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MASTERLIST: Cardcaptor Sakura, Titles A-E

Masterlist Table of Contents

Cardcaptor Sakura, Titles A-E

*Assume all fanfiction is G-rated unless otherwise noted.*


Titles A

Title: A Wink and a Smile
Length: 1051 words
Prompt: [profile] 1fandom: theme set 10
Pairing: Nakuru gen
Other: Sentences are not connected.
Excerpt: Rules were for other people, except for Eriol's rules, which were for Suppi.

Title: Act Normal
Length: 554 words
Prompt: [profile] 100_leitmotifs: 22. inspired madness
Pairing: Eriol and Tomoyo gen
Other: Character death mentioned.
Excerpt: They would stand up and pretend love on a stage, and play at madness, and never brush close to the truth. Eriol and Tomoyo were too polite for that.

Title: Addition
Length: 150 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_lessons: 1. arithmetic
Pairing: Fujitaka/Nadeshiko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Basic algebra was really throwing her for a loop. That's why she was glad that Kinomoto-sensei had offered to help.

Title: Advice
Length: 186 words
Prompt: icon meme
Pairing: Sakura and Eriol gen
Other: Set mid-canon.
Excerpt: "Just thinking about... a friend of mine. Because I didn't know what was going on with him," and here she hesitated, unsure of how much to say, "he almost had a great deal of trouble. I wish he would have trusted me."

Title: Afternoon Tea
Length: 843 words
Prompt: [profile] 31days_06: 03 // seek the old man's counsel
Pairing: slight Eriol/Meiling
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He was a flirt and a charmer, Syaoran had said once. He'd never said how easily Eriol carried himself, or that he had confidence in his eyes, or that his glasses were so impossibly round. She supposed it hadn't been important to Syaoran; she wondered why it suddenly had become important to her.

Title: Again
Length: 637 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_tears: 9. a kick in the teeth
Pairing: Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "I'm bored, Sakura-chan needs you, and there is soon going to be a disruption of power in the Tomoeda area my sweet little heir can't handle on her own," Eriol said matter-of-factly. Syaoran processed his words and wanted to scream.

Title: Against the Odds
Length: 150 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_lessons: 6. probability
Pairing: Fujitaka/Nadeshiko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: For what were the chances that she could fall for someone like him, a young history teacher who was as helplessly normal as she was an every-day exotic?

Title: all I want
Length: 659 words
Prompt: Christmas-card fic.
Pairing: Tomoyo/Meiling established
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She was missing someone. She was missing snarky remarks, sighing, the little black cocktail dress and flashing garnet eyes of a certain Li Meiling, who'd flown back to Hong Kong this morning to spend Chinese New Year with her relatives. Tomoyo didn't begrudge Meiling the time or ritual; New Year was for family, after all, and she knew Meiling was looking forward to it. But her absence had crept into every corner of Tomoyo's life.

Title: All I Want for Christmas
Length: 2057 words
Prompt: [profile] 15_pairings: 8. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
Pairing: Touya/Yukito
Other: Um, yeah. This is. Um, really bad. So you know.
Excerpt: Touya wasn't sure when he had decided that he needed to spend the rest of his life with Yuki. They didn't even have an official dating anniversary. They had just fallen together one day and it had felt right to kiss Yuki. Yuki had gasped for a second in surprise and then he didn't protest.

Title: All Work and No Play
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] 31days_06: 5 // the elephant inside the boa constrictor
Pairing: Clow and Kero gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He knew that when Kero awoke, he would probably attempt to tickle Clow to death.

Title: alone at night
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_nights: #38
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura
Other: dark themes
Excerpt: It is a big lonely house, but when she comes to visit I become extravagant: lighting candles, throwing a party.

Title: Alternative
Length: 567 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_friends: 12. argument
Pairing: Syaoran/Sakura; Tomoyo/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: It had been a short conversation, ended by Tomoyo's sudden confession. Her voice had been scratchy, since it was hard to get cell phone reception in the airport, and desperate.

Title: An Unwrapped Gift
Length: 578 words
Prompt: Christmas card fic for [profile] suppis_tenshi
Pairing: Spinel and Eriol-tachi gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Normally on Christmas Eve, Spinel went to bed early. He was resigned to Ruby waking him at dawn, and being a cat-based creature, he enjoyed his sleep.

Title: And Never Brought to Mind
Length: 313 words
Prompt: Christmas 2008 theme: Christmas is for lovers; Meiling/Tomoyo for [profile] beansidhe_baby
Pairing: Meiling/Tomoyo; past Meiling/Syaoran; past Tomoyo/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Well, would you like to have dinner with me?" Tomoyo scuffed her foot on the ground a moment, seeming awkward. "I know... I know Christmas is for lovers, and all of that, but..."

