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Masterlist Table of Contents

Glee Titles A-L

*Assume all fanfiction is G-rated unless otherwise noted. All older links go to Livejournal.*

Titles: A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L

Titles A

Title: adorn yourself accordingly
Length: 983 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Quinn/Tina. Quinn (putting the Fail in Failbray, as always) tries to be goth so Tina notices her.
Pairing: Quinn/Tina; past Sam/Quinn mentioned
Other: n/a
Excerpt: It was almost subtle at first - some darker lipstick, and then more charcoal greys in her wardrobe. After a while Quinn took to sighing whenever Tina was around, trying to convey her disdain for life.

Title: all sequins shining
Length: 653 words
Prompt: Holly/Emma legs for [personal profile] nonsensesqrd
Pairing: Holly/Emma; mentions of Will/Emma and Carl/Emma.
Other: The events of 2x09 did not happen in this fic. PG for sexual implications.
Excerpt: She showed up in a trenchcoat, and underneath, something red and glimmering and ridiculous. "We're going clubbing," Holly said, and she ignored Emma's protests all the way to the car.

Title: and I liked it
Length: 356 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Marie Howe, Practicing
Pairing: Brittany/Tina; mentions of Artie/Tina and Brittany/Santana
Other: PG for sexuality.
Excerpt: There's one thing Tina has never admitted to any boy, and that's the fact that Brittany was her first kiss.

Title: anyone will do
Length: 644 words
Prompt: Santana/Mercedes - "You're a teaser, you turn 'em on/Leave 'em burning and then you're gone" for [personal profile] ellydash
Pairing: Santana/Mercedes; mentioned Brittany/Santana
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She wasn't exactly sure how it benefited Santana now to be flirting with Mercedes. And it had to be flirting. That smoldering look couldn't be anything else. Maybe she was trying to make Brittany jealous?

Title: as ye sew, so shall ye rip
Length: 1724 words
Prompt: [profile] g_aficexchange: Tina/Santana friendship or romance, they bond over an unexpected mutual hobby/talent.
Pairing: Tina/Santana; mentions of canon pairings
Other: Spoilers for 2x11. PG for sexuality. Title from an anonymous quotation.
Summary/Excerpt: Santana shows up to Tina's knitting circle. It was a testament to the past two years that Tina immediately evaluated how disrupting knitting would fit into the Sue Sylvester master plan.

Title: as simple and as difficult as that
Length: 394 words
Prompt: [profile] mike_tina prompt meme: Engagement ring.
Pairing: Mike/Tina
Other: Fluffy fluff.
Excerpt: When Mike paused in the middle of their anniversary dinner to climb down on one knee and offer Tina the contents of a black velvet box, Tina gasped.

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Titles B

Title: a bad haircut is a six-week tragedy
Length: 317 words
Prompt: I blame the [personal profile] morethan4sides friending meme. We decided that Kurt wouldn't mind M/Q as long as they weren't butches. And then this happened.
Pairing: Mercedes/Quinn + Kurt gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "I was surprised, ladies, not angry. On the contrary. Now maybe we can actually form that GayLesbAll Rachel was harping on about. I wasn't going to sit in a room with her and put glitter on posters. Can you imagine?"

Title: bailing hard
Length: 346 words
Prompt: [personal profile] morethan4sides 12 Days of Kurtmas: Kurt/Puck (or Kurt, Puck) - juvie visit
Pairing: Puck/Kurt established
Other: n/a
Excerpt: The first thing Puck says, sliding into the chair as if he has no care in the world, is, "I'm impressed." He lifts his eyebrows and twitches them in a way that Kurt assumes is supposed to be attractive.

Title: Barbed Syllables
Length: 324 words
Prompt: Rarepairs requests on [personal profile] glee_anon: Will/Kurt
Pairing: Will/Kurt
Other: PG-13 for angry!sex. Title from Emily Dickinson.
Excerpt: Kurt was violent when he kissed Will. It was as if he was punishing Will for all of those times that Will stood by and never realized he was hurting.

