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Title: run on the top of the dishevelled tide
Fandom: Elementary
Length: 279 words
Prompt: comment_fic: Elementary, Sherlock/Moriarty, Moriarty thinks of Sherlock as like a fairy tale princess - he is waiting to be woken up by Moriarty so his real life can begin
Pairing: Irene/Sherlock
Other: Set pre-series. Some drug references.

Excerpt: She can put a dozen poisons in a dozen apples, but it's worth nothing unless he takes a bite.

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Title: it is just a system
Fandom: Elementary
Length: 560 words
Prompt: comment_fic: Elementary, Irene Adler/Joan Watson/Sherlock Holmes, AU where they’re all criminals
Pairing: slight Irene/Joan/Sherlock, mostly gen
Other: AU as per prompt. Violence, mention of drugs, and outsider POV.

Excerpt: Those three especially gave him the heebie-jeebies. It was something in the way they looked at each other, like they were sharing especially nasty secrets without saying a word. It was in the blonde's little quirky smile, and the business-like professionalism of the Asian woman, whose smile never reached her eyes. And it was in the way the British man talked and talked and talked, and the way the other two managed him, with the ease of long practice.

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Title: one clover, and a bee, and reverie
Fandom: Thrilling Adventure Hour
Length: 4124 words
Prompt: Yuletide NYR 2014, for [personal profile] jeanenjolras, who wanted OT3 accidental marriage.
Pairing: Croach/Red/Sparks
Other: Also archived at AO3.

Excerpt: Our favorite trio ends up accidentally married. Or sort of accidentally. Plus Martian culture, a lot of sarcasm, and some terrible attempts at sharing feelings.

"No," Croach said. "Because you showed us your feet. And you have seen mine, and Red's. And I have seen Red's feet."

He glanced at her. Sparks said, "Too much information."

"I am only providing this much information because you seem to need it," Croach said. "I believe this onus is equivalent to the human custom of "marriage." Is that not correct, The Red Plains Rider?"

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Title: you're aces for coming along
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender/Hunger Games
Length: 859 words
Prompt: fandom_stocking for [personal profile] ungoliant
Pairing: Zuko gen
Other: Fusion fic, ATLA characters in the HG universe. HG-typical violence.

Excerpt: Of course, Zuko would have been expected to put in an appearance regardless, assuming he was alive, being his father's son. The fact that he was also a victor was almost a minor detail, except that he thought about it every day and his scar still hurt, all these years later. He could never stop thinking about it, never.

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Title: always be chasing the sun
Fandom: Elementary
Length: 3147 words
Prompt: Written for [community profile] yuletide_admin 2014 for [personal profile] footnoterphone, who wanted Joan to go back to medicine.
Pairing: Joan gen
Other: Some spoilers for S3 and a number of Arthur Conan Doyle canon references, along with some themes of disability. Also at AO3.

Excerpt: When Joan got out of the hospital, her leg aching and stiff, Sherlock put her up in the front room, saying that the windows would be good for her. She would rather have had her room back, which was more private, but she couldn't imagine negotiating the stairs all the time, not any more. That was why she hadn't gone back to her own apartment. A lot of things would have to change, at least temporarily.

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Title: only the dead have seen the end of war
Fandom: Animorphs
Length: 766 words
Prompt: A [ profile] genficswap treat for [ profile] leidolette. She wanted to know what would happen if Rachel had survived the war.
Pairing: Rachel gen
Other: Major character death and war themes.

Excerpt: Rachel had clothes in her closet that she couldn't bring herself to wear. They would show off the leotard she didn't have to wear anymore, but she felt vulnerable without it. That was ridiculous, really; clothes wouldn't stop her from morphing. But there was something about the feel of the fabric tight against her skin that she couldn't give up.

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Title: it's getting dark and it's all too quiet
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Length: 180 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Welcome to Night Vale - Any - Ceremonial Soft Meats Crown
Pairing: Tamika gen
Other: General Night Vale creepiness.

Excerpt: Tamika still gets surprised on a regular basis, but she likes to think she handles it better now that she's thirteen. Her mom helped her wrap up the librarian's head when she brought it home after the summer reading program, and they're going to put it in a shadow box once it's all dried out properly.

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Title: just close your eyes, the sun is going down
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Length: 371 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Welcome to Night Vale, Drugged-Up Government Bear, Another day at work
Pairing: Cecil gen
Other: PG for general Night Vale weirdness.

Excerpt: It would be just another day in Night Vale, except that it's Christmas, and so the drugged-up government bear we all call Santa Claus is roaming the streets. His red and white costume is still festive, listeners, none of the blood has dried. I would recommend avoiding children today if possible.

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Title: that's when I could finally breathe
Fandom: Community
Length: 375 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Community, Abed/Troy, his zombie apocalypse preparedness routine didn't include protocols for this.
Pairing: Abed/Troy
Other: PG for sexual themes.

Excerpt: "We did not plan for this," Abed said. Troy's hands were warm on his abdomen, comforting. Troy was tracing over the scars that Abed had managed to acquire in his life. Most of them were from before the apocalypse, to be fair. The one Troy was putting his attention to now was from a merry-go-round incident when he was four. Troy knew that, but he kissed it anyway.

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Title: had me fighting for air
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Length: 532 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Suki/Azula, When the beautiful captured spy offers me sexual favors, they are only a trick to kill me and escape; I will decline.
Pairing: Suki/Azula
Other: Uh, let's just pretend they're all at least 16, idk how old Suki was supposed to be. PG-ish for sexual themes.