Title: Anniversaries
Length: 419 words
Prompt: fic or treat 2009: Cardcaptor Sakura, Tomoyo/Meiling, five o'clock with plans for the weekend for [personal profile] dreximgirl
Pairing: Tomoyo/Meiling established
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Five o'clock on a Friday night... it certainly wouldn't be the first time Tomoyo had canceled plans because of a project or other work delay.

Title: Anticipation
Length: 500 words
Prompt: [profile] everyfiveyears: ten years old
Pairing: Sakura gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: When I turned ten, I wished that something special would happen, because I could feel it in the air. My dreams were restless. My father poked me on the nose at dinner, teasing that my mind was elsewhere. I just had this feeling that there was something big happening I didn't want to miss.

Title: Antique Heart
Length: 483 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_romances: 6. Sarcasm; 17. Garden Vista; 21. The Devil's Advocate; 24. The puppet master; 27. Love
Pairing: Eriol/Kaho
Other: Seven short fics, all under one-hundred words, collected for [profile] 30_romances.
Excerpt: She hadn't known it would be this hard until she had both letters in front of her, Sakura's innocence spilling from the page.

Title: Apple
Length: 1545 words
Prompt: [profile] 1sentence: theme set delta
Pairing: Eriol/Meiling
Other: A story in fifty prompted sentences. Main character death, birth.
Excerpt: "Would you like an apple?" Eriol asked, handing her something red and shiny and ripe, and she couldn't help but think as she took it that this was more than an apple she was getting.

Title: April Rain
Length: 328 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_dreams: 9. haunting
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: April is the cruelest month, the month in which we met. It is the month in which I miss you the most.

Title: Arranged
Length: 553 words
Prompt: A happy Meiling/Syaoran fic for [personal profile] claire_chan
Pairing: Meiling/Syaoran; minor Eriol/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: And he woke up, five years and eight days after marrying Meiling, and he realized that he loved her, that he needed her, much in the way that she'd needed him all these years.

Title: As We Melt
Length: 1191 words
Prompt: Fic on Demand's first kiss meme: Cardcaptor Sakura, Yue/Sakura
Pairing: Yue/Sakura; Touya/Yukito and past Syaoran/Sakura mentioned
Other: PG for off-screen character death, discussion of injury and blood.
Excerpt: He was worried about her; he always was, these days. He didn't understand why people wanted to fight the mistress he had chosen, the little girl with a power greater than Clow's had been at his death.

Title: Assurances
Length: 525 words
Prompt: no_true_pair: Touya/Eriol, captivity scenario
Pairing: Touya and Eriol gen; Syaoran/Sakura implied; Touya/Yukito implied
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Any normal person would lean back against the wall and relax a bit, even under the circumstances. Eriol didn't lean. He adjusted his cuffs instead and stood there with a placid, patient look on his face. Touya began to feel a little silly.

Title: At the Bottom
Length: 401 words
Prompt: [profile] 10hugs: 10. at the bottom of everything
Pairing: Eriol gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: At the bottom of everything, Eriol was Clow. And so, underneath all of the tricks and lies and magic, he wasn't real. He wasn't anybody.

Title: Autumn Magic
Length: 615 words
Prompt: fic or treat for [profile] suppis_tenshi
Pairing: Spinelsun and Nakuru gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "You don't understand the magic of October!" Nakuru protested one unseasonably warm afternoon after he had refused to help her rake leaves. The last time he'd helped, she'd piled them all up and jumped into them, dragging him along with her, and though wrestling in the crackling leaves had been somewhat satisfying, it had taken him ages to get properly clean again.

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Titles B

Title: Bare Before God
Length: 428 words
Prompt: [profile] 31days_06: 12 // it certainly tastes like red; [profile] 30_dreams: 10. alluring
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura
Other: R for sex
Excerpt: "Have you ever done that before?" she asked curiously. It had been a cold shock in the midst of a burning fire.

Title: Becoming Family
Length: 156 words
Prompt: no_true_pair: Sakura and Meiling: "I'd hate to ruin the surprise."
Pairing: Syaoran/Sakura; Meiling
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Come on, come on!" Meiling said, reaching for Sakura's hand, and they were both grinning as she dragged her up the stairs. For a moment they were kids again instead of the adults they proposed to be.

Title: Best of Friends
Length: 106 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: Cardcaptor Sakura, Tomoyo/Sakura, cuddle
Pairing: Tomoyo/Sakura
Other: sexual implications
Excerpt: Tomoyo was snuggled up against Sakura's chest and if her hand was gently stroking Sakura's thigh, Sakura was much too polite to say anything.

Title: best substitute for experience
Length: 66 words
Prompt: Clow/Yue, genderbent for someone on plurk
Pairing: fem!Clow & fem!Yue gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She made Yue into the beautiful woman she was not.

