17 August 2014

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Title: remorse is memory awake
Fandom: Elementary
Length: 3007 words
Prompt: [community profile] femslashex: Joan/Carrie
Pairing: Joan/Carrie
Other: At the AO3.

Excerpt: Joan remembers her relationship with Carrie when she runs into her again during the events of 1x05, Lesser Evils. Sherlock made a joke about lesbians, and Joan was glad that she didn't have to smile.

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Title: a beautiful and a burning thing
Fandom: Doctor Who
Length: 1443 words
Prompt: [livejournal.com profile] public_call: Donna/Ninth Doctor gen
Pairing: Donna and Ninth Doctor gen
Other: Fix-it fic. Spoilers for S4. Also on the AO3.

Excerpt: The Ninth Doctor, pre-Rose, meets Donna Noble, post Journey's End. He's only been on the planet for twenty minutes when a red-headed woman walks up to him and slaps him hard on the cheek.

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Title: all deep things come up to light
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Length: 1323 words
Prompt: femslash_kink: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Tasha/Deanna: pegging (Tasha tops)
Pairing: Tasha/Deanna established
Other: PWP, rated NC-17. Also on the AO3.

Excerpt: "I want to do it tonight," Deanna says, her hand cupping Tasha's breast. They fit so well together; it amazes Tasha. She always feels awkward in her own skin, all angles where she should be curves. But it works for her and Deanna. They compliment each other.

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Title: questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask
Fandom: Frozen/Tangled
Length: 130 words
Prompt: three sentence ficathon: Frozen/Tangled, Elsa/Rapunzel, power
Pairing: Elsa/Rapunzel pre-femslash
Other: n/a

Excerpt: The queen and the princess lay down on Elsa's bed, bare feet dangling off the side, and talk.

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Title: need to be needed
Fandom: Doctor Who/Elementary
Length: 126 words
Prompt: Doctor Who & Elementary, Joan Watson and Martha Jones, I need a saving grace/ you need to be needed
Pairing: Joan & Martha gen
Other: n/a

Excerpt: "Aren't you curious?" she asks finally, after they've worked in professional, desperate-but-precise silence for a while.

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Title: two volumes of one book
Fandom: Harry Potter
Length: 116 words
Prompt: three sentence ficathon: Harry Potter, Harry/Hermione, unlikely or unusual anniversaries
Pairing: Harry/Hermione
Other: n/a

Excerpt: "It was a year ago today," Harry announces suddenly, and Hermione is trying to read about bandersnatch mating habits so she doesn't look up from her book before asking, "What was?"

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Title: like a living hymn
Fandom: Young Wizards
Length: 96 words
Prompt: three sentence ficathon: Young Wizards, Nita/Kit, dates on the moon
Pairing: Nita/Kit
Other: n/a

Excerpt: Sometimes when Nita is reading a textbook or a novel, the writer refers to the moon as sterile and empty, and the dissonance she feels always breaks her concentration.

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Title: teacher's dirty looks
Fandom Discworld
Length: 122 words
Prompt: three sentence ficathon: Discworld, Susan Sto Helit + Death, chaperoning her class's field trip
Pairing: Susan and Death gen
Other: n/a

Excerpt: When he meets her at the classroom door, Susan purses her lips so tightly that they whiten, but she's really trying to make this work, so she says, "Thanks for coming."

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Title: meeting people halfway
Fandom: Frozen/Tangled
Length: 114 words
Prompt: three sentence ficathon: Frozen/Tangled, Anna & Rapunzel, Arendale's ice gardens
Pairing: Anna and Rapunzel gen
Other: n/a

Excerpt: The ice gardens are Rapunzel's favorite place in the palace, to absolutely no one's surprise.

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Title: new-opened flower
Fandom: Frozen/Tangled
Length: 1502 words
Prompt: Porn Battle XV (never posted): Disney Princesses, Anna (Frozen)/Rapunzel, sugar, hyper, sleepover, truth, dare
Pairing: Anna/Rapunzel
Other: Rated NC-17 for explicit sex. PWP.

Excerpt: "I dare you to kiss me," Rapunzel said, and Anna went for it. She thought, afterwards, that she had been waiting for it, even though that made no sense. She loved spending time with Kristoff and kissing him, but then again, the world was wide. It wouldn't hurt to try kissing a few more people just to see what it was like.

