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Title: I threw my life in the air
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Length: 2783 words
Prompt: poetry_fiction: I light a match. / Still the heart won't burn.
Pairing: Mostly gen with canon pairings
Other: Also at AO3.

Summary/Excerpt: Five times when the women of Legend of Korra showed their own strength.

Izumi loved to read from the time she was a little girl. Fiction, non-fiction, whatever she could find, she devoured. The royal library was enormous, but not in the best condition; her father's predecessors hadn't cared much for books. She loved the smell of the old parchment and spent many a happy hour dreaming of far off places and times. For her twelfth birthday her father gave over care of the library to her, including an allowance to buy new books and repair old ones. It was her favorite gift.

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Title: we show off our different scarlet letters
Fandom: Thrilling Adventure Hour
Length: 2016 words
Prompt: Written for the Thrilling Adventure Hour Secret Santa for [ profile] goggles-girl.
Pairing: Red gen with Red/Croach, Red/Sparks, and Croach/Red/Sparks
Other: Also at AO3.

Excerpt: "G'rop N'go-goth," Croach said, "I do not understand why I would be tied to the space train tracks in this scenario. You know that I have the ability to excrete a slippery solution that would help me escape these bonds."

"Shut up and listen, Croach," Red said.

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Title: where the fruit is
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Length: 2001 words
Prompt: [ profile] shipswap 2013 for Themistoklis.
Pairing: Asami/Korra
Other: Also at AO3. This fic is set directly post S1 and is not canon compliant past that point.

Summary/Excerpt: Korra needs to learn to be vulnerable. Asami can help. Asami drove like she had a grudge against the world. Korra loved it. She hadn't at first, but she was used to it by now. The rush of the air through her hair made her feel more alive. And Asami always sparkled when she took the curves hard. Korra could hardly take her eyes off her. So the drive was pretty short.

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Title: what brings us together today
Fandom: Community
Length: 2119 words
Prompt: A [ profile] rarepairfest treat for [ profile] ijemanja. She wanted to know what would happen if they didn't save the school and Jeff and Britta had to go through with the whole marriage thing.
Pairing: Jeff/Britta, mentioned Troy/Abed
Other: AU from the prompt. Also on AO3.

Excerpt: "I guess I could apply to real college now," Britta says, sighing.

"Why bother?" Jeff says. He knows the sarcasm isn't helping, but he can't resist. "You have your MRS degree."

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Title: why live on the edge when you can jump
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Length: 2771 words
Prompt: Written for [personal profile] lizbee. I'd really love some fic about a younger Tenzin and Lin having adventures and being a couple -- an established couple in their mid to late twenties, adults with their own lives. Most of the fic around seems to be about the beginning or the end of their relationship, but I'd love a glimpse of the time in between, when it was a functional long-term relationship. WITH ADVENTURES.
Pairing: Lin/Tenzin established
Other: PG for threats and violence. Also archived here.

Excerpt: "I've always wondered what police work would be like," Tenzin said. They were sitting on the safe together, Lin's heels making little clicking sounds as she drummed them.

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Title: to build the world
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Length: 2282 words
Prompts: For [community profile] white_lotus exchange for [ profile] tobuishi
Pairing: Mai/Ty Lee
Other: n/a

Summary/Excerpt: Mai wants something more after the war. One of these days, Mai thought, she was really going to have to explain the concept of a stake-out to Ty Lee. Again. Because Ty Lee seemed to have forgotten one of the most important details: silence.

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Title: 5 Worlds in Which Toph Bei Fong Is the Avatar, and the One in Which She Isn't
Fandom: Avatar
Length: 2259 words
Pairing: Toph gen
Other: 5 AUs (all separate universes) as per the title, and one set in the canon universe. Implied genocide.

Excerpt: She had to master airbending, and every lesson was like straining against -- well, against the sky. It didn't care what you did to it. It just stayed there, empty and waiting.

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Title: fall in mutual weirdness
Fandom: Glee
Length: 2113 words
Prompt: [ profile] g_aficexchange: First date (Q/T)
Pairing: Quinn/Tina; mentions of canon pairings
Other: Future-fic. No warnings.

Summary/Excerpt: Quinn and Tina meet again unexpectedly, and this time something new kindles between them. Quinn laughed. "Let me buy you a drink," she offered, the weariness of the day dissolving a little. "She's been calling me too."