Title: Betrayed
Length: 297 words
Prompt: [profile] heartbrkhotel: 01. betrayal
Pairing: Meiling/Syaoran
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Now I was at home, one Chinese cousin among many, and Syaoran slept dreaming of a clueless girl with bottle-green eyes.

Title: a better fate than wisdom
Length: 319 words
Prompt: first kisses meme: Touya/Yukito
Pairing: Touya/Yukito
Other: n/a
Excerpt: The strangest thing about the change in Touya and Yukito's relationship was that there really wasn't much change at all.

Title: Between the Sheets
Length: 458
Prompt: [profile] 15pairings: 12. between the sheets
Pairing: Fujitaka/Nadeshiko
Other: PG for vague sexual references
Excerpt: But he didn't want to consider death until they were both old and gray, until after he had danced with Sakura at her wedding and Nadeshiko had kissed him for the ten-millionth time.

Title: Birth
Length: 689 words
Prompt: fic-or-treat 2009: Eriol - memories for [profile] chibidl
Pairing: Eriol gen; hints of Clow/Yuuko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Eriol rocked back and forth, trying not to fall over. He rested unfamiliar hands on unfamiliar knees, inhaling as though his lungs were new. They were. But Clow hadn't expected it to be like this.

Title: Birthday Party
Length: 274 words
Prompt: Christmas 2008 theme: Christmas is for lovers; Yukito for [profile] moko_ko_nyanko
Pairing: Yukito; Touya/Yukito implied; Kinomoto family
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Every year he was happy to gather with his family-- with Kero, and Fujitaka, and Touya, and Sakura-- and to love and be loved-- just like every other day of the year, but it was a good thing to have a special day marked on the calendar for it.

Title: Birthday Present
Length: 430 words
Prompt: [profile] 31days_06: 04 // caught between madness and gladness of flight
Pairing: Eriol/Syaoran hints; Tomoyo/Sakura mentioned
Other: n/a
Excerpt: And now Eriol was coming to visit like he was family. Which, Syaoran supposed, he technically was, but most family waited for invitations. And it wasn't like he wanted to see Eriol at his birthday, anyway.

Title: black wings
Prompt: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_nights: #17
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura
Other: dark themes
Excerpt: A fairy princess, he thought, and that was the moment he was lost to her.

Title: Blinded
Length: 291 words
Prompt: [profile] 20_inkspots: 1. blinded by the light
Pairing: Tomoyo/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: I leave the bleachers to join her. She smiles at Syaoran in a way she has never smiled at me.

Title: Blue
Length: 290 words
Prompt: [profile] 10pokes: 3. blue
Pairing: Yukito & Kaho friendship; Touya/Yukito
Other: n/a
Excerpt: And then he'd finally started growing in other directions than up and realized that they had quite a lot in common, actually-- Touya, the moon, boyfriends that could be more stone-faced inexplicable than any man should be.

Title: Blues
Length: 472 words
Prompt: [profile] 20_inkspots: 5. this is what it means to sing the blues
Pairing: Tomoyo/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She slashed all her hair off the day after Sakura left for Hong Kong, like the Egyptians did long ago when they were mourning.

Title: Body Heat
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_cuddles: 8. body heat
Pairing: Touya/Yukito
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "You are such a heat leech," Touya would say when he woke in the morning to find Yuki's arms around his neck and Yuki's head on his chest.

Title: Bolt
Length: 725 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days 14 // throwing lightning bolts, just passing the time
Pairing: Eriol/Kaho
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Eriol's hands were raised toward the heavens and the charcoal-colored clouds that hovered thereof; he paused for a moment and then pointed and the lightning struck.

Title: Book Pusher
Length: 306 words
Prompt: icon meme
Pairing: Tomoyo/Naoko
Other: PG for implications
Excerpt: So Tomoyo did the only thing she knew would stop her-- she pushed the bookstore clerk against a shelf and kissd her roughly. She pulled back, satisfied, as a flush spread across Naoko's face, as well as a look of shy happiness.

Title: Bow
Length: 242 words
Prompt: [profile] reviewers_inc picture prompt: Touya playing violin
Pairing: Touya gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Would you like to learn?" Fugitaka asked. Touya turned, startled, and Fugitaka smiled, like he always did, but there was an edge of sadness in it.

Title: Boxed
Length: 572 words
Prompt: porn_battle: Cardcaptor Sakura, Yukito/Nakuru, falling asleep
Pairing: Yukito/Nakuru; past Touya/Yukito
Other: R for sex
Excerpt: Nakuru flew down the stairs into Yukito's arms and though he was used to her flurries of affection, he still found himself blushing at honest human contact. She giggled. Then she took his hand and clattered up the stairs, her platform shoes loud on the wooden floor.

