak up on her. She really must have been out of it.

Title: mirror, mirror
Length: 162 words
Prompt: [personal profile] morethan4sides 12 Days of Kurtmas: Finn/Kurt, glasses.
Pairing: Finn/Kurt established
Other: Fluffy fluff.
Excerpt: "I always wanted to be Clark Kent," Finn admitted, a little embarrassed, and Kurt laughed affectionately.

Title: Miss Us
Length: 790 words
Prompt: glee_fluff_meme: Brittany/Santana. The day Brittany finally gets a last name and becomes Brittany Lopez.
Pairing: Santana/Brittany, mentioned Will/Emma
Other: Shameless fluff; future-fic.
Excerpt: And she won't admit it until you press her hard, but she is holding Brittany's hand when the television says that the bill has passed. Gay marriage is coming to Ohio.

Title: more hell and fewer dahlias
Length: 500 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Glee, Puck/Lauren, slowly
Pairing: Puck/Lauren
Other: PG for sexual references.
Excerpt: One of the best things about Puck is his puppy eagerness to try anything once, and that's a trait to encourage, especially if she has her cell phone camera handy. It's the choosing-your-battles thing that matters. Lauren only wrestles in her weight class. Puck just needs to apply a similar idea to his entire life.

Title: most glorious night
Length: 759 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_kink_meme: girl!Kurt/girl!Puck, prom
Pairing: girl!Kurt/girl!Puck established.
Other: Kurt = Kate; Noah = Noel. PG for sexual implications.
Excerpt: "You will get the most beautiful girl in school on your arm," Kate answered, "and a memory that lasts forever. And if I can talk my dad into letting me stay over at Mercedes's house afterward, then we can actually get a hotel room." She flashed Noel a smile as she booted up her computer.

Title: mouth is full
Fandom: Glee
Length: 301 words
Prompt: Finn/Sam, dick for [profile] tyy_tad
Pairing: Finn/Sam
Other: R for sex.
Excerpt: Finn was pretty sure that the usual response to someone singing in the shower wasn't to come up and wrap your lips around the singer's dick. Otherwise, he and Mr. Schuester would have a way, way different relationship.

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Titles N

Title: need more supervision
Length: 640 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Kink: Voyeurism. Puck accidentally seeing Kurt/Jesse and staying to watch. Bonus: Kurt and Jesse suspender play, Puck fondling a water bottle.
Pairing: Puck gen; Jesse/Kurt
Other: PG-13 for sexual themes. Puck-voice: may be offensive.
Excerpt: If Puck were telling the story, he'd start off reassuring the listener that he wasn't really intending to watch two dudes make out. Seriously.

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Titles O

Title: on one knee
Length: 405 words
Prompt: Quinn/Mercedes - Knees for [personal profile] biruuu
Pairing: Quinn/Mercedes
Other: PG-13 for sex.
Excerpt: Learning how to be with a girl was learning everything new. Quinn was amazed at how strongly she felt about actually learning. She'd enjoyed making out with boys, to a degree, but when Mercedes touched her, it was like her skin was on fire with sensation.

Title: Once You Go Puck, You Never Go Back
Length: 1390
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Mercedes/Puck, He walks in on her trying to learn the bootylicious dance from Hairography, Any
Pairing: Puck/Mercedes (primarily Puck->Mercedes); Puck/all canon pairings mentioned
Other: PG for sexual implications, bad language, Puck being Puck. Set post-Hairography, obviously.
Excerpt: He'd never really thought about Mercedes like that before he walked in on her before Glee practice. She was singing to herself, butt in the air, hair flowing, and he had to dry-swallow.

Title: one impulse from a vernal wood
Length: 3431 words
Prompt: For the [ profile] g_aficexchange.
Pairing: Sam/Rachel
Other: There are spoilers for The Dark Knight and the Spiderman comics in here, and some various other nerdery. This goes AU around Prom Queen and I hand-waved the actual timing of hunting season for the sake of the story.
Summary/Excerpt: Sam's dad recommended that he take his crush hunting in order to romance her. Too bad Rachel is, um, a vegan. Sam was beginning to realize that he was really, really bad at romance.