Title: beautifully hungry
Fandom: Glee
Length: 200 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Fuck Me Like Fried Potatoes by Richard Brautigan
Pairing: Mercedes/Quinn
Other: R for sex.
Excerpt: She's scared of wanting this so much. Quinn Fabray has practically made a career out of being heterosexual, and she has the stretch marks to prove it.

Title: a better fate than wisdom
Length: 548 words
Prompt: Christmas card fic!
Pairing: Kurt/Rachel (yes, romantic); mentioned Kurt/Blaine and Finn/Rachel
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "It's Christmas. Not that that means much to me, really, since I'm Jewish, or to you, because you're an atheist, but I'm pretty sure you're entitled to dinner anyway." Rachel smiled hopefully.

Title: better permission than forgiveness
Length: 593 words
Prompt: Santana/Rachel, making amends for [personal profile] fuzzy_paint
Pairing: Santana/Rachel; past Finn/Rachel mentioned
Other: PG for sexuality.
Excerpt: "This is," Santana said, "stupid. For some reason I think you're hot now. So we'll fuck, I'll get over it, and everyone's happy."

Title: Better to Bend than Break
Length: 1066 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_kink_meme: Rachel/Artie/Quinn (relationship or friendship, or one pairing plus a friend or whatever). Last night I had a dream about a kid in a wheelchair, and pregnant girl, and a girl who looked like Rachel playing hooky when they'd all had a bad day. I want that in fic form.
Pairing: Rachel, Quinn, and Artie gen; mentions of Finn/Quinn and Puck/Quinn
Other: Set post 1x13 Sectionals; spoilers for that episode and speculation for afterward.
Excerpt: It's Quinn's idea, skipping, and maybe Rachel shouldn't be so surprised, because Quinn is obviously good at breaking rules. Maybe Rachel is surprised because of Quinn's choice in companions.

Title: Bicycle Built for Two
Length: 418 words
Prompt: Brittany/Mercedes for rarepairs requests on [personal profile] glee_anon; turned into Kurt and Mercedes discussing Brittany/Mercedes.
Pairing: Brittany/Mercedes; mostly Kurt and Mercedes gen
Other: Spoilers for 1x18 Laryngitis.
Excerpt: Mercedes sighed. "Brittany makes me happy. She may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but she really likes me. She's sweet."

Title: bicycle built for three
Length: 371 words
Prompt: [personal profile] morethan4sides 1 sentence fic meme: Kurt/Finn/Rachel! harmony
Pairing: Kurt/Finn/Rachel
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Look, two months ago, Finn would have agreed with you and said that dating both of them at once was just asking for disaster. He cheats off a girl who thinks the square root of four is rainbows, but he recognizes this. Kurt and Rachel are similar in all the wrong ways, and they they sharpen themselves on each other.

Title: a bit of bite (the Addams remix)
Length: 1816 words
Prompt: [profile] gleeremix
Pairing: Mike/Tina
Other: Crack taken semi-seriously? Discussions of blood and vampirism. This is a remix of [profile] themillersson's fic family traditions are important. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to put my own spin on your story! It was a lot of fun.
Excerpt: No matter how many times she rehearsed this scenario in her head, it still sounded ridiculous. She'd even gone so far as to buy a coming-out book at the mall bookstore. Telling someone you were gay wasn't that much like telling them you were a vampire, but she thought it might help with starting the conversation, at least.

Title: bitter
Fandom: Glee
Length: 325 words
Prompt: Emma/Mercedes. Because sometimes she's good at her job! for [profile] ipleadthe5th
Pairing: gen
Other: Set during 1x16 Home. May be triggery for eating disorders.
Excerpt: When she saw Mercedes walk by her office with that awful thermos in her hands, Emma winced.