Title: Break
Length: 665 words
Prompt: fic-or-treat for [profile] mellowcandle
Pairing: slight Touya/Tomoyo; past Touya/Yukito; mentioned Eriol/Kaho
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Touya had never quite fallen out of the habit of acquiring part-time seasonal jobs, and he was always running into people he'd known from school or college. The woman who'd come up to his small stall looked familiar at first glance, but he couldn't quite place her.

Title: Breaking the Cycle
Length: 472 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_lyrics: 1. The same performance, in the same old way; it's the same old story to this Passion Play.
Pairing: Tomoyo/Meiling; Tomoyo/Sakura; Meiling/Syaoran
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She flirted with the waiter when they were there, watching Tomoyo again from the corner of her eye, knowing how hard she was pushing. With a heady feeling she realized that things were breaking.

Title: Breath
Length: 700 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_dreams: 29. breathe
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura; Eriol/Kaho
Other: PG for death themes, character death
Excerpt: She picks up her chair and moves it closer; he reaches out and grabs her hand, running his thumb down the back of her hand. He smiles Clow's smile, and she feels with a shudder how much closer he slips to death, to rest.

Title: Bright Futures
Length: 242 words
Prompt: no_true_pair: Clow and Syaoran: an unexpected act of kindness
Pairing: Syaoran/Sakura implied; Clow gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Even as he carefully crafted the little pink staff, Clow knew there would be another challenger. He kept good track of his descendants, especially the ones who would be on the cusp of the turning point.

Title: Broken
Length: 418 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_tears: 03. the final plunge; commitment
Pairing: Meiling/Syaoran; Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He lay away at night and wondered what would have happened, had he returned. Meiling slept peacefully and deeply, always did. Syaoran was the insomniac of the family. He lay awake and waited for the baby to cry, tense.

Title: Bright Futures
Length: 242 words
Prompt: no_true_pair: Clow and Syaoran: an unexpected act of kindness
Pairing: Clow gen; Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Even as he carefully crafted the little pink staff, Clow knew there would be another challenger. He kept good track of his descendants, especially the ones who would be on the cusp of the turning point.

Title: Bundle of Joy
Length: 210 words
Prompt: Touya/Yukito for [profile] beansidhe_baby
Pairing: Touya/Yukito; Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Babies are fragile," he protested, looking down at the child with a mixture of fear and joy. He reached out and brushed the little girl's hand, but she didn't stir.

Title: burning cathedral of the summer
Length: 1339 words
Prompt: Cardcaptor Sakura, Syaoran/Sakura, With summer right around the corner, the stars always seemed to be the most beautiful.
Pairing: Syaoran/Sakura established; minor Touya/Yukito
Other: Written for [profile] arizonaicerose for the first round of [community profile] help_japan. Thanks for donating, and I really hope you like this! PGish for some implications.
Excerpt: "I was just thinking," she said, still wearing that nostalgic little grin, "that the yukata I made you definitely wouldn't fit anymore. Should I make you a new one? I've been practicing my sewing with Tomoyo-chan. We made one for Onii-chan last year, and it was almost perfect. I had to let it out a little, though." She giggled, fingers tracing an absent pattern on the back of his neck. As if imparting a great secret, she stage-whispered, "I think Yuki-onii-chan has been feeding him too much. He's getting fat."

Title: Buy Happiness
Length: 247 words
Prompt: [profile] heartbrkhotel: 05. throwing it all away
Pairing: Meiling/Syaoran
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Some nights I lie awake on my soft silk sheets and watch the moon progress across the sky. I love that this is the same moon as he sees, but I hate that he sees it from his bed with a woman I cannot hate, because she loves him as much as I do.

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Titles C

Title: can't choose 'em
Length: 568 words
Prompt: Christmas-card fic!
Pairing: Touya/Yukito established; Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Sakura had flown out the door to greet them, moving pretty fast considering the little monster she was incubating. When he'd said as much, he'd been answered by a familiar squeal and a footstomp, and even that was warm and familiar.

Title: Cardcaptor Syaoran [ch1] [ch2] [ch3] [ch4] [ch5]
Length: 4105 words altogether
Prompt: [profile] 5_changes: What if Sakura had given up the Clow Cards; that is, what if Syaoran became the officical Cardcaptor?
Pairing: Syaoran gen
Other: AU (obviously). Mentions of blood.
Excerpt: "The Clow Cards are safe," I told the creature, wishing it would go away. Where had it been staying, with the girl? And she hadn't strangled it yet?

Title: Cardcaptor Touya
Length: 1645 words
Rating: G
Request: [profile] fic_on_demand: Cardcaptor Touya for the Valentine's Day event
Pairing: Touya gen
Excerpt: "Give me the Clow cards," the boy demanded, reaching for the book, and Touya took a step back, glaring. The kid looked about Sakura's age, but he'd scaled the school fence like it was nothing.

