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Title: and in the human heart
Fandom: Thrilling Adventure Hour
Length: 3499 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Sparks/Red, Croach/Sparks, Ginny/Sparks, Sparks/Red/Croach
Other: Titles from And In The Human Heart by Conrad Aiken. This story is a set of five canon AUs and a final future scenario. Warning for off-screen major character death in AU #4. Also at AO3.

Summary/Excerpt: 5 times Sparks nevada became a parent, and the one time he planned it first. "She likes riding," Sparks muttered under his breath. Red could have been a little more clear about that. Something like, "The baby is teething and won't sleep until you ride your horse around in circles for hours and she cries herself out."

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Title: the last drink on Mars
Fandom: Thrilling Adventure Hour
Length: 752 words
Prompt: comment_fic: Thrilling Adventure Hour, the Mars Marshaling Team meets the Doyles
Pairing: Frank/Sadie + Mars team gen
Other: n/a

Excerpt: "Humans do not possess sufficiently advanced senses to perceive ghosts," Croach said.

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Title: we show off our different scarlet letters
Fandom: Thrilling Adventure Hour
Length: 2016 words
Prompt: Written for the Thrilling Adventure Hour Secret Santa for [ profile] goggles-girl.
Pairing: Red gen with Red/Croach, Red/Sparks, and Croach/Red/Sparks
Other: Also at AO3.

Excerpt: "G'rop N'go-goth," Croach said, "I do not understand why I would be tied to the space train tracks in this scenario. You know that I have the ability to excrete a slippery solution that would help me escape these bonds."

"Shut up and listen, Croach," Red said.

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Title: showdown at the hypercattle corral
Fandom: Doctor Who/Thrilling Adventure Hour
Length: 652 words
Prompt: comment_fic: Doctor Who/Thrilling Adventure Hour, 11th Doctor + Sparks Nevada (+ any), bonding over bowties and robot rogues
Pairing: Sparks, Croach, and Eleven gen
Other: Uses the widely popular fanon that Sparks Nevada wears a bowtie, just like Marc Evan Jackson.

Excerpt: "The mysterious stranger from the blue box is incorrect, Sparks Nevada," Croach breaks in. "Bow ties are not cool."

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