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Masterlist Table of Contents

Fandoms E-H

*Assume all fanfiction is G-rated unless otherwise noted. All old links go to Livejournal.*

Final Fantasy VII
Fullmetal Alchemist
Good Omens
Guilty Gear
Harry Potter
High School Musical
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Holitsuba Gakuen


Title: the stored honey
Length: 712 words
Prompt: tumblr: Gregson has a bee drawing on his file cabinet. Why?
Pairing: Sherlock gen
Other: Set in a vague timeframe, no canon spoilers.
Excerpt: "Please?" he said, with his most winning expression. The little girl had smudges on her face and hands. Some of them were from dirt, but he was pretty certain that some of them were pen, as well. And what would a four-year-old be doing with a pen? Drawing, if she didn't have any crayons. There might have been a slight perk of eyebrows under the child's ratty hair.

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Title: another's little lapses
Length: 306 words
Prompt: Given a character, I will write something about them during precanon: Sandry
Pairing: Sandry gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Sandry swallowed instead of crying. She should have expected it -- none of her friendships with other nobleborn children ever lasted long.

Title: the sea pronounces something
Length: 271 words
Prompt: Given a character, I will write something about them set during precanon: Daja
Pairing: Daja gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Daja learned to walk on a rolling deck, and her mother laughed when Daja first stepped foot on solid ground and began to stagger back and forth like an inexplicably drunken toddler.

Title: where they understand you
Length: 387 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Circle of Magic series, Sandry(/any), warp and weft
Pairing: Sandry & Briar gen
Other: Set sometime post Will of the Empress.
Excerpt: Sandry is making a rug for the entranceway of Daja's house. She weaves the fibers, humming, knowing that Daja could buy a dozen rugs, each more beautiful than the last, but that doesn't matter. What matters is leaving a part of herself there, with Daja and Tris and Briar.

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Title: Doesn't Have to Be
Length: 146 words
Prompt: Song meme: "Happy Doesn't Have to be an Ending," They Might be Giants
Pairing: Robert/Giselle
Other: n/a
Excerpt: In Andalasia, Happily Ever After deserved the capitals. It was a place. It was a palace and a resort and a lifestyle. It was, on the whole, Giselle suspected, a wonderful but shallow place.

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Final Fantasy VII

Title: always beginning now
Length: 335 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Final Fantasy VII, All, what if Cloud had died instead of Aeris at the City of the Ancients?
Pairing: Aeris gen
Other: Mentioned character death as per prompt.
Excerpt: Carefully, swearing under his breath in frustration and sadness, Barrett embedded Cloud's sword into the rock at the edge of the pool. It was as near to a grave marker as they could spare. The glimmering light played shadows on it, uncaring of the tragedy that had occurred here. It was beautiful, although cold.

Title: On Hold
Length: 176
Prompt: Icon prompt for [profile] asylumiss.
Pairing: Tifa gen
Other: Pre-canon.
Excerpt: When Tifa joined AVALANCHE, she'd never realized there would be all this... waiting.

Title: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made Of
Length 1084 words
Prompt: porn_battle: Final Fantasy VII, Aeris/Tifa, "come with me in the twilight of a summer night for a while"
Pairing: Aeris/Tifa
Other: NC-17 for explicit f/f sex
Excerpt: Tifa knew that Cloud still dreamed of her. Anyone with a brain could see that. But no one, not even Cloud, knew that she did too.

Title: touch a life
Length: 485 words
Prompt: Aerith/Tifa, fingertips for [personal profile] sour_idealist
Pairing: Aerith/Tifa established
Other: AU in that it is set mid-canon before Aerith's death. R for sex.
Excerpt: Aerith never treated Tifa delicately. Tifa liked that. She was not a delicate woman. She had scars and calluses; she fought with her fists and often won.

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Title: the food of the heavens
Length: 278 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Firefly, Kaylee/Simon, strawberry foodplay
Pairing: Simon/Kaylee
Other: PG for sexuality.
Excerpt: If Simon was honest with himself, he wasn't really sure where Kaylee was going with this strawberry thing. She'd just held up the little box and winked at him in that way that made his toes curl inside his shoes, and before he could register it, he was following her to her bunk.

Title: grief and rage and love rise up at once
Length: 201 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Firefly, Zoe, years after losing Wash
Pairing: Zoe/Wash
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Zoe sees him, years after he's gone. She'll make it a month, two, sometimes longer, but then she'll be walking by the door to the bridge and swear that there's a redhead there.