Title: Cat Doesn't Blink
Length: 946 words
Prompt: [profile] 1fandom: theme set 8
Pairing: Spinelsun gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Human beings were a dime a dozen; the only one that really mattered to Spinel was Eriol.

Title: Charmed
Length: 625 words
Prompt: Genderbent requests: Eriol for [profile] chibidl
Pairing: fem!Eriol gen with Syaoran/Sakura background
Other: In which Eriol has always been female.
Excerpt: Eriol is-- there's something about her that provokes Syaoran's suspicion. She's kind to him but almost in a backhanded way, compliments that slide into teasing and completely innocent smiles.

Title: Chemistry
Length: 240 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_lessons: 2. chemistry
Pairing: Fujitaka/Nadeshiko; Sonomi/Nadeshiko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "This love crap," Sonomi said. "It's just a bunch of chemicals in your body that are saying, 'That man is cute! Let's reproduce!'"

Title: Chemistry and Culinary Skills
Length: 452 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_friends: 21. common ground
Pairing: Syaoran and Tomoyo gen; Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "I didn't think I'd be able to find anything to talk to you about, Li-kun. Besides Chemistry. We haven't really hung out much-- all of us together-- since elementary school."

Title: Cherry Kiss
Length: 1662 words
Prompt: [profile] 15pairings: 7. cherry flavor medicine
Pairing: Tomoyo/Sakura primarily; slight Eriol/Sakura; Syaoran/Meiling mentioned
Other: Character death
Excerpt: "They gave you a painkiller. I talked to Eriol, Tomoyo, and he's flying in to see you tomorrow. It sure has been a while, hasn't it?" She tried to sound cheerful, but to Tomoyo's practiced ear it fell flat.

Title: Child
Length: 339 words
Prompt: [profile] 18coda: vivace
Pairing: Touya gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: I was ten, and she was three, and it became my goal to let her be a child as long as she needed to be. Forever, if it had to be, I would live at home and call her a monster and invite Yukito over as often as she wanted.

Title: Christmas
Length: 548 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Yue/Yukito and Sakura gen
Other: Prompted by the episode, Sakura's Wonderful Christmas.
Excerpt: One day many years ago my false form told the mistress that he enjoyed spending his birthday with her. It became our tradition. My heart was still cold as ice, she complained sometimes when she felt lonely.

Title: Christmas in Vienna
Length: 702 words
Prompt: [profile] 20_inkspots: 19. echoes in winter
Pairing: Tomoyo/Sakura; slight Eriol/Tomoyo
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "All over the world," Eriol said, waving out the window to the nippy Italian winter, "and you've never found anyone to replace her in your heart?"

Title: Christmas Is For
Length: 316 words
Prompt: Christmas card fic for [profile] starlightfairy2
Pairing: Tomoyo/Meiling established
Other: Kinda oddly angsty?
Excerpt: She found Tomoyo leaning against the sink in the kitchen, coffee cup in hand and gazing out the window. She was leaning up on the sink just a little, painted stark white by the moonlight.

Title: City of Lights
Length: 2789 words
Prompt: [profile] 5sentence_fics: table two
Pairing: Touya/Nakuru
Other: PG-13 for implied sex. The 25 fics make one large story.
Excerpt: Her hair is long and she's wearing a tight black turtleneck, like she belongs here in Paris, drinking coffee and laughing and tossing back those copper-red strands.

Title: Clipped
Length: 186 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_angsts: 1. broken
Pairing: Yue/Clow
Other: n/a

Title: Clow
Length: 212 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: Nov 28 // father figure
Pairing: Kero and Clow gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: It hurt to lose Clow, though I never told anyone.

Title: Coach
Length: 461 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_friends: 7. an ugly shirt
Pairing: Syaoran and Tomoyo gen; Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Li-kun, that truly is an ugly shirt," Tomoyo exclaimed.

Title: Color
Length: 497 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_dreams: 4. vanilla
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura
Other: PG-13 for sex
Excerpt: The first shade of white was the paleness of his skin, the color of cream that he poured out over her body, leaving slick sensation in its wake.

Title: Comfort Food
Length: 155 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_friends: 19. lunchtime
Pairing: Syaoran and Tomoyo gen; Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "No, I didn't. You gave me some really good advice," he said, looking her in the eye to show his sincerity. "Thank you, Daidouji."

Title: Comfort Food
Length: 581 words
Prompt: [profile] 10pokes: 2. chocolate
Pairing: Yukito and Kaho gen; past Touya/Kaho; implied Eriol/Kaho
Other: Character death.
Excerpt: So after the wake, when everyone had drifted home to have a long cry of their own, Kaho rang the doorbell of the apartment Yukito and Touya had shared, and when he opened the door, she handed him a container, still warm from the oven.