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Title: I'm too naked for to sing
Fandom: Glee
Length: 2186 words
Prompt: [ profile] glee_rare_pairs for [ profile] silently_forgot: "Brittany starts pursuing Tina, and Tina thinks it's a prank. After all, she's just the kid that stutters."
Pairing: Brittany/Tina
Other: Pre-canon as per prompt. Set pre-canon through S1, minor AU. Title from Chely Wright's "Snowglobe." PG for minor sexual elements. Also archived here.

Summary/Excerpt: Brittany finds Tina in a stairwell, and they make an odd connection. "I know you can sing," Brittany said, and although her voice was casual, the words fell like an accusation at Tina's feet.

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Title: The Warm Breath Against My Neck
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth [Mafia AU]
Length: 2594 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Ignis/Eclat (male OCs) & Clef gen
Other: There is no excuse for this. Way precanon to The Sharp Edge of Your Smile. Ignis and Eclat are actually the names that Chi and I gave to the Pharle and Guru before Presea and Clef, so when we started talking about how Clef got into the business, this happened. PG-13 for dark themes.

Excerpt: He'd been with Eclat for almost fifteen years now, but had met Eclat's last business partner only once, when the two of them had turned up on the doorstep on a dark night that was pouring rain. The woman had been clutching her stomach in hopes that her organs would all stay in place, and she hadn't been very talkative.

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Title: Seven
Fandom: Glee
Length: 2978 words
Prompt: [ profile] glee_kink_meme: Will/Terri, Will/Emma, and Will/Rachel if you please. Will Schuester is working on his new Broadway production but he has hit a major slump and it looks like it might flop. Write how the six women (and Kurt) in his life inspire him to finish what may become his greatest work. His wife (Terri), his mistress (Emma), his star (Rachel), the mother of his daughter (Quinn), his daughter (Drizzle), his nemesis (Sue), his costume designer/confidante(Kurt).
Pairing: Will/Terri; Will/Emma; slight Will/Rachel
Other: Warnings for infidelity as per prompt. Plot heavily borrowed from and inspired by Nine (2009 movie) as per prompt. Timelines are kinda weird; basically, the Glee kids should be in their early twenties and Will has been writing successful plays basically ever since canon left off.

Excerpt: Will has been writing for four hours. So far, he has the word "The." He looks at it for ten minutes, and then carefully deletes it.

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Title: Crossing Lines
Fandom: Glee
Length: 2237
Prompt: Glee Fic!Battle: Puck/Kurt, Johnny Cash song for regionals, Any
Pairing: Puck+Kurt pretty much gen/waaaaay preslash
Other: Johnny Cash really did occasionally perform this song as a duet with his wife; this is the recording I listened to about a million times while writing this. Also. This is a ONESHOT. Really. I promise.

Excerpt: "Actually," Kurt says, clearing his throat, "it's a very difficult song to sing. Johnny Cash used to change keys before every verse. That's why he hums in the recordings."

"Hummel knows Cash?" Puck says, lifting his eyebrows. Kurt crosses his arms and glares a little.

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Title: Painter, Painted
Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Length: 2496 words
Prompt: [ profile] springkink 7 Nov 09: XXXholic, Clow/Yuuko: sensual usage of magic - magic inside of your fingertips
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: R for explicit sex. Set pre-series, some spoilers for about ch182 of xH.

Excerpt: "You are, in fact," she says dramatically, "the least likable person that I know. You're kind to everyone, and never angry, and you let everyone take advantage of you."

Clow lifts his eyebrows. "Really?" he says. "And here I thought friendliness was a pleasant trait. I shall stop it at once."

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Title: four times Clow and Yuuko (didn't really) argue, and one time they did
Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Length: 2024 words
Prompt: n/a
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko; slight Yue/Clow implied (#2)
Other: PG for sexual references (#3 and #5)

Excerpt: "I'm certain there was another bottle left. I know I brought an extra, just in case." Clow frowned, trying to concentrate on the scene before him, but every bottle he reached for was clearly empty. Even if his hand-eye coordination wasn't very good at the moment, their emptiness was depressingly obvious.