Title: hearing what isn't being said
Length: 378 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Firefly, Wash/Zoe, Many things must be left unsaid, because it's late / but whatever conversation we haven't had / tonight, we'll have tomorrow - Spring, by Jelaluddin Rumi
Pairing: Wash/Zoe
Other: n/a
Excerpt: After the third or fourth time that she told him to shut up, tone curt, Mal just laughed and said, "Zoe rations her words. She don't like to see a man spend them so frivolously. She'll get over it."

Title: it's how you take it off
Length: 168 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Firefly, Kaylee, a bit of lace goes a long way.
Pairing: Simon/Kaylee established
Other: PG for sexual implications.
Excerpt: A little bit of lace went a long way. A really little bit, Kaylee discovered.

Title: a trillion asterisks and no explanations
Length: 402 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Firefly, Jayne, he's never been outside a spaceship. Ever.
Pairing: Jayne gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He's ten years old and he's never seen sky before.

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Fullmetal Alchemist

Title: Handcrafted
Length: 238 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza/Winry, hands
Pairing: Riza/Winry established relationship
Other: PG for sexual themes
Excerpt: They both have rough hands, even when they wear their gloves, and the friction is rough and delicious when Riza leans forward and runs her fingers down Winry's cheek.

Title: Marathoning
Length: 282 words
Prompt: [profile] 31_days_exchnge: 3. spirit in my feet
Pairing: Ed and Al gen
Other: AU
Excerpt: When they first started journeying, they turned away from the cooling ashes and began to walk. Their steps were heavy and Ed couldn't smell anything except fire (ash, loss, can't go back, won't) for three days.

Title: Photograph
Length: 894 words
Prompt: none
Pairing: Elicia gen
Other: future!fic
Excerpt: When the man--Mr. Mustang, she heard her mother call him once--was drunk enough he would talk about her father. Mustang's ramblings, though fascinating, never told her what she wanted to know. He was a weepy drunk and would alternate between ranting at her father for leaving his service and praising the man for his loyalty. He had died in service to the military, Mustang said, and her mother always spat and said, "The dogs!"

Title: Sniping
Length: 537 words
Prompt: [profile] 31_days_exchnge: 8. lightning, my pilot
Pairing: Riza gen
Other: PG for war themes; AU
Excerpt: "Do you like this?" he says softly, flexing his gloved fingers and watching the rain slide down them.

Title: Steel
Length: 151 words
Prompt: Winry and Den
Pairing: Winry gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Winry has always thought that all dogs are made of both mechanical things and flesh, until her first classmate spits at her feet, saying that her dog is fake and should be dead.

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Title: Closeted Robos
Length: 259 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: Futurama, Bender/Fry, Leela knows they're a couple
Pairing: Bender/Fry
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Besides, being robosexual is a little more acceptable now than it was in the 2950s, and they almost never arrest anyone for it anymore.

Title: Mental Harassment
Length: 420 words
Prompt: Meme: Give me two characters and I'll show what would happen should one of them become psychic.
Pairing: Fry and Bender gen
Other: PG for language
Excerpt: "Good news, everyone!" the Professor announced. "I've figured out a way to give psychic ability to robots!"

Title: Not With a Bang but a Limburger
Length: 127 words
Prompt: Three-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Futurama, any, it'll work but it's covered in cheese
Pairing: Leela gen
Other: Warning for horrible pun, as seen in title.
Excerpt: Leela asks for the raygun, because someone has to save the world and Fry is still slouching on the couch, complaining that Apocalypse news has superseded his favorite cartoons.

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Title: Holidays With You
Length: 337
Prompt: fic-or-treat 2008; Girlfriends for [profile] socchan
Pairing: slight Akko/Mari; Mari/boyfriend
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "We could dress up like they do for Obon over in America," Akko continued past the awkwardness, her excitement flaring. "I was reading about it in my doujinshi! You could be Robin and I could be Batman."

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Good Omens

Title: The Devils Dance
Length: 139 words
Prompt: 3-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley, night on the town
Pairing: slight Aziraphale/Crowley
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "You want to do the Charleston in a gentleman's club?" Crowley asks in disbelief.

Title: flight: Five Things about Aziraphale the Angel
Length: 174 words
Prompt: For [profile] zweikirschen: five things about Aziraphale
Pairing: Aziraphale gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Sometimes he thinks he's a better bookshop owner than he ever was an angel.