Title: Comfortable Silence
Length: 263 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_lessons: 3. Function Words and Content Words [Parts of Speech]
Pairing: Fujitaka/Nadeshiko; Touya/Yukito
Other: n/a
Excerpt: And after that, nothing important remained to be said. Their hearts spoke.

Title: Coming Home
Length: 562 words
Prompt: International Day of Femslash 2008: Tomoyo x Meiling; Li asks if she's just doing this to make him jealous, or he worries that she's coping in the wrong way, for [profile] sky_pirate_tat.
Pairing: Meiling and Syaoran gen; Tomoyo/Meiling; past Meiling/Syaoran
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Yeah?" Meiling said, with a short laugh. "I couldn't figure out if Mom was madder about my haircut or my having a girlfriend."

Title: Concessions
Length: 116 words
Prompt: no_true_pair: Syaoran and Tomoyo, eternal rivals
Pairing: Syaoran/Sakura; Tomoyo/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: In some sideways world there was a Sakura without a Syaoran, a Sakura with only a Tomoyo, and this Tomoyo seemed to know that somehow.

Title: Constancy
Length: 181 words
Prompt: [profile] 18coda: sempre
Pairing: Tomoyo/Sakura; Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Distance relationships don't work, or she would know her father. Young love doesn't work, or her parents would still be married.

Title: Constant Observer
Length: 309 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_tears: 10. salt on an open wound
Pairing: Syaoran gen; Tomoyo/Sakura; Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Daidouji is observant, but she isn't psychic, and I won't tell her what I know. The love she has for Sakura is just like mine, but she hides it.

Title: Constrast
Length: 222 words
Prompt: [profile] 100_leitmotifs: 81. black and white; [profile] 5trueloves: 24. white; black; color
Pairing: Eriol/Tomoyo
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Eriol simply looked past the perfect girl to the real one, the girl who had tantrums when she was three and her mother wouldn't come home to play with her, the girl who watched her heart break because the love she carried was hopeless and wrong.

Title: Construct
Length: 318 words
Prompt: Touya/Kaho/Tomoyo: how their relationship works, and how it does, for [profile] mellowcandle
Pairing: Touya/Kaho/Tomoyo
Other: Experimental, somewhat poetic style.
Excerpt: Polyamory was always a balance-- love me more, love me less, love me enough-- and the stakes were high enough already, the past a knife waiting at their throats to stop the blood to their hearts.

Title: Consulted
Length: 179 words
Prompt: no_true_pair: Sakura and Clow, working together
Pairing: Clow and Sakura gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: The grass was dead and the light was dying when she stepped onto Clow's estate, already touched by early winter winds. He was waiting for her by the tree, as always; she wondered, as she often did, how his precognition wearied him.

Title: Cost
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_lessons: 5. Opportunity Cost
Pairing: Fujitaka/Nadeshiko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: On a teacher's salary, he warned, he couldn't promise her a fancy ceremony. She laughed and said that was okay. Love never need be adorned.

Title: Created
Length: 149 words
Prompt: icon meme
Pairing: Clow gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: The thing that no one ever realized about Clow was that he thought he was expendable.

Title: Creation
Length: 306 words
Prompt: [profile] 31days_06: 31 // but, fierce and bold/ in fiery gold/ his glories all effulgent!
Pairing: Clow and Kero gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Yes," Clow said, wide-eyed. His glasses slid down his nose. Deftly Cerberus caught them with one paw, and then leaned up on his hind legs and rested his front paws on the master's shoulders.

Title: Crossed
Length: 277 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_friends: 6. Promise?
Pairing: Syaoran and Tomoyo gen; Tomoyo/Sakura, Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Promise me you'll love her forever," Tomoyo said to Syaoran as they sat there on the park bench waiting for Sakura to appear.

Title: Crybaby
Length: 174 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_tears: 30. tears
Pairing: Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: It was always my goal to keep the tears from her eyes, to stay by her side so she could wear her smile. When she smiled, everything in the world felt right.

Title: crying all night for you
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_nights: #19
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura
Other: dark themes
Excerpt: I dreamt that she had lost, that the Cards became mere paper.

Title: Cryptic
Length: 451 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_romances: 3. anvil; banter
Pairing: Eriol/Kaho
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "An anvil," Kaho said, not sounding amused. She surprised Eriol, who was concentrating on the metal object, and he nearly dropped the magic he was using to get it into the house.

Title: Cues
Length: 657 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days 6 Oct 08 // are you now or have you ever been
Pairing: Tomoyo/Meiling; mentions of Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Daidouji Tomoyo was not a lesbian. She had never been a lesbian. She had always been practical, however, and choose to fall in love with souls instead of bodies.