Title: blithe and antic
Length: 1183 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Sunshine/Rachel - FORBIDDEN LOVE
Pairing: Sunshine/Rachel; mentions of Jesse/Rachel
Other: PG for sexual implications.
Excerpt: The first time that Rachel threw pebbles at Sunshine's window, Sunshine only let her in because she was afraid that Rachel was going to break the window, and it was easier to hide bruises than broken glass.

Title: but it keeps finding me
Length: 449 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: I would really love some Sam/Mercedes where they mutually reassured one another about how hot they are. Whatever other kinks are welcome too.
Pairing: Sam/Mercedes
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Honestly, Mercedes didn't expect Sam to react like this when her fingers trailed up under the hem of his shirt. She teased her fingernails across his abs, and he gulped and froze. She froze too.

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Titles C

Title: Caliente
Length: 297 words
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Brittany/Santana, Santana says her sexts are "too hot to erase" but maybe Brittany just doesn't know how to delete them, Any
Pairing: Brittany/Santana
Other: PG for sexual implications
Excerpt: Yep, at the top of the screen there was a blinking mailbox icon. It wasn't hard to see, even against the Cheerio red of the skirt in the background. When had Brittany taken a picture of someone's ass, and why was it her phone background?

Title: can't even think straight
Length: 5013 words
Prompt: [profile] glee_fluff_meme: Between Kurt still identifying as gay, Rachel being bi, and both of them immersed in gay culture through Rachel's dads, their love of theater, etc, Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry may just have the queerest heterosexual relationship in the history of the world. [...]
Pairing: Kurt/Rachel; past canon pairings mentioned along with Blaine/Kurt and Rachel/Quinn
Other: GBLT themes including some slight biphobia, homophobia, community issues, etc etc. PG for this and sexuality.
Summary/Excerpt: Kurt and Rachel have the gayest straight relationship ever. The first time they kiss, it's on a dare, because this is high school, and Rachel Berry has never had a captive audience to play Truth or Dare with.

Title: careless dress is moral suicide
Length: 444 words
Prompt: Girl!Finn/girl!Kurt trying to give dykey Girl!Finn a makeover as a way of flirting with her for [profile] measuringlife
Pairing: girl!Kurt/girl!Finn in the vein of S1
Other: Genderbent AU as per prompt.
Excerpt: "Look, sweetheart, flannel is so 1993," Kate clucks, and Fiona looks like she isn't sure whether to be offended or confused.

Title: chafing my heart
Length: 860 words
Prompt: Given the first line of a story, I will write something: "Quinn hesitated before accepting the Skype request," for [ profile] merkintosh
Pairing: Quinn/Mercedes
Other: The canonicity of anything in this is debatable, as I haven't watched Glee since partway through S3. I did hear about Quinntana, though, and this set post that episode.
Excerpt: Quinn hesitated before accepting the Skype request. When Mercedes's face popped up on her laptop screen, Quinn tried an awkward smile. Mercedes was giving her one in return.

Title: Cheer
Length: 1256 words
Prompt: Rarepairs requests on [personal profile] glee_anon: Brittany/Tina.
Pairing: Brittany/Tina; past Tina/Artie mentioned
Other: AU after 1x09 Wheels.
Excerpt: "Oh, not anymore," Kurt says, waving a hand airily. He leans forward and stares at her with interest. "You're interested, aren't you? This isn't Katy Perry-type lesbianism, is it? I don't think it is," he singsongs.

Title: Cheerful
Length: 1138 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Sue makes Brittany head cheerleader ahead of Santana. What are her reasons? How does Santana react?
Pairing: Santana/Brittany; Sue gen
Other: From Sue's point of view, so warning for homophobic/racist commentary.
Excerpt: "Her? You made her captain? Brittany forgets her rights and lefts! I had to write them on the back of her hands yesterday."