Title: open the floodgates up
Length: 1110 words
Prompt: glee_anon: Mercedes/Tina. Oral.
Pairing: Mercedes/Tina established; past Tina/Artie mentioned
Other: PWP, NC-17 for sex.
Excerpt: Plain desire has gotten them this far, but now Tina wishes she'd watched more lesbian-porn-for-lesbians, because she's not really sure where to begin, and she had to clip her fingernails to get this far, so lesbian-porn-for-straight-men has already failed her.

Title: The Other Team
Length: 738 words
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Rachel/Quinn: All the girls Finn's been into "turn" gay like Finn is a lesbian starter kit, Any
Pairing: Rachel/Quinn from Finn's point-of-view; past Finn/Quinn; Will/Emma mentioned; Kurt/Finn mentioned
Other: A slight AU post-Sectionals; the Will/Emma kiss never happened.
Excerpt: All the girls Finn's been into "turn" gay, like Finn is a lesbian starter kit. At least, he's beginning to think so as he looks at Rachel and Quinn, walking hand in hand down the hallway as if this isn't Lima, as if they are the only two people in the world.

Title: our possible life
Length: 216 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Going There by Jack Gilbert
Pairing: Puck/Rachel
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He makes his way back to Rachel at least once a year, no matter where she's gone.

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Titles P

Title: Parenting
Length: 165 words
Prompt: 3-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, Will, proud father
Pairing: Will gen
Other: Set pre Terri's reveal.
Excerpt: He would be proud of his daughter no matter how she grew up, even if she had twelve toes and a harsher voice than a donkey's.

Title: The Prerogative to Have a Little Fun
Length: 461
Prompt: Rarepairs requests at [personal profile] glee_anon: Brittany/Mercedes.
Pairing: Brittany/Mercedes; past Brittany/Kurt mentioned
Other: Spoilers for 1x21 Funk; set post 1x22. Title from Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!"
Excerpt: Brittany kissed her first on a dare, a giggle and a soft brush of lips. She threw an arm around Mercedes comfortably, linking their fingers, and Mercedes wasn't quite sure what to think.

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Length: 433 words
Prompt: [profile] glee_fluff_meme: Kurt takes Brittany to her first Pride March.
Pairing: Kurt and Brittany gen; past Santana/Brittany
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Kurt had never thought that Brittany could be gay too, and he felt a little bad about that. He was so used to assuming that everyone was straight except him that he'd looked right past the way that Brittany seemed to sparkle when Santana was in the room.

Title: Prom
Length: 483 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: Glee, Finn/Kurt, Prom happens when nobody's watching
Pairing: slight Finn/Kurt; mentions of Finn/Quinn; Finn/Rachel
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He sighs dramatically and says, "Very well, I'll help you find a tuxedo, but you must let me pick your tie. No clip-ons."

Title: Proving Something
Length: 358 words
Prompt: Puck/Jesse for rarepairs requests on [personal profile] glee_anon
Pairing: Puck/Jesse; mention of Puck/Rachel
Other: R for sex.
Excerpt: "I knew you were gay," Puck said, with such an air of triumph that Jesse paused.

"And yet," he pointed out, "you're the one with your hand down my pants."

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Titles Q

Title: qualifying
Length: 663 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Glee, Sue Sylvester, her job application for the position at William McKinley High School
Pairing: Sue gen
Other: PG for general Sue-like threats and insults.
Excerpt: Of all of the schools in Ohio that I canvassed this summer, I have determined that your lax child labor laws and uncaring administration are the best combination to ensure my success at achieving a Nationals-quality cheerleading squad. Therefore, I require that you fire your current personnel and install me immediately

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Titles R

Title: Reach
Length: 227 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: cast gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Mr. Schuester really believes that they are good kids.

Title: replace an empty mind
Length: 583 words
Prompt: comment_fic: Glee, any(/any), "How does someone fail Study Hall?"
Pairing: Santana/Brittany; mentioned Brittany/Artie
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Britt, how did you fail study hall?" she asked in amazement. She'd failed everything else -- straight F's down the line of grades, but Santana didn't even know you got graded for study hall.