Title: no time like the present
Length: 249 words
Prompt: Christmas card fic!
Pairing: Aziraphale & Crowley gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "It doesn't seem right, you celebrating Christmas," Aziraphale said. Crowley refused to look sheepish, which was difficult given the size of the package in his arms.

Title: Rainbows
Length: 193 words
Prompt: Genderbent fic: Crowley/Aziraphale for [profile] beansidhe_baby
Pairing: fem!Crowley/fem!Aziraphale
Other: In which they've both always been female. Take two~ Discussions of homophobia.
Excerpt: "Do you have any idea what lesbian means?" Crowley asks, and when Aziraphale repeats her theories about Lesbos, Crowley rolls her eyes and explains.

Title: Sashay
Length: 402 words
Prompt: Genderbent fic: Crowley/Aziraphale for [profile] beansidhe_baby
Pairing: slight fem!Crowley/fem!Aziraphale
Other: In which they've both always been female.
Excerpt: The demon smirks. She juts out a hip and Aziraphale's fingers immediately fall to the hem of her woolen skirt. She pulls it down a little as if to compensate for Crowley's ridiculous fashion choices.

Title: to touch words
Length: 391 words
Prompt: five people who didn't buy books in Aziraphale's shop and one who did for Alms
Pairing: Aziraphale gen
Other: A nun, a farmer, and a small girl walked into Aziraphale's bookshop, and someone perhaps a little more aware of pop-culture would think there was a good joke in the offing. Aziraphale only thought, 'Three people at once! Did I forget and leave the Open sign out?'

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Guilty Gear

Title: Different Ways to Do It
Length: 1155 words
Prompt: International Day of Femslash 2008: (Girl)Bridget; WHHHHHY?!
Pairing: girl!Bridget/OFC
Other: NC-17 for explicit sex, genderbending, prostitution
Excerpt: "It's not a big deal, ma'am. We get women in here more'n you'd think, believe me. I love doing women-- so much easier when you're dealing with your own anatomy, don't you think? Well, of course you do."

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Harry Potter

Title: Believed to be Seen
Fandom: Harry Potter
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory/Luna Lovegood, "I believe you."
Pairing: slight Cedric/Luna
Other: AU in which Cedric does not die. Set post OOTP.
Excerpt: He dreamed that he had died-- just a moment, just a breath, and then green light and falling forever.

Title: Call
Length: 361 words
Prompt: Ginny/Luna, tin-can phone. Written for [personal profile] scrawled.
Pairing: Ginny/Luna; Ginny/Harry
Other: Deathly Hallows canon-compliant.
Excerpt: "There is so much to know," Luna breathes into the tin-can phone, her eyes never leaving Ginny's.

Title: Fiery
Length: 1287 words
Prompt: [community profile] lgbtfest: 434. Harry Potter: The Weasleys. How do the family react when Ginny, the only daughter, grows up to be butch lesbian?
Pairing: Ginny/OFC, Ron/Hermione mentioned, Ron/OMCs mentioned
Other: Deathly Hallows canon-compliant, except for Epilogue. Slight DH spoilers.
Excerpt: He hadn't been looking for family in the Muggle gay bar, but he'd found it. He'd found Ginny Weasley and at the moment she looked like the butchest girl he'd ever seen.

Title: Give and Take
Length: 475 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: Harry Potter, girl!Neville/boy!Luna, you can't always get what you want
Pairing: Luca/Nell (Luna/Neville)
Other: Genderbending, but only Luna and Neville; everyone else's gender remains the same.
Excerpt: She doesn't understand Luca. He has the same problem she does-- everyone thinks he's weird and useless. He talks about creatures that don't exist and he seems to float through life tilted sideways.

Title: Never Gonna Give
Length: 355 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: Harry Potter, Hermione/Luna, Never Gonna Give You Up
Pairing: Hermione/Luna established
Other: n/a
Excerpt: Hermione laughs, and then looks at her girlfriend's puzzled face, and laughs some more. She knows Luna won't be offended.

Title: Out of the Closet
Length: 1146 words
Prompt: [profile] 50fantastic: 8. Fandom: Harry Potter (Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, friendship or light courtship (if you don't wanna do that, that's fine too.) hmmmm... I love the times when Sirius and Remus were in school before the whole "He Who must not be named" thing, so maybe a happy school story?
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Other: fluff, slash, one bad word. Written for [profile] purplenemesis.
Excerpt: It was one thing when Remus was all touchy-feely, he was practically a girl, but there was no reason for him to touch back, right? Remus was probably blushing right now, in fact. What a girl.