Title: Combat
Length: 383 words
Prompt: I vote for sub-stories pertaining to the aforementioned shoe-shopping, food poisioning and couch naps PLZ <3 for [profile] xbirdseyeviewx
Pairing: slight Quinn/Tina
Other: A missing scene (the shoe-shopping!) from Freedom Lived; if you're reading it individually just note that Quinn has been staying with Tina due to baby drama.
Excerpt: Tina takes her to buy shoes that don't feel like they're slowly squeezing her feet to death.

Title: Coping Mechanisms
Fandom: Glee
Length: 139 words
Prompt: 3-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, Will/Emma, dealing with her OCD.
Pairing: Will/Emma
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Will is used to the idea of her OCD; it is, after all, pretty much impossible to ignore once you've known Emma for any length of time.

Title: Crossing Lines
Length: 2237 words
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Puck/Kurt, Johnny Cash song for regionals, Any
Pairing: Puck+Kurt pretty much gen/waaaaay preslash
Other: Johnny Cash really did occasionally perform this song as a duet with his wife; this is the recording I listened to about a million times while writing this. Also. This is a ONESHOT. Really. I promise.
Excerpt: "Actually," Kurt says, clearing his throat, "it's a very difficult song to sing. Johnny Cash used to change keys before every verse. That's why he hums in the recordings."
"Hummel knows Cash?" Puck says, lifting his eyebrows. Kurt crosses his arms and glares a little.

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Titles D

Title: detour a bad day
Length: 430 words
Prompt: Shiny Happy Comment Fic-a-thon: Glee, Rachel & Kurt, facials.
Pairing: Kurt and Rachel gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "They ruined my favorite scarf this morning," Kurt said darkly as he and Rachel exited the bathroom onto a hallway empty of letterman jackets. "So I decided to ruin their fun. If I don't let them get to me, they can't win. Same for you."

Title: don't hold back
Length: 290 words
Pairing: Mike/Tina
Prompt: Mike/Tina fluff for [ profile] measuringlife
Other: Some early S3 song spoilers. PG for vague sexual references.
Excerpt: Mr. Schue makes questionable song choices, and this is a fact of Glee Club. Occasionally, though, Tina sets aside questions of propriety and appreciates his ideas.

Title: Don't Stop
Length: 144 words
Prompt: Three-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, ensemble, and we all fall down
Pairing: ensemble gen
Other: Speculation post 1x13 Sectionals.
Excerpt: They all dared to hope that it could be Glee again, the club that broke down clique boundaries, that encouraged futures, that made school bearable.

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Titles E

Title: enchanting new creature
Length: 408 words
Prompt: Mercedes/Quinn, carpooling, for [profile] the_windowbird
Pairing: Mercedes/Quinn
Other: Set directly post Prom Queen.
Excerpt: Quinn abandoned Mercedes after she had the baby.

Title: everything is softer
Length: 452 words
Prompt: Christmas card fic!
Pairing: Brittany/Santana
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Brittany didn't even seem to notice, and that drove Santana crazy. Some mornings she had to bodily drag Brittany inside to prevent her from making snow angels until the bell rang.

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Titles F

Title: fall in mutual weirdness
Length: 2113 words
Prompt: [profile] g_aficexchange: First date (Q/T)
Pairing: Quinn/Tina; mentions of canon pairings
Other: Future-fic. No warnings.
Summary/Excerpt: Quinn and Tina meet again unexpectedly, and this time something new kindles between them. Quinn laughed. "Let me buy you a drink," she offered, the weariness of the day dissolving a little. "She's been calling me too."

Title: fall madly in bed with you
Length: 967 words
Prompt: Christmas card fic!
Pairing: Mercedes/Santana; mentioned Santana/Brittany, Mercedes/Sam, Mercedes/Shane
Other: Set during S3, Troubletones era, and already Jossed.
Excerpt: "Sit down and chill, Weezy. I sent the minions on an errand, they'll be back later. We need to talk, one bitching awesome voice to another," Santana says, lazily leaning back against her chair and taking another breadstick from the pile on the table.