Title: Roots and Wings
Length: 3716 words
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Kurt/Rachel, Future!fic, cute, loud babies, Any
Pairing: Kurt and Rachel platonic; 99% gen
Other: I couldn't find Kurt's mom's name anywhere, so I named her Lila. This is relevant if you squint. Title from a quote by Hodding Carter: "There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings."
Excerpt: "You want to what with me?" he repeated, in case her opening speech had came courtesy of the Cosmopolitan half-drank on his kitchen island and not from her actual mouth.

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Titles S

Title: Saturday Night
Length: 961 words
Prompt: [profile] glee_fluff_meme: Kurt + the guys. friendship. Chicks who hang out with gay guys are fag hags, while straight guys are known as fag stags. Can I get a fic with the Gleek guys reaching a point where Kurt's homosexuality becomes a non-issue? He falls asleep with his head on someone's lap, they go shopping/drinking together, completely not bothering what people will think, they talk about what they like in chicks/guys etc and they get really angry if someone tries to pick on Kurt. Obviously, this means that Kurt isn't crushing on Finn anymore.
Pairing: Kurt gen + Glee boys; mention of Kurt/OC
Other: Contains scene of homophobic bullying. Mostly fluff otherwise.
Excerpt: Now he gets manicures with the girls on Saturday afternoons and watches something ridiculous and violent with the guys on Friday nights.

Title: Score
Length: 192 words
Prompt: Rarepairs requests for [personal profile] glee_anon: Josh Groban/April Rhodes.
Pairing: Josh Groban/April Rhodes
Other: This is obviously Glee!Josh Groban and should not be seen as my impression/views/ideas of the real-life singer.
Excerpt: She was blonde, she was tanned a perfect orange, and she was inebriated. Josh Groban thought he was in love.

Title: Second Chances
Length: 162 words
Prompt: Three-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, Puck/author's choice, ten year reunion
Pairing: Puck/Rachel
Other: n/a
Excerpt: It's been ten years but she's still Rachel-- he sees it in the ridiculous vibrant look in her eyes.

Title: Second Chapter
Length: 116 words
Prompt: Three-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, Will/Emma, it's complicated.
Pairing: Will/Emma; Will/Terri mentioned
Other: Spoilers for 1x13 Sectionals.
Excerpt: This wasn't a fairytale and she wasn't a princess, even if she was as beautiful.

Title: sex is god's joke on human beings
Length: 475 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Rachel and Quinn have the failest sex this side of Finn Hudson.
Pairing: Rachel/Quinn established
Other: R for sex. Even if it is fail!sex.
Excerpt: It was impossible to have lesbian sex in the dark. Rachel was almost positive of this. She kept aiming for breasts and groping Quinn's stomach, which made Quinn smack her because she thought Rachel was trying to make fun of her stretch marks. Even when Rachel told Quinn very sincerely that she loved Quinn's stretch marks and every part of her, Quinn just growled and refused to believe her.

Title: sharpie dinosaurs
Length: 364 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Glee, Finn Hudson and Noah Puckerman, they know what it's like to wear the same shoes year after year because you can't afford new ones.
Pairing: Finn and Puck gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Puck was the only other guy that Finn knew who duct-taped his shoes together. He claimed it was way cooler than buying new ones every year. He wrote on his duct-tape with permanent marker, although Ms. Johnson always made him cover up the bad words.

Title: sick and tired of being sick and tired
Length: 1782 words
Prompt: access_fandom's Festibility: Glee: (futurefic) Rachel is in her mid-twenties and her career on stage is finally hitting its stride ... but she's been getting joint pain, she's having trouble memorizing lines, and she's constantly exhausted. The diagnosis is fibromyalgia. Preferably in the form of emails, text messages, and voice mails between her and former members of her high school glee club. Bonus for an epilogue in which Rachel has adjusted her goals, gone after them like she does, achieved them.
Pairing: Rachel gen primarily; minor Puck/Quinn, Brittany/Santana, and Will/Emma
Other: I do not have fibro myself and so I've done my best from research. Any medical errors in this are entirely mine and I apologize wholeheartedly for them.
Summary: Rachel goes to Broadway - but her health begins to fail and she might have to reconsider her dreams after all. A story told entirely using social media - Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc.