Excerpt: The night before the Kyoshi girls are scheduled to be removed to the Boiling Rock, Azula dresses them up in red and makes them serve at dinner. Ty Lee laughs uneasily and Mai says that this is a terrible idea, but Azula ignores them both.

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Title: we who are left
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Length: 439 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: A:TLA, any, What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
Pairing: Toph gen
Other: Themes of war.

Excerpt: "Mom?" Lin said over dinner, in that careful tone of voice that meant she was about to ask for something, "you don't ever talk about the war."

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Title: the list of what you've learned to do without
Fandom: Imperial Radch series - Ann Leckie
Length: 1005 words
Prompt: A [community profile] trickortreatex treat for [ profile] lichaelle. The prompt: "Breq begins to hear the ghosts in the machine: the slumbering memories and agonies of the various corpse soldiers she’s absorbed."
Pairing: Breq gen
Other: PG for psychological horror. Small spoilers for Ancillary Sword. Also at AO3

Excerpt: When I was a ship, I didn't dream. It was a side effect of the conversion process, probably unintentional, but I never complained. Who wanted to take the time to filter out the nonsense of a sleeping brain, anyway?

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Title: hell itself breathes out
Fandom: Elementary
Length: 1446 words
Prompt: [ profile] spook_me: Shapeshifter.
Pairing: Joan gen
Other: Also at AO3. Themes of drug abuse, addiction, and danger. AU to S1.

Excerpt: The phone rings three times, shrilly, before Joan picks up. The person on the other end is trying hard to remain calm, and not quite succeeding. He's broken out, the woman says, we're not sure why, be careful.

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Title: it's been you all along
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Length: 817 words
Prompt: Sherlock Holmes fic battle: steampunkverse, Holmes/Watson (or Watson/Holmes), "The Last Time" by Taylor Swift
Pairing: John/Mary and John/Shirley
Other: Set in an AU-verse where Sherlock was born Shirley, but the setting is (mostly) retained with some occasional steampunk elements that don't show up in this fic. This is an infidelity scenario.

Excerpt: The snow was blowing furiously past the window when Shirley heard familiar footsteps on the chair. Watson didn't bother knocking -- really, he never did nowadays. He probably thought she wouldn't let him in.

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Title: diplomatic cologne
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Length: 325 words
Prompt: Sherlock Holmes fic battle: steampunkverse, Holmes/Watson, 'you and I get so damn dysfunctional we start keeping score.' bonus points if it's more comedy than drama
Pairing: John/Shirley
Other: Set in an AU-verse where Sherlock was born Shirley, but the setting is (mostly) retained with some occasional steampunk elements that don't show up in this fic.

Excerpt: "Perhaps you could try being right more often," Holmes said, with a certain quirk to her smile.

John brandished his fork at her with mock offense. "Miss Holmes, that is not a solution to the problem. This unladylike domination of yours simply must stop."

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Title: the gift of reverie
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Length: 914 words
Prompt: Sherlock Holmes fic battle: steampunkverse, John and Shirley, how he weaned her off of cocaine.
Pairing: Sherlock/Watson established
Other: Set in an AU-verse where Sherlock was born Shirley, but the setting is (mostly) retained with some occasional steampunk elements that don't show up in this fic. There is some implied sex in this.

Excerpt: She smiled back at him. "It's like being on a case," she said. "The human body can be quite as unpredictable as the average criminal."

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Title: sacred idleness
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Length: 641 words
Prompt: Sherlock Holme fic battle: Original ACD universe, Holmes/Watson, Turkish bath
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Other: Victorian sexy. A little. PG-ish.

Excerpt: It was such a rare thing to see Holmes this relaxed without aid of his favorite poisons. His eyes were half-lidded when the attendant left, obligingly pushing together our couches so we might talk in intimacy. His hair was slicked back, a dark contrast to his familiar, aquiline face, and the oil glistened on his taut, well-built chest. When he caught my sideways look, he simply half-smiled with amusement.

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Title: a world possibly not born
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica/Sailor Moon
Length 128 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Puella Magi Madoka Magica/Sailor Moon, any, what if the Puella Magi and the Sailor Scouts existed in the same universe?
Pairing: Homura gen
Other: PG for creepy.

Excerpt: They have died so many times for their princess, and they will die again. They rise like zombies and they fall like mountains and they get up again, again.

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Title: only who is left
Fandom: Doctor Who
Length: 686 words
Prompt: MARTHA JONES APPRECIATION DAY, 9/25/14 (I wrote this and then forgot to post it on the right date)
Pairing: Martha gen; Martha/Tom
Other: Set post S3. Some PSTD themes.

Excerpt: How Martha came to join UNIT. When she meets Tom again, for the first time, she thinks it will help. He doesn't remember anything from that time, isn't steeped in terror and loss, doesn't have nightmares about deaths and deaths and deaths. He had been a good man, during the Year that Never Was, and he is a good man now. She could love him again.

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Title: the night's innumerable children
Fandom: Being Human (UK)
Length: 478 words
Prompt: The Could-Have-Beens AU Comment Ficathon: Being Human, Annie Sawyer - Annie is the vampire in the house. (Mix and match George, Nina, and Mitchell however you like)
Pairing: Mitchell/Annie
Other: PG for general creepiness.

Excerpt: She counts each day she's been clean on a kitten calendar she has tacked up in her bedroom and she goes to AA meetings every Thursday. Mitchell is more than half in love with her right from the start. She promises to help him find the man who killed him so he can rest.

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