Title: First Christmases
Length: 149 words
Prompt: Three-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, Puck/Kurt, Christmas with Puck's daughter
Pairing: Puck/Kurt established
Other: Fluff fluff fluff.
Excerpt: "She isn't going to remember this, you know," Kurt said, but his voice held amusement, not bite, as he watched Puck carefully decorate the small Christmas tree.

Title: Five Times Will and April Never Hooked Up
Length: 976 words
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Will/April, five times fic, Any
Pairing: Will/April primarily; Will/Terri and Will/Emma mentioned
Other: Spoilers for 1x05 (#3), 1x13 (#5), speculation post-Sectionals (#5). All AUs. Rated R for #1; the rest are mostly G.
Excerpt: "Oh my goodness, Will!" he hears from behind him. He whirls around to see April, and before he can ask her what she is doing at the reunion for the wrong graduating class, she's kissing both his cheeks, talking a mile a minute about her rehab and how she's been thanking him in her interviews on Broadway for pointing her in the right direction again, praise the Lord praise the Lord.

Title: Focus
Length: 295
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 8 Oct 09 // I don't know one joke; [community profile] comment_fic: Glee, Rachel/Quinn, "she wears short skirts, I wear tee shirts; she's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers."
Pairing: Rachel/Quinn
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She was Rachel Berry, queen of sudden slushy attacks, whereas Quinn was queen of the Cheerios and Celibacy Club. And any high-school girl who could make Celibacy Club cool had something that might be even stronger than Rachel's will.

Title: Food as a Metaphor
Length: 179 words
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Brittany/Santana, Tacos vs hot dogs, Any
Pairing: Brittany/Santana
Other: R for sex
Excerpt: Sometimes Santana refers to their one-on-one time as taco-time, snickering under her breath, but Brittany doesn't really get the reference.

Title: Freedom Lived
Length: 1306 words
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Quinn/Tina, Dyeing Quinn's hair as a stand, Any
Pairing: slight Quinn/Tina; mentions of Finn/Quinn and Artie/Tina
Other: Set post Sectionals, some small spoilers. Title from a quote by John Dos Passos.
Excerpt: "Come home with me," Tina says simply, not stuttering, actually looking Quinn in the eye.

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Titles G

Title: the gift of oneself
Length: 541 words
Prompt: Christmas card fic!
Pairing: Lauren/Puck
Other: n/a
Excerpt: >Lauren broke up with Puck in July, but she bought him a Christmas present anyway. She saw it through the glass wall of the FYE and popped in and out without any apparent intervention from her brain.

Title: a good friend is cheaper than therapy
Length: 817 words
Prompt: [personal profile] morethan4sides: Kurt Hummel Needs a Friend Challenge: Emma.
Pairing: Kurt and Emma gen; mentions of Will/Emma and Carl/Emma
Other: Vague spoilers for 2x05. Also archived here.
Excerpt: So after Glee lets out one day, he knocks on her office door. He's wearing one of his favorite scarves and it's managed to avoid slushy damage all day, so he's feeling generous. Ms. Pillsbury, on the other hand, appears to be sorting her paperclips by color. She smiles at Kurt when he comes in, though, so he takes that as a positive sign.

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Titles H

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Titles I

Title: I Can Hear the Bells
Length: 677 words
Prompt: ficondemand's first kiss meme, Finn/Kurt
Pairing: Finn/Kurt established
Other: Spoilers for 1x16 Home. AU from there.
Excerpt: They were dating for two weeks before Kurt would consent to a kiss. This was all too new and fragile, he thought.

Title: if you woke up breathing, congratulations!
Length: 920 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Rachel/Quinn or Rachel/Puck or Rachel/Santana --> Breathplay-erotic asphyxiation
Pairing: Rachel/Santana established
Other: NC-17 for sex. Warning for breathplay.
Excerpt: Rachel was okay with lesbianism, once she worked out all the details. Santana threw away the relationship calendar (which led to unscheduled angry sex), but she was damn good at oral, and Rachel was a quick learner.