Title: (since the house is on fire) let us warm ourselves
Length: 787 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Puck/Santana, waxplay
Pairing: Puck/Santana
Other: PG-13 for sex and waxplay.
Excerpt: "Don't be a baby," Santana scoffs. If there's any one statement more likely to goad Puck into obedience, she doesn't know it. He scowls and pulls his shirt off.

Title: something useless but available, like snappy dressing
Length: 306 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Finn/Kurt/Sam - Avatar costumes
Pairing: Finn/Kurt/Sam established
Other: Uhhhhh. Yeah. See prompt.
Excerpt: Finn scrunches down and whispers in Kurt's ear, his breath hot. "This feels kinda... fetishy. I don't know, man."

Title: spin
Length: 198 words
Prompt: [personal profile] morethan4sides 1 sentence fic meme: Kurt/Burt (not romantic), sharing
Pairing: bbKurt and Burt gen
Other: Just fluffy fluff fluff.
Excerpt: Kurt sighed again, all tiny diva, and said, "Okay." He pelted back across the playground to his gaggle of girlfriends, and Burt smiled a little when his voice rose above theirs.

Title: straight teeth and crooked morals
Length: 490 words
Prompt: bechdel test comment ficathon: Glee - Rachel, Quinn - high school sucks
Pairing: Quinn and Rachel gen
Other: Set mid season 1.
Excerpt: Quinn blinks but that doesn't stop the tears, so she swipes a hand across her eyes and wraps her arm back around her bump, her gestures pointed, as if she's daring Rachel to comment. Rachel doesn't. She sits down on the bench beside Quinn without asking.

Title: sweep the room with a glance
Length: 244 words
Prompt: Awesome Ladies Ficathon: Glee, Emma Pillsbury (/Will Schuester). I know the border lines we drew between us / Keep the weapons down, / Keep the wounded safe; / I know our antebellum innocence / was never meant to see the light of our armistice day
Pairing: Will/Emma, Emma/spoiler
Other: Spoilers for 1x22 Journey.
Excerpt: Emma Pillsbury is used to her own quirks, tricks, and rituals. She knows the crippling feeling of being stuck in her body, letting fear make her decisions. She is a refugee from OCD. Like many refugees, she does her best to carry on. Will is off-limits. Maybe she'll never find his equal. But she still wants to survive.

Title: Seven
Length: 2978 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_kink_meme: Will/Terri, Will/Emma, and Will/Rachel if you please. Will Schuester is working on his new Broadway production but he has hit a major slump and it looks like it might flop. Write how the six women (and Kurt) in his life inspire him to finish what may become his greatest work. His wife (Terri), his mistress (Emma), his star (Rachel), the mother of his daughter (Quinn), his daughter (Drizzle), his nemesis (Sue), his costume designer/confidante(Kurt).
Pairing: Will/Terri; Will/Emma; slight Will/Rachel
Other: Warnings for infidelity as per prompt. Plot heavily borrowed from and inspired by Nine (2009 movie) as per prompt. Timelines are kinda weird; basically, the Glee kids should be in their early twenties and Will has been writing successful plays basically ever since canon left off.
Excerpt: Will has been writing for four hours. So far, he has the word "The." He looks at it for ten minutes, and then carefully deletes it.

Title: the simplest solution
Length: 280 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Kurt/Sam/Puck sandwich
Pairing: Kurt/Sam/Puck
Other: This is crack and I will not apologize. PG for sexual themes.
Excerpt: "Well, I saw him first," Puck said defiantly, and Kurt's mouth dropped open in shock at the very gall of that statement.

Title: Smoothness, or the Lack Thereof
Length: 1050 words
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Artie/Tina, Meeting in elementary school, G
Pairing: slight Artie/Tina; mostly friendshippy
Other: Some spoilers for 1x09 Wheels.
Excerpt: They met before the chair. In the kindergarten sandbox, in fact, before someone realized how unsanitary those were, when Artie had reached for the same rock in the sand that Tina was reaching for. She looked up and smiled at him, eyes slitted against the sun.