Title: Pride
Length: 90 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 10 May 09 // Too proud to be a queen; Tonks for [profile] starlightfairy2
Pairing: Tonks gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: It was strange that, even as a Metamorphagus, she never fit her name, of all things.

Title: Tremor
Fandom: Harry Potter
Length: 144 words
Prompt: Three-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Harry Potter, Harry/Ginny, every other day
Pairing: Harry/Ginny established
Other: Post Hallows.
Excerpt: Every other day, it seemed, he woke with a gasp, with the smell of old tent lingering in his nose from his dreams, with death and fear and snake in the forefront of his mind.

Title: Turned On End
Length: 495 words
Prompt: [profile] 50fantastic: 13. Harry Potter, Slytherin Tower - When everyone woke up, things were...different.
Pairing: Slytherin gen
Other: Jossed by Deathly Hallows.
Excerpt: They had all anticipated this happening, even as they declared that it wouldn't. The spell was broken. Voldemort was gone.

Title: Unbelievable Legend
Length: 698 words
Prompt: none
Pairing: Neville gen
Other: Major Deathly Hallows spoilers. DH/Epilogue compliant.
Excerpt: Last year he had been out in Hogsmeade when he heard the piercing screams and a small child yelling, "Voldemort, Voldemort!"

Title: What Comes Next
Length: 775
Prompt: [community profile] lgbtfest: 409. Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood/Ginny Weasley. Ginny doesn't understand that Luna fancies her-- she thinks it's just Luna being weird (as usual). Luna wished there was an easier way to convince Ginny and everyone else that she is serious.
Pairing: Luna/Ginny; Colin, Neville, and Dean
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Normally I would ask Harry, because he gives wonderful advice," Luna said, tucking the braid behind her ear, "but it didn't seem like a prudent thing to do, given that you used to date him."

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Title: careful how you tread it
Length: 320 words
Prompt: Given a fandom, I will write a high school AU: Hercules
Pairing: Hercules/Megara
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "You've done more than enough to earn your scholarship," Herc's dad said, clapping Herc on the shoulder familiarly.

Title: Five Things Hercules Doesn't Know About His Wife
Length: 690 words
Prompt: none
Pairing: Megara/canon ex-boyfriend, Hercules/Megara
Other: n/a
Excerpt: She had always been cynical, and even faced with a divine presence, she tried to remain cool. She watched the flames burn harmlessly on his slate-colored face. It was nearly comical, that sharp nose and exaggerated features.

Title: From the Depths
Length: 329 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 8 Oct 08 // power play
Pairing: Hades gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: I'm sure all you hear from him is good things. Oh Zeus, merciful Zeus, powerful Zeus. Yeah, yeah. He's been tormenting me from the womb. Brothers or not, I know the feel of his fingers in my eyes. You don't get to the top without fighting dirty.

Title: Responsibilities
Length: 399 words
Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 25 Oct 08 // the weight of the world
Pairing: Hercules/Megara; mostly Hercules gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: It had seemed quite simple, at first. And he was the strongest man alive. Why not hold up the world for a little while in order to get this job done?

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Title: Courage Is Nine-Tenths Context
Length: 3378 words
Prompt: [community profile] yuletide 2009: What happened between Ch33 and Ch34 of the book? For [profile] cstoplurking.
Pairing: Thom/Goran; Kevin/Scarlett in background
Other: Title from a quotation by Joseph Epstein. As far as I can tell, Moore never named Goran's little brother, so I named him.
Excerpt: I was probably going to be Thom forever, but I didn't really mind. Someone had to be the public face of the movement, and my place had been cemented there twice: once, when I gave my real first name to a disillusioned receptionist, and the second time, when I gave a fake one to a gay stranger.

Title: Thom
Length: 465
Prompt: none
Pairing: Thom/Goran; Kevin/Scarlett
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "What about Mr. Fabulous?" Scarlett said, waving her hand limply without letting go of her pizza.

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High School Musical

Title: Reunion
Length: 837
Prompt: [personal profile] flareonfury's multifandom summer fic fest: Troy/Sharpay, always the bridesmaid, G, het
Pairing: slight Troy/Sharpay; Ryan/Gabriella
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "Hi, Sharpay," he said awkwardly, clutching at the lace trim in his hands and wishing fiercely it would disappear. Her eyes traveled to the lace and back to his face.