Title: I'm not cheap, but I am on special
Length: 477 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Sam performs cunnilingus on Quinn through her panties.
Pairing: Sam/Quinn
Other: R for sex.
Summary: Sam goes down on Quinn. She didn't know it could be like this.

Title: I'm too naked for to sing
Length: 2186 words
Prompt: [profile] glee_rare_pairs for [profile] silently_forgot: "Brittany starts pursuing Tina, and Tina thinks it's a prank. After all, she's just the kid that stutters."
Pairing: Brittany/Tina
Other: Pre-canon as per prompt. Set pre-canon through S1, minor AU. Title from Chely Wright's "Snowglobe." PG for minor sexual elements. Also archived here.
Summary/Excerpt: Brittany finds Tina in a stairwell, and they make an odd connection. "I know you can sing," Brittany said, and although her voice was casual, the words fell like an accusation at Tina's feet.

Title: In Cars With Boys
Length: 158 words
Prompt: 3-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, Puck/Rachel, his truck
Pairing: Puck/Rachel established
Other: n/a
Excerpt: His truck is a safe place for both of them-- Puck considers it to be "his truck, his rules," and Rachel thinks of it as their place to be themselves, which in her case, seems to involve a lot of talking.

Title: in new directions
Length: 383 words
Prompt: Two Glee girls, getting it on. I don't even care which two. Shoot, I don't even care if it's all six of them and Sunshine having a makeout party for [personal profile] merkintosh
Pairing: Uhhh it's all six of them plus Sunshine having a makeout party. Includes Brittany/Santana, Tina/Sunshine, Quinn/Rachel, and mentions of Sam/Kurt
Other: Shameless not-porn. PG-ish.
Excerpt: "This is what we do in New Directions," Rachel says, and her eyes are gleaming. Sunshine thinks, We just sang in Vocal Adrenaline, but she doesn't say it.

Title: in the long run
Length: 416 words
Prompt: [profile] mike_tina prompt meme: Mike/Tina, "Run away with me."
Pairing: Mike/Tina; various canon pairings mentioned
Other: Spoilers for 2x12.
Excerpt: For a Glee Club, they definitely screamed a lot. It seemed like secrets didn't last long between them, although long enough to cause the maximum amount of drama before a performance.

Title: Inappropriate
Length: 84 words
Prompt: Three-sentence fic for flist: Emma/Rachel, Emma does more than comfort Rachel when she finds her crying in the bathroom for [profile] tyy_tad
Pairing: Emma/Rachel
Other: n/a; G for girlkissing
Excerpt: "It will be all right," Emma mumbled, pressing a kiss to Rachel's forehead, tasting sweat and life and all of those things that scared her about being dirty and unclean-- and not caring.

Title: initiate
Length: 337 words
Prompt: [personal profile] morethan4sides 1 sentence fic meme: Finn/Kurt, mamihlapinatapai
Pairing: Finn/Kurt
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He's been seeing that look from Kurt for months. He knows that look, and he's let it creep under his skin. He's let it creep him up. He's fought like a tiger, thrown himself into loving Rachel (she's just a female Kurt, some part of his mind whispers, which makes him stop in the middle of making out once). He's gotten himself kicked out of Kurt's house and he's broken Kurt's heart so many times that he can never find all the pieces.

Title: is it me you're looking for
Length: 1041
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Finn/Tina, detention
Pairing: slight Finn/Tina; past Artie/Tina and Finn/Rachel mentioned
Other: Whoa fluff.
Excerpt: She signed in and then turned reluctantly, hoping for an empty table, but there weren't any. The detention monitor was already rolling his eyes at her so she took a couple of steps forward before someone waved at her and then swiftly hid his hand under the table. It was Finn, and her heart leapt to see his familiar face.