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Titles D

Title: Dance With Me
Length: 170 words
Prompt: [profile] 7rainbowprompts: 2. ballroom dancing
Pairing: Yamazaki/Chiharu
Other: Dialogue-fic.
Excerpt: "Unless you can strangle him on beat, you'd better get back to learning the steps, Miharu-kun."

Title: Dark Kisses
Length: 392 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_dreams: 01. kiss; [community profile] 31_days Oct 2 // hello darkness, my old friend
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura
Other: PG for sexual references
Excerpt: I cannot sleep, because I dream of his kisses. I wake with a start, my lips parted to receive them, because I cannot resist.

Title: darkness in my heart
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_dreams: #4
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura
Other: dark themes
Excerpt: Today I used a smile, a carefully crafted compliment, a kiss on the hand. I heard what Daidouji-san said about me.

Title: Date
Length: 546 words
Prompt: [profile] 20loves: table one, prompt #19
Pairing: Tomoyo/Sakura; Eriol/Kaho; Eriol/Tomoyo
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Eriol called her one night, something he'd never done, and he said, "People are starting to say that you're in love with Sakura-san."

Title: Dawn
Length: 195 words
Prompt: [profile] 365_prompts: January 1: 1. sunshine
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura; past Syaoran/Sakura
Other: First in a series for [profile] 365_prompts.
Excerpt: The day dawned bright and cold, but there was something new in the air today. Sakura could feel it, could see it in her breath visible in the morning chill.

Title: Day to Remember
Length: 377 words
Prompt: [profile] 31days_06: 20 // she's delicate and seems like the mirror
Pairing: Eriol/Kaho
Other: Character death.
Excerpt: She's delicate, and seems like a mirror to his first wife, but she's not Kaho and she can never be, so he declines the invitation to dinner. Frustrated, she looks down at the plain silver band on his ring finger, and he doesn't have to read her mind to know what she's thinking.

Title: Delicate
Length: 136 words
Prompt:[profile] 30_friends: 16. Party!
Pairing: Syaoran and Tomoyo gen; Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "We're talking about Sakura's underwear, here. It's kinda weird."

Title: Determined
Length: 245 words
Prompt: [profile] heartbrkhotel: 4. calculated move; [profile] 20loves: table 1, #14
Pairing: Meiling/Syaoran
Other: n/a
Excerpt: That was a wicked thing to say, Syaoran, because I know you never felt the way that I did. He was my knight in shining armor, but he didn't want the princess.

Title: Devoted
Length: 295 words
Prompt: [profile] 52_flavours: 11 // My lord, you called me. I come. What does the king command?
Pairing: Clow and Yue gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Clow snorted and then came awake with a start. He rubbed his eyes and turned, unsurprised to see Yue at his side.

Title: Different Kind of Lonely
Length: 178 words
Prompt: [profile] 18coda: rubato
Pairing: Syaoran gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: How lucky he was to be able to steal away, he thought. He was laying on his bed in the twilight watching the sun slant through the window.

Title: Difficult
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_lessons: 7. calculus
Pairing: Fujitaka/Nadeshiko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She used to think that school was difficult, that balancing modeling and math class was the hardest thing she would ever aspire to.

Title: Do Not Touch
Length: 1409 words
Prompt: [profile] 1sentence: theme set gamma
Pairing: Tomoyo/Sakura; Syaoran/Sakura
Other: Not a continuous story.
Excerpt: For the first year, the phone calls are regular, every Sunday evening, but Sakura begins to skip weeks and even months, with breathless excuses of commitments and her job and her children; Tomoyo stops calling.

Title: Don't Be a Scrooge
Length: 592 words
Prompt: [profile] cardcaptorgifts: Tomoeda Elementary Class 4-2 (or 5-2, up to you) is having a Christmas Party. What happens?
Pairing: Syaoran/Sakura
Other: Mid-canon AU, like a missing episode.
Excerpt: "Syaoran-kun, you did really well!" Sakura said admiringly as Syaoran's heart dropped into his feet. Yes, the play had been a success, and had raised enough money for a good Christmas party, but he hadn't thought that Daidouji would have brought the video to the party. And a large projector. And the intent to embarrass him fully.

Title: Don't Believe Him
Length: 334 words
Prompt: [profile] 7rainbowprompts: set indigo: 1. look over your shoulder
Pairing: Yamazaki/Chiharu
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Momma, Daddy says that when he was little, he told the truth all the time and no one believed him," the little boy said, eyes wide

Title: Don't Cry
Length: 221 words
Prompt: [profile] 20loves: first table, #9
Pairing: Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She gave me courage: I couldn't bear to write and say I would never return, for I knew her next letter would be tearstained, and she shouldn't have to cry about me.