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Title: By all the eagle in thee, all the dove
Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Length: 2305 words
Prompt: [ profile] 31_days: 9 Oct 09 // wandering birds pass through the village
Pairing: Watanuki and Yuuko gen; Clow/Yuuko implied
Other: This is a fantasy-type AU in which Clow is the king of some not-Clow country, and Yuuko is a traveling shopkeeper with her irritable assistant Watanuki. Also featuring Doumeki the stone-faced knight. Fic dedicated to [ profile] chibidl because this is her AU I'm playing in. Title from a poem by Richard Crashaw.

Excerpt: For a wagon that looked as old and as odd as it was, it traveled very smoothly, and for the first few days as Watanuki recovered, he felt as though he were on the sea, rocking back and forth.

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Title: The Dreamer's Question
Fandom: xxxHOLiC/Cardcaptor Sakura/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Length: 2918 words
Prompt: contemporary AU for [ profile] cliche_bingo
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: CCS/TRC/xH crossover, spoilers for recent chapters, surprisingly G, mostly AU. The one in which Clow and Yuuko are married and Clow has been having interesting dreams.

Excerpt: Kimihiro, like Sakura, grows up learning three languages. His father teaches him to cook and sew; his mother teaches him how to choose the right kind of sake and how to see the things that are really there that no one notices. He manifests his first magic circle at the age of nine; he exorcises his first spirit not much later, in a flailing manner alongside the cool young grandson of a priest who lives nearby. It is not a usual life, perhaps, but it is a happy one.

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Title: So You Want to Be
Length: 2119 words
Prompt: Yuletide 2008: Dairine Callahan for [ profile] astrophelstella
Pairing: Dairine/Roshaun implied; mostly Dairine gen
Other: dark; main character death
Excerpt: Dairine had been working as the children's librarian at the New York Public Library for seven years when Roshaun walked through the door.

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Author: [ profile] rhap_chan
Recipient: [ profile] soleil_et_pluie
Series: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Characters/Pairing: Fai gen; Tsubasa cast; Yuuko
Rating: R for onscreen corpse
Disclaimer: Tsubasa/xxxHOLiC belongs to CLAMP. This fanfic is a derivative of canon material that is not my property. I do not profit from these writings. The opinions and actions expressed in these stories are not necessarily the views and beliefs of the original author or me.

Summary: He couldn't remember the names of a lot of places now. He wasn't sure why it bothered him so much, not to remember. Perhaps it was simply that there was no one to tell him. He was alone. Post apocalyptic AU!British Fai on his journey to see the woman who grants wishes.

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Comm: [ profile] myriadwords ficathon
Words: 2290
Title: The Sun
Fandom: Young Wizards
Pairing: Kit/Nita married, Roshaun/Dairine implied
Rating: G, mentions of character death
Spoilers: For "Wizards At War"
Disclaimer: The Young Wizards series belongs to Diane Duane. This fanfic is a derivative of canon material that is not my property. I do not profit from these writings. The opinions and actions expressed in these stories are not necessarily the views and beliefs of the original author or me.
Note: This fic seems to end sort of abruptly, but that's intentional. It's meant to be a little vignette in the characters' lives (it just got a little bigger than I anticipated).

Written for Kara for the myriadwords ficathon; prompt: "holidays at the Callahans/Rodriguezes, sometime in the future."

Excerpt: It had been better than fifteen years since Dairine had seen Roshaun. In fact, she had just celebrated her twenty-ninth birthday not long before. It was somewhat still discomfiting to see the age difference in the appearance of the Sun King on the doorstep.

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Oh my god, posting this before I have to rewrite it AGAIN. I lost 1700 words of this a few hours ago, so the ending might be shaky.

Title: Flight
Author: rhap_chan
Fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura
Pairing: Tsukihiro Yukito/Akizuki Nakuru
Table/Theme: #6, all themes
Rating: G
Word Count: 2487 (with themes)
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Cardcaptor Sakura belongs to CLAMP. This fanfic is a derivative of canon material that is not my property. I do not profit from these writings. The opinions and actions expressed in these stories are not necessarily the views and beliefs of the original author or me.

Excerpt: "Of course I'll help you paint," he says, knowing the colors she'll want to splash all over the walls, the golds and rubies and and sunfire oranges, and when she smiles and hugs him, Yuki finally decides to hug back.

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