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Title: Black
Length: 92 words
Prompt: 3-Sentence Fic-a-thon: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Marvin, "there's a little black spot on the sun today"
Pairing: Marvin gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: There's a little black spot on the sun of the planet that they're visiting today, and Marvin ponders it laconically.

Title: Dating
Length: 295 words
Prompt: [community profile] fandomsecrets multifandom request meme: Random/Ford. They have so much in common, after all.
Pairing: Random/Ford
Other: n/a
Excerpt: When Random first told her father that she was dating Ford Prefect, first he taught her some new English swear words even Ford hadn't taught her about, and then he grounded her for a month.

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Hot Fuzz

Title: Introspection
Length: 246 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Nicholas gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He's not one much for introspection, but sometimes if Danny gets him in his cups (he still doesn't drink much, though), he'll think about what would have happened if Danny had died.

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Holitsuba Gakuen

Title: Holitsuba Academy, Meeting Minutes from 5 Apr 20XX
Length: 482 words
Prompt: [profile] clampanonmeme: Holitsuba staff meeting with Kurogane, Fai, Yuui, Seishirou, Yuuko, and any other characters.
Pairing: Kurogane gen
Other: Featuring cameos from Arashi-sensei, Fuuma-sensei, Sorata-sensei, and Clow-sensei-- all of whom do not appear in the original CD dramas/omakes.
Excerpt: "Oh, you're all here!" Yuuko said cheerfully, her voice emerging through the window before she did. Kurogane blinked. He was sure he'd shut that when he came in.

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Title: A(path)y
Length: 235 words
Prompt: [profile] 31_days_exchnge: 1. it breaks in our bosom, and then we bleed
Pairing: House gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: House doesn't have much luck with fellows, family, or friends. He knows why-- he knows he doesn't earn loyalty or give enough or make any sort of effort, really.

Title: Bargaining an Empty Hand
Length: 584 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: House, House/male!Cameron, moral bankruptcy
Pairing: House/male!Cameron
Other: Genderswitch AU in which all characters are of the opposite gender except House. Hand-waved medical terminology/theories/etc. PG-13 for sexual references.
Excerpt: House meets his eyes for a moment too long and then turns away with a bark of a laugh. "Heh. You should have sent Chase, she's the pretty one."

Title: Broke
Length: 1333 words
Prompt: 4. In 2x10 'Failure to Communicate,' House mentioned that the pipes once burst in the apartment he shared with Stacy. What did they do after their home was flooded?
Pairing: House/Stacy
Other: n/a
Excerpt: As if the Accident wasn't enough (and why not capitalize in her head? Greg did-- it certainly wasn't something simple to him), the pipes broke the day after he came home. Stacy was beginning to wonder if someone was out to get her.

Title: Close
Length: 392 words
Prompt: [profile] 50fantastic: 8. House, M.D. Using a House/Wilson pairing, somehow work in the phrase "Proche, mais aucun cigare."
Pairing: House/Wilson established
Other: Written for [personal profile] lea724, Babelfished French, PG for sexual implications
Excerpt: "Nothing changed," Cameron had said once, irritated, "except that sometimes Wilson finishes House's sarcastic remarks, and they occasionally imply things heavily enough to make you sick."

Title: Favors
Length: 618
Prompt: [community profile] lgbtfest: 9. Any fandom: Just because the boss is GLBT, and so is character X, it doesn't mean they get any favours, whatever the gossip says.
Pairing: House/Wilson established, Cuddy/Thirteen
Other: Given that I've missed most of Season 4, this fic is AU. Assumes a House/Wilson established relationship. House's reference to Cuddy dating Wilson is the episode where Wilson took her to a play. Set somewhere mid Season 4.
Excerpt: "Where did she take you out? Or did you pay? You took her out, didn't you? I always thought you'd be a stone butch. It's the source of some of my better fantasies."

Title: Five Times Cameron Lied
Length: 1976
Prompt: [community profile] yuri_challenge: Lisa Cuddy/Alison Cameron - lie - Can a lie turn into the truth?
Pairing: Cuddy/Cameron
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "I'm sorry?" Cameron said, and House replied, "Wilson told me he saw you and Cuddy looking awfully cozy in the hospital cafeteria yesterday. I was just wondering... how cozy."