Title: don't worry, I'll always be by your side
Length: 100 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_nights: #36
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura
Other: dark themes
Excerpt: I will always be by your side, but you will never know.

Title: Drawing a Blank
Length: 159 words
Prompt: Given a pairing, write what happens should one of them become psychic. Touya/Yukito for [profile] evercool.
Pairing: Touya/Yukito(/Yue)
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "It didn't come up," he said guiltily, taking a large bite out of his sandwich.

Title: Dream of You
Length: 200 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_dreams: 20. endless corridor
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Eriol was there, walking beside her. He reached out and grabbed her hand as though it was the most normal thing in the world.

Title: Dreamer
Length: 386 words
Prompt: [profile] 20loves: table two, #16
Pairing: Syaoran/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: The sky was perfectly blue the day he came back, the color of Tomoyo's eyes when she was happy. Spring was here and all the colors seemed brighter. Winter faded the world into old shades of cotton, warm enough but dull, but spring had come to restore color and hope to my world.

Title: Dual
Length: 1834 words
Prompt: [profile] 1fandom theme set one
Pairing: Eriol/Kaho
Other: Not a coherent story; disjointed.
Excerpt: He might have been Clow once, but that doesn't mean he even understood the magician's motivations; it took him three weeks to come up with a plausible task to change the Libra card, the whole time wondering what his predecessor had actually used it for.

Title: Dwell
Length: 2581 words
Prompt: [profile] 5sentence_fics table 7
Pairing: Tomoyo/Meiling
Other: PG-13 for character death, sex.
Excerpt: "I always wanted to go to Egypt," Tomoyo said once, languidly, lying in bed next to the girl who was beautiful enough to be Isis, to be Bast, to be a goddess of her own.

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Titles E

Title: Easy Silence
Length: 332 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_friends: 15. comfortable silence
Pairing: Syaoran and Tomoyo gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: It wasn't necessarily that Li Syaoran was standoffish. Sometimes he was standoffish, and sometimes he just wanted to be quiet. In a home full of five women, with various cousins and aunts dropping in at a moment's notice, Li Syaoran learned to value silence when there was the opportunity.

Title: Eclipse
Length: 1017 words
Prompt: [profile] 20_inkspots: 15. never seen a bluer sky
Pairing: Tomoyo/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She smiled and walked away into her new life with her blue sky and I looked up and thought, It just looks blue to me.

Title: Economical
Length: 200 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_lessons: 1. economies of scale
Pairing: Fujitaka/Nadeshiko
Other: n/a
Excerpt: They never tried to put their love on a budget, Nadeshiko had said once, because neither of them would be able to manage it!

Title: Edge of Night
Length: 239 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_romances: 20. take it in your stride; walk
Pairing: Eriol/Kaho
Other: n/a
Excerpt: The world was so sharply defined the night she left. The stars were pinpoints in the velvet cloak of night and the moon produced a halo round her auburn hair. It was the first time I could remember that I felt shorter than her, literally smaller. She seemed to tower over me, unforgiving.

Title: England
Length: 401 words
Prompt: [profile] 52_flavours: 8. But could be we be together / outside of time as well as inside?; [profile] 100_leitmotifs: 11. this is your world
Pairing: Eriol and Tomoyo gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: It was like stepping into another world entirely, a new place sidled just a bit away from the rest of the universe. She stood and gaped; after a moment she heard footsteps and a soft chuckle.

Title: English Weather
Length: 323 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_dreams: 26. when it's cold outside
Pairing: Eriol/Sakura
Other: n/a
Excerpt: It had sent a thrill through him, to be so gallant, to skirt the line between his impulsive youth and remembered maturity. Japan had been full of sunshine, of a kind they didn't seem to make here, when the sun shone dully through the clouds like a lost penny no one bothered to pick up.

Title: Erased
Length: 441 words
Prompt: [profile] 30_friends: 5. hidden treasures
Pairing: Syaoran and Tomoyo gen; Syaoran/Sakura; Tomoyo/Sakura
Other: character death
Excerpt: Last week, Syaoran had called Tomoyo and in a dead voice, he said, "I have almost forgotten her face."

Title: Eriol
Length: 528 words
Prompt: [profile] 365_characters: character sketch.
Pairing: Eriol gen
Other: Just a character sketch, no continuity.
Excerpt: He sits in the Chair and plans. It is a Chair that has earned the capital letter by belonging to his predecessor, the great man who looms over him, guiding his steps like some twisted god.

Title: every day
Length: 542 words
Prompt: Christmas card fic!
Pairing: Syaoran/Sakura established
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Syaoran thought that weddings shouldn't take place in winter's cold; Sakura was grateful that the two of them could take advantage of their time off university. He was overwhelmed by the crowds; she learned everyone's names. Sometimes he really wondered where he would be without her.

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