Title: Started With Her Voice
Length: 141 words
Prompt: 3-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, Puck(/Rachel), laughter
Pairing: Puck/Rachel
Other: Warning for language.
Excerpt: She made him laugh about ridiculous things, about weird theories she pulled out of magazines and the way she paused to peer at him and make certain that his one-liner was actually a joke.

Title: Stepping Backward
Length: 188 words
Prompt: Three-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, Rachel & Puck, friendship
Pairing: past Puck/Rachel; Puck/Rachel friendship
Other: Speculation post-Sectionals.
Excerpt: They probably should have tried being friends first, but both of them were too bad at establishing the right boundaries

Title: Sticky
Length: 424 words
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Brittany/Santana, Brittany gets gum in her hair, Any
Pairing: Brittany/Santana; past Puck/Santana mentioned
Other: PG for implications
Excerpt: "Not here!" Santana hissed. She glanced around as if she expected someone to materialize with their face pressed to the car window, inexplicably interested in the two cheerleaders in the back of Santana's Nissan.

Title: Supposed to be in Here
Length: 285 words
Prompt: 3-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, Puck/Kurt, boys don't cry.
Pairing: past Finn/Kurt; slight Puck/Kurt
Other: Fitting this one in three sentences was pretty hard.
Excerpt: He ends up in the last stall in the ladies room, sobbing quietly into his hands and wondering why he thought this was going to end differently than, "Sorry, Kurt, but I don't like boys."

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Titles T

Title: take it or leave it
Length: 544 words
Prompt: Awesome Ladies Ficathon: Glee, Santana/Finn, my parents would hate you
Pairing: Santana/Finn; past Puck/Santana; Finn/Rachel; background Puck/Rachel
Other: AU after 1x15 Power of Madonna.
Excerpt: "Of course, after Puck, you're going to seem like a saint. You'd probably even knock instead of using the window." His eyes widen. She wonders if he'd wear a dog collar, if she got it for him.

Title: taste of home
Length: 306 words
Prompt: glee_anon: F/K, bed sharing. Or dinner. IDK.
Pairing: Finn/Kurt established
Other: Just a lost snippet from... last year that I found to post.
Excerpt: Finn was looking at the plate like he expected its contents to jump up and eat him. Kurt would be offended, but they had this argument at least twice a week. He rolled his eyes and spooned out a serving of his own.

Title: Technology's a Bitch
Length: 1641 words
Prompt: [profile] glee_fluff_meme: Puck/Kurt:
Kurt is unhappy with Puck, mainly because Puck doesn't take their (secret?) relationship seriously enough. [...] One night, while home alone and drunk, Puck proceeds to spill his heart out in a Facebook status[...] He wakes up the next morning only to have a fuckton of comments to his status. His phone rings, and--oh, look! It's Kurt.
Pairing: Puck/Kurt established
Other: PG for language, drunkenness, sexual themes.
Excerpt: But anyway, it started like this. Puck was alone on a Friday night with a case of beer and the Internet and the occasional creeping thought that he should call Kurt back anyway. And then there was Facebook.

Title: Take Off the Brakes
Length: 153 words
Prompt: First kisses requests on [personal profile] glee_anon.
Pairing: Artie/Tina
Other: Spoilers for 1x09 Wheels.
Excerpt: So she lets her heart pound and she swallows hard and she's up and out of the chair.

Title: Tangent to Your Curves
Length: 1913 words
Prompt: There was a [community profile] fandomsecrets secret where the OP asked why there weren't any stories in which Santana and Brittany are polyamorous and it's presented as a valid lifestyle choice. So I wrote one.
Pairing: Santana/Brittany
Other: PG for discussion of polyamory. Vague spoilers for 1x22 Journey.
Excerpt: So when Brittany comes in to Glee alone one day, and Mercedes spots Santana in the hallway, sucking face with a defenseman on the hockey team, she and Kurt and Quinn don't even have to think before they settle in around Brittany with sympathetic gazes. Quinn squeezes one of Brittany's hands, and Kurt takes the other, and because there aren't any hands left Mercedes just tries to smile.