Title: Forward
Length: 316
Prompt: none
Pairing: House/Cuddy/Wilson, mentions of Wilson/Amber
Other: Spoilers for S4 finale, AU afterwards.
Excerpt: Cuddy's lips on his, Wilson's arm on his chest. Breath, breath, breath, forward--

Title: Get Off
Length: 699 words
Prompt: [profile] 31_days_exchnge 6. unbuild it again; [profile] house_femfest: Cuddy/Amber, "Get off the damn bus."
Pairing: Cuddy/Amber; implied Wilson/Amber
Other: PG for blood, spoilers for Wilson's Heart
Excerpt: "Let's go back," she says. "Get off the damn bus. Let House take care of himself."

Title: Ghosts of Past, Present, Future
Length: 933 words
Prompt: [community profile] comment_fic: House, House/Wilson, House hallucinates girl!Wilson
Pairing: House/Wilson
Other: Spoilers for season finale of House.
Excerpt: When Wilson appears in the corner of his room, leaning on the wall, relaxed and smiling, House laughs. His voice echoes hollowly in the room, rolling around the medicinal quiet.

Title: Harm the Baby
Length: 1069
Prompt: [profile] 50fantastic: 19. House, M.D. Cuddy, where she tries to cheer herself up after her latest failed conception attempt.
Pairing: Cuddy + ducklings gen
Other: Set after 3x11 Words and Deeds.
Excerpt: "Why don't we go out tonight?" Cameron said, and it passed through one ear and out the other. When she repeated herself and my brain actually processed the words, I looked up from my paperwork, incredulous.

Title: Jimmy
Length: 316
Prompt: icon meme
Pairing: House gen
Other: n/a
Excerpt: He nearly tripped when the cat wrapped itself around his cane and batted playfully at the stick. Clearly giving it a source of energy had been a bad thing to do.

Title: Laugh
Length: 341
Prompt: none
Pairing: House and Wilson gen
Other: PG for one curse word
Excerpt: When Wilson told him, House tried to make some sort of ironic joke about the fact that an oncologist had cancer, but the words died in his throat.

Title: Liar
Length: 221
Prompt: none
Pairing: House and Wilson gen
Other: Set directly after 3x06 Que Sera Sera.
Excerpt: When the policeman threw the prescription down and Wilson looked at his own name signed in House's hand, he couldn't help but react. He'd never been a good liar (except to himself, of course, which explained the three wives). The spark that flared for just a moment in the policeman's eyes said that the man noticed. They were screwed.

Title: Negotiate
Length: 255 words
Prompt: icon meme
Pairing: House and Cameron gen
Other: Set early in season 4.
Excerpt: "Of course you would make it difficult. Look, it's simple. I wanted minions-- now I have three minions whom I cleverly disguise as fellows. The problem is, they're dumb as dirt. I need someone halfway competent."

Title: Replacement
Length: 361 words
Prompt: International Day of Femslash 2008
Pairing: slight Thirteen/Cameron; past Chase/Cameron
Other: G, drinking.
Excerpt: Thirteen smiled. Cameron cast around for her name. She remembered meeting the fellow; House had sardonically introduced her as yes, the new Cameron, but what was her name? Cameron smiled politely.

Title: Strikeout
Length: 683
Prompt: [profile] 31days_06: 08 // the disenfranchised masses will run you through
Pairing: Wilson/Cuddy, strong hints of House/Cuddy
Other: n/a
Excerpt: "To have to spend time with you? No," House said, his smile lasting through the next words, "it was absolutely not as bad as being mauled by a bear, for example. Or treed by Old Man Robinson's doberman. At least you're more pleasant to look at when you sink your teeth into somebody."

Title: the human heart is curved like a road through mountains
Length: 280 words
Prompt: Awesome Ladies Ficathon: House, Thirteen, bisexual doesn't mean I'm afraid to admit I'm a lesbian
Pairing: Thirteen/various; mostly gen
Other: Mentioned homophobia/biphobia/straightphobia.
Excerpt: Her girlfriend screws up her nose and lectures her about being true to herself. Remy doesn't understand why - that's exactly what she's doing.

Title: Tolerable
Length: 303 words
Prompt: Transfic Mini-Fest: House MD, mtf!Wilson, she's pleased to note that House is no less intolerable
Pairing: Wilson gen
Other: mtf!Wilson; trans issues.
Excerpt: House and Wilson had weathered a lot together over the years. Wilson could laugh at herself, in fact, from the way she'd thought once that nothing could be worse than the circumstances under which they'd met.

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