Title: It's a Surprise
Length: 630 words
Prompt: Rarepairs requests on [personal profile] glee_anon: Will/Tina
Pairing: Will/Tina established; Will/Terri mentioned; [profile] schmoop_bingo: reunion.
Other: Fluff/schmoop.
Excerpt: Their first little girl is a surprise. Tina is only twenty, a sophomore in college. It's the most awkward dinner Will has ever attended, the day he meets her parents; at least they don't seem to remember him as her high school teacher.

Title: It's All Gleek to Me
Length: 232 words
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Brittany/Tina, Brittany wants to know if "Asian" is a language, Any
Pairing: Brittany and Tina gen
Other: A poor attempt at humor, as you should see from the title.
Excerpt: "No, no," Brittany says, tilting her head to one side. "Asian. Is it a hard language? Is that why you stutter?"

Title: I've Got You
Length: 147 words
Prompt: Three-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Glee, Artie/Tina, duet of author's choice
Pairing: Artie/Tina
Other: Duet of my choice was "I've Got You, Babe" by Sonny and Cher.
Excerpt: Artie's Sonny mustache keeps threatening to fall off, and it's really making it hard for Tina to concentrate on the lyrics.

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Titles J

Title: jealousy and love are sisters
Length: 419 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: M/Q, Mercedes is jealous of Sam.
Pairing: Mercedes/Quinn; Quinn/Sam
Other: Vague 2x05 spoilers.
Excerpt: "He dyes his hair, you know," Mercedes says.

Title: jump on
Length: 217 words
Prompt: bandwagon (lol); Finn/Tina for [personal profile] fuzzy_paint
Pairing: Finn/Tina; mentioned Finn/Rachel, Finn/Quinn, and Kurt/Finn
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Finn was - by this point, it felt like everyone had taken their turn to crush on him. She'd spent hours half-listening to Kurt moon over his apparent redeemable qualities, more hours listening to Rachel sing about him, and then to Finn's constant fumbling attempts to do right with the world and his mistakes.

Title: Just a Small Town Girl
Length: 201 words
Prompt: Rarepairs prompts on [personal profile] glee_anon: Finn/Tina.
Pairing: Finn/Tina; past canon relationships mentioned
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Tina never made Finn feel inadequate. Rachel and Quinn had always expected so much of him, but Tina liked him for who he was. She didn't overwhelm him with big words or drag him to Celibacy Club.

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Titles K

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Titles L

Title: let's live suddenly without thinking (the rebirth remix)
Length: 4813 words
Prompt: remix
Pairing: Mercedes/Quinn primarily; minor Sam/Quinn
Other: PG-13 for some sexuality and religious themes. In the vein of the original, spoilers through 2x07 and diverging from canon before 2x10. The title comes from E.E. Cummings's poem of the same name. This is a remix of [profile] _harmlessthings's fic chalk lines. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to put my own spin on your story! It was a lot of fun.
Excerpt: When Mercedes told this story, it began in the summer, with a gradual slide from before to after the kiss and what followed. But to Quinn, like all proper romances, this began in the spring.

Title: life is just my stage
Length: 4032 words
Prompt: Mercedes/Rachel for [profile] glee_rare_pairs exchange #2 for [profile] kkieslowski
Pairing: Mercedes/Rachel; minor Kurt/Blaine
Other: Some spoilers for 2x16 Original Song, ignores 2x17 Night of Neglect. No warnings.
Summary/Excerpt: When Mercedes agreed to double-dating with Kurt and Blaine, she didn't think her partner would be Rachel. They'd hardly been at the restaurant as a foursome for five minutes before Mercedes got up and made excuses to haul Kurt to the bathroom. Kurt struggled. "You can't leave Blaine out there with Rachel!" he protested. "What if she decides she needs more song inspiration?"