Title: a terrible thing to mind
Length: 193 words
Prompt: Glee, Artie/Tina, "I want a girl with a short skirt and long jacket," for [profile] arboursgreen
Pairing: Artie/Tina
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Artie saw a lot of waists, a lot of thighs, a lot of stomachs (and mostly Finn's knees). He'd be lying if he said that wasn't what he noticed first about Tina.

Title: This Is Hard
Length: 556 words
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Sue, Her childhood, Any
Pairing: Sue gen
Other: PG for child abuse (nothing really worse than in the show).
Excerpt: It's Sue's earliest memory, running laps in the steady drizzle because a B+ isn't enough. Her legs are short and her hair is long and blonde. She's beautiful, because winners are beautiful, and she's going to be a winner. She's a Sylvester, after all.

Title: 'Til Morning is Nigh
Length: 415 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: Glee, Puck/Kurt, missing his mom at Christmas
Pairing: Puck/Kurt established
Other: See prompt; some discussion of death.
Excerpt: Puck knows that Kurt's mom is dead, and he doesn't really talk about her, even though Puck would be good and at least try to listen if he wanted to talk about her, because Kurt is all about feelings and stuff.

Title: To Refresh the Eye
Length: 1310 words
Pairing: Will/Emma primarily; background Artie/Tina & other Glee kids gen
Prompt: For [profile] penikitty in the [profile] gleefics Valentine's Day Exchange. "I would love something very fluffy and cute but angst is also pretty good (happy ending though please!). A future fic would be cool, maybe what happens after high school? [...] WILL/EMMA ftw! Also Artie/Tina = <3"
Other: Title from a quotation by Margaret Fairless Barber. Also archived here.
Excerpt: It was Rachel's idea, of course. If she'd ever been a popular girl, she would have been the one organizing the ten-year class reunion. Since she wasn't, she was organizing a Glee Club reunion instead.

Title: tomorrow's questions
Length: 166 words
Prompt: bechdel test comment ficathon: Glee, Mercedes and Quinn, sleepover
Pairing: Mercedes and Quinn gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: There's one rule at their sleepovers that comes from Quinn's brief time as a resident of the Jones household: they don't talk about boys.

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Titles U

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Titles V

Title: very blue
Length: 422 words
Prompt: Santana/Artie, falling for him for [profile] livmayette
Pairing: slight Santana/Artie; Brittany/Artie; Brittany/Santana
Other: AU for 2x04 Duets. As in, why did I write this from the preview, knowing it would be Jossed?
Excerpt: Brittany and Santana have the worst fight they have ever had when Brittany announces that she's dating Artie. Her declaration is just an aside as they walk between Glee and Cheerios practice.

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Titles W

Title: waste her whole heart
Length: 530 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Glee, Brittany/Santana, First kiss
Pairing: Brittany/Santana
Other: PG with warnings for GBLT slurs.
Excerpt: They're twelve when they kiss for the first time, guests at a sleepover playing Truth or Dare. It's nothing then, or so Santana says, even when something in her stirs, deep down, when she touches Brittany's lips.

Title: Welcome to the 60's
Length: 169 words
Prompt: Three-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, ensemble, music revolution
Pairing: ensemble gen
Other: Pointless fluff. Beatles references.
Excerpt: "Mr. Schue, you promised no more disco," Rachel said, with more than a little whine to her voice, and the rest of the kids joined in with empathic chorus.

Title: when youth and pleasure meet
Length: 282 words
Prompt: Mercedes + Tina, legs for [personal profile] esotaria
Pairing: Mercedes/Tina
Other: PG for sexual implications. Kinda a PWP without the actual porn.
Excerpt: Mercedes never would have guessed that Tina was good at dirty dancing. Like - really, really good.

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Titles Y

Title: you love the limelight too
Length: 806 words
Prompt:[personal profile] glee_kink_meme: A bitter diva-off between rachel and mercedes goes from being really heated to really hot and sexy.
Pairing: Mercedes/Rachel
Other: Episode tag for 2x13. PG for sexuality.
Summary: Mercedes and Rachel "practice" for the diva-off.

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