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Title: goofus
Fandom: Venture Brothers
Length: 93 words
Prompt: Venture Brothers, banana split for Tat
Pairing: Hank and Brock gen
Other: Minor violence in feel of canon.

Excerpt: Brock scratched the back of his neck and finally said, "I don't get it, Hank; I'm not sure you know how jokes work."

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Title: one fixed point
Fandom: Elementary
Length: 4370 words
Prompt: Yuletide 2013: The years go by and they stay together, for treble.
Pairing: Joan & Sherlock gen
Other: Minor spoilers for 2x24 The Grand Experiment. There is some implied violence and death, but nothing very detailed.

Excerpt: Sherlock and Joan through the years. Several years pass (regularly interrupted by the four weeks of vacation time Sherlock added to her compensation package). Sherlock doesn't pick the lock to her apartment anymore, not since she called the police last time and Gregson sent someone out to talk to him. The tide goes out, the tide comes back.

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Title: know, first, who you are
Fandom: Doctor Who
Length: 396 words
Prompt: fail_fandomanon: Third Doctor/Eighth Doctor, preening over clothes and possibly flirting
Pairing: Third and Eighth Doctors gen

Excerpt: The Eighth Doctor looked at his older self. The green velvet was not particularly subtle, but it looked good on him, emphasizing his strong physique and narrow waist. He had always liked this self of his -- confident, a take-charge man with a strong feeling of injustice that propelled him ever forward.

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Title: she is your mirror
Fandom: Frozen
Length: 1015 words
Prompt: Not Prime Time: I'd really like to see post-canon fic of Elsa as Queen. How does she deal with any lingering fear or prejudice? What is the adjustment from spending most of her time in her room to having to understand her subjects' lives and needs like? How does she handle the temptation to solve everything using her powers, and what does she do when she can't? for MiraMira
Pairing: Anna and Elsa gen
Other: Also at the AO3.

Excerpt: Elsa is still trying to adjust to her new life. Anna had laughed at Elsa when she caught Elsa touching things in the castle - brushing the suits of armor, teasing a finger through the cook's flour. She hadn't laughed too hard, though. Elsa tried to explain how novel it was that she could touch things without hurting them any longer, and Anna reddened and scuffed her foot and eventually made an excuse to go away.

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Title: hope sees a star
Fandom: Sarah Jane Adventures/Doctor Who
Length: 627 words
Prompt: fic_promptly: Sarah Jane Adventures/Doctor Who, Donna Noble/Sarah Jane Smith, She had the universe in her eyes, and it hurt to see it
Pairing: Sarah Jane & Donna gen
Other: Set post Journey's End.

Excerpt: She was interviewing Chiswick residents for a story when she met Donna Noble, and although the woman was short-tempered and opinionated, Sarah recognized eternity in her. Sarah Jane liked her immediately. She seemed like just the person to keep the Doctor in line, whichever one she had traveled with.

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Title: teach us something please
Fandom: Elementary/Harry Potter
Length: 721 words
Prompt: Let's Make Out Ficathon II: Elementary, Joan/Marcus, Hogwarts AU
Pairing: Joan/Marcus
Other: Fusion fic, Elementary as a Hogwarts AU.

Excerpt: She kissed him for the first time behind their cauldron after they'd been partners in Potions class for three weeks. She hardly had time to enjoy it before Professor Snape snapped, "Are we doing Potions or indulging our hormones here?"

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Title: a lesser tyranny
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Length: 897 words
Prompt: Let's Make Out Ficathon II: Game of Thrones, Jaime/Brienne, spy AU
Pairing: Jaime/Brienne
Other: AU as per title. It's still set in a Game of Thrones-type universe, it's just the character paths that have changed. Probably spoilers for S4, nominally based in book canon.

Excerpt: He was on the ground before he knew it, hearing the squeak and thud of stools falling from the table and the shouts and muffled curses of his co-conspirators. It felt like there was a gigantic boot on his back, pressing him into the wet sawdust of the bar floor. He twisted his face enough to see that the owner of the boot was the barkeep's wife.

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Title: nursing would be a dream job if there were no doctors
Fandom: Doctor Who
Length: 668 words
Prompt: Let's Make Out Ficathon: Doctor Who - Amy/Rory - AU; Amy is the Doctor
Pairing: Amy/Rory
Other: AU as per prompt.

Excerpt: Rory was not looking for trouble; he never was. Trouble always managed to find him. He sometimes thought he became a nurse as an extension of his childhood tendency to follow around the other kids and try to clean up after them.

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