Title: life is too short for traffic
Length: 858 words
Prompt: Shiny Happy Comment Fic-a-thon: glee -- kurt & finn -- ok, but just this once
Pairing: Kurt and Finn gen
Other: Future-fic; assumes that the Hudsons will eventually move in with the Hummels.
Excerpt: "Don't worry so much, Kurt. I got this. I have my license and everything, just like you," Finn answered. He pressed down on the accelerator again, and this time the car moved more smoothly - back down the driveway. Finn looped his arm around the back of Kurt's chair, which is something Kurt might have enjoyed several months ago before Finn moved into brother territory and out of crush territory. And he might have enjoyed it more, too, if he wasn't letting Finn drive his baby.

Title: life's undress rehearsal
Fandom: Glee
Length: 12,119 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: Glee, Puck(/Kurt), Puck buys a house that's haunted by silent movie star or glam rock legend Kurt Hummel
Pairing: Puck and Kurt gen with background Finn/Rachel and minor Puck/Quinn
Warnings: Homophobic language/attitudes, gay-bashing, and some implied violence. PG-13.
Author's Notes: This is an AU as per the prompt. A note on Jewish exorcisms: They do exist, but you don't exorcise a house, you exorcise a person. So yes, the guy in this story is pretty much just messing around. No offense is intended. It just seemed like Puck to specifically try to get a Jewish one.
I also want to give a warm thank-you to the people who encouraged me as I wrote this, praised the little snippets I posted, and generally helped me find the motivation to finish. You guys know who you are. And you're awesome.
Summary/Excerpt: Puck has a new roommate who doesn't like Puck's taste in TV or music or clothes. Also, he's been dead for thirty years. Noah Puckerman did not believe in ghosts. He believed in beer, in cougars, and in inheritance money. Sure, Nana Puckerman said her house was haunted. She also said he'd get all of her money if he lived there for a year, and he was not going to give up that opportunity.

Title: like a million
Length: 630 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Finn/Kurt/Rachel, PROM.
Pairing: Finn/Kurt/Rachel established
Other: I don't even ship them what is this.
Excerpt: "I've never had someone dress me before. Not since my dads, of course, and that was back when I wore jumpers," Rachel said.

Title: Like the Night
Length: 340 words
Prompt: Rarepairs requests on [personal profile] glee_anon: Will/Tina
Pairing: Will/Tina; Artie/Tina mentioned
Other: PG-13 for psychological abuse and sexual themes.
Excerpt: She was beautiful, and anyone who didn't see that was clearly blind. Will had always had a little thing for Asians, he'd admit; they were pretty rare in Ohio.

Title: Listening Skills
Length: 964 words
Prompt: Rarepairs requests on [personal profile] glee_anon: Puck/Emma
Pairing: Puck/Emma; past Will/Emma
Other: Spoilers for 1x22 Journey; set mid-episode.
Excerpt: He likes Ms. Pillsbury, anyway. Her OCD amuses him and she actually tries to listen to him. She was patient through his entire explanation of the Super Mario Saga and the statement it makes about life in general, and then she asks him questions about his home life. Which is great, thank you very much, but at least she seems to care.

Title: look at your life, look at your choices
Length: 329 words
Prompt: [personal profile] glee_anon: Tina, sassy gay friend
Pairing: Kurt and Tina gen; mentions of Artie/Tina and Mike/Tina
Other: Dorky pop-culture references.
Excerpt: "You look as fine as Finn did on the day they discontinued cheesesteak in the cafeteria. Look, I have something to tell you. Let me be your Sassy Gay Friend."

Title: Love Like You Do
Length: 463 words
Prompt: Rarepairs requests for [personal profile] glee_anon: Burt/Finn
Pairing: Burt/Finn; Burt/Carole and Finn/Kurt mentioned
Other: Spoilers for 1x20 Theatricality. I named Kurt's mother Mary.
Excerpt: He thought he was doing this for Finn. He thought that the boy needed a father figure, that he could finally quit bothering Kurt with monster truck rallies and baseball games, that he could have another friend as well